100 medicinal plants and their uses

Today, I will be showing you the top 100 medicinal plants and their uses everyone ought to know. In a world where modern medicine often takes center stage, it’s easy to overlook the incredible healing properties that Mother Nature has to offer.


Global and national markets have been growing for medicinal herbs, and significant economic gains are being realized through the sale of medicinal plant products.

Medicinal plants have been the basis of treatment of various diseases in African traditional medicine as well as other forms of treatment from diverse cultures of the world.


About 80% of the world’s population still depends solely on traditional or herbal medicine for the treatment of diseases, mostly in Africa and other developing nations.

Incorporating Medicinal Plants Into Your Life

Whether you’re looking to alleviate stress, support digestion, or boost your immune system, there’s a medicinal plant out there for you.

Experiment with herbal teas, tinctures, and supplements to discover which plants resonate with your body and address your specific health concerns.

What’s more, many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plant compounds, highlighting the potent potential of nature’s pharmacy.


Top 100 medicinal plants and their uses

No.Medicinal PlantPart UsedTraditional Uses
1Aloe VeraGel from leavesTreats burns, skin conditions, and digestive health
2ChamomileFlowersRelieves stress, anxiety, and aids in digestion
3EchinaceaRoots, leavesBoosts immune system, combats colds and flu
4GarlicClovesReduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and antimicrobial
5GingerRootAids digestion, reduces nausea, and anti-inflammatory
6LavenderFlowersRelieves stress, aids sleep, and antiseptic properties
7PeppermintLeavesAids digestion, relieves headaches, and improves breath
8St. John’s WortFlowers, leavesTreats mild depression, anxiety, and anti-viral properties
9TurmericRootAnti-inflammatory, improves digestion, and antiseptic
10Willow BarkBarkPain relief, anti-inflammatory, and reduces fevers
11Ginkgo BilobaLeavesImproves cognitive function, treats circulatory disorders
12HawthornBerries, leaves, flowersSupports heart health, and treats heart failure symptoms
13Milk ThistleSeedsProtects the liver, promotes liver health, and detoxification
14FeverfewLeaves, flowersPrevents migraines, reduces fever, and anti-inflammatory
15Valerian RootRootAids sleep, reduces anxiety, and muscle relaxant
16Lemon BalmLeavesReduces anxiety, aids sleep, and improves digestion
17AshwagandhaRoots, leavesReduces stress, increases energy levels, and improves concentration
18NettleLeaves, rootsTreats urinary problems, anti-inflammatory, and aids in blood sugar control
19Saw PalmettoBerriesSupports prostate health, and aids in reducing inflammation
20DandelionRoots, leavesSupports liver detoxification, diuretic properties, and aids in digestion
21CinnamonBarkLowers blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial
22Black CohoshRoots, rhizomesTreats menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps
23Slippery ElmInner barkSoothes digestive tract, sore throat relief
24GoldensealRoot, rhizomeAntimicrobial, treats digestive issues, and skin conditions
25ArnicaFlowersRelieves pain, bruises, and swelling
26ElderberryBerries, flowersBoosts immunity, treats colds and flu
27Holy BasilLeavesReduces stress, lowers blood sugar, and anti-inflammatory
28CalendulaFlowersHeals wounds, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic
29Cat’s ClawBark, rootImmune booster, anti-inflammatory, and digestive aid
30CayenneFruit (peppers)Pain relief, boosts metabolism, and improves circulation
31ComfreyLeaves, rootsHeals wounds, bruises, and sprains (external use)
32EucalyptusLeavesRelieves coughs, congestion, and antimicrobial
33FennelSeedsAids digestion, relieves gas, and improves eye health
34Ginkgo BilobaLeavesImproves cognitive function, treats circulatory disorders
35Green TeaLeavesAntioxidant, improves heart health, and aids weight loss
36HopsFlowers (cones)Aids sleep, reduces anxiety, and anti-inflammatory
37HorsetailAerial partsImproves bone health, aids in wound healing, diuretic
38KavaRootReduces anxiety, promotes relaxation, and sleep aid
39KratomLeavesPain relief, opioid withdrawal support, mood lifting
40Licorice RootRootSoothes gastrointestinal problems, anti-inflammatory
41Marshmallow RootRoot, leaf, flowerSoothes irritated mucous membranes, supports skin health
42OreganoLeaves, oilAntioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory
43PassionflowerFlowers, vinesReduces anxiety, aids sleep, and muscle spasms
44Rhodiola RoseaRootReduces fatigue, enhances mental performance, and stress relief
45RosemaryLeavesImproves digestion, promotes cognitive function, and hair growth
46SageLeavesImproves brain function, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial
47SpearmintLeavesAids digestion, improves memory, and freshens breath
48ThymeLeaves, oilAntimicrobial, cough relief, and boosts immunity
49YarrowAerial partsWound healing, reduces fever, and digestive aid
50BoswelliaResinAnti-inflammatory, pain relief, and supports joint health
51BilberryFruit, leavesImproves vision, antioxidant, and supports blood circulation
52BurdockRoot, seedsPurifies blood, diuretic, and skin health
53CardamomSeedsAids digestion, detoxifies, and oral health
54Chaste Tree (Vitex)BerriesBalances hormones, treats menstrual disorders
55Dong QuaiRootWomen’s health, menstrual cramps, and menopause symptoms
56Gingko BilobaLeavesCognitive function, circulatory disorders
57Gotu KolaLeaves, stemsWound healing, improves memory, and reduces anxiety
58Grape SeedExtract (seeds)Antioxidant, cardiovascular health, and venous insufficiency
59HibiscusFlowersLowers blood pressure, antioxidant, and diuretic
60Lemon GrassLeaves, oilDigestive health, reduces anxiety, and antifungal
61MacaRootIncreases stamina, libido, and mood balancing
62MoringaLeaves, seedsNutrient-rich, lowers blood sugar, and anti-inflammatory
63MulleinLeaves, flowersRespiratory ailments, coughs, and inflammation
64NeemLeaves, oilAntiviral, dental health, and skin conditions
65Olive LeafLeavesCardiovascular health, antioxidant, and antiviral
66Papaya LeafLeavesDigestive aid, anti-inflammatory, and platelet support
67PomegranateFruit, seedsHeart health, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory
68Red CloverFlowersMenopause symptoms, bone health, and cardiovascular benefits
69SchisandraBerriesLiver health, stress relief, and increases stamina
70SkullcapLeaves, flowersAnxiety relief, nervous tension, and sleep aid
71Slippery ElmInner barkSoothes digestive tract, sore throat relief
72Star AniseFruit (seed pod)Digestive aid, coughs, and flu treatment
73Uva UrsiLeavesUrinary tract infections, diuretic, and kidney health
74White Willow BarkBarkPain relief, anti-inflammatory, and reduces fevers
75Witch HazelBark, leavesSkin astringent, inflammation, and hemorrhoids
76YohimbeBarkErectile dysfunction, increases libido, and weight loss
77PlantainLeavesWound healing, skin irritation, and digestive aid
78Raspberry LeafLeavesWomen’s health, menstrual support, and labor aid
79SarsaparillaRootSkin disorders, detoxification, and rheumatoid arthritis
80Sea BuckthornBerries, leavesAntioxidant, skin health, and immune support
81AstragalusRootBoosts immune system, anti-inflammatory, and supports heart health
82Black Seed (Nigella sativa)SeedsAntioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune system support
83CatnipLeaves, flowersRelieves anxiety, aids sleep, and soothes digestive issues
84Devil’s ClawRoots, tubersReduces inflammation, eases arthritis pain, and digestive aid
85Fever TreeBark, leavesAntipyretic, treats malaria, and digestive aid
86FrankincenseResinAnti-inflammatory, pain relief, and supports emotional well-being
87Graviola (Soursop)Leaves, fruitAnticancer properties, boosts immunity, and digestive aid
88KudzuRoot, flowerReduces alcohol cravings, treats menopause symptoms, and supports heart health
89Lemon BalmLeaves, flowersReduces anxiety, aids sleep, and improves digestion
90MotherwortLeaves, flowersRelieves anxiety, menstrual issues, and supports heart health
91Red RootRoot, barkTreats lymphatic congestion, immune support, and improves digestion
92SaffronStigmaAntidepressant, improves mood, and enhances libido
93Shepherd’s PurseLeaves, seedsStops bleeding, menstrual disorders, and diuretic
94TansyLeaves, flowersTreats intestinal worms, menstrual issues, and skin conditions
95ValerianRootAids sleep, reduces anxiety, and muscle relaxant
96WatercressLeaves, stemsAntioxidant, supports thyroid health, and anticancer properties
97WormwoodLeaves, flowersTreats digestive disorders, parasitic infections, and fever reduction
98YarrowFlowers, leavesWound healing, reduces fever, and digestive aid
99Yellow DockRoot, leavesBlood cleanser, liver support, and digestive aid
100Ziziphus jujuba (Jujube)FruitCalming effect, improves sleep quality, and digestive aid
100 medicinal plants and their uses
100 medicinal plants and their uses

My final thought on the 100 medicinal plants and their uses

I am delighted you have learned about the different plants and their uses, however, you must understand that these plants must be properly understood before usage.

The beauty of medicinal plants lies in their diverse range of healing compounds. Whether it’s the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, the soothing effects of chamomile, or the immune-boosting abilities of echinacea, each plant offers a unique set of benefits.

Since your opinion counts on our platform, feel free to air your view in the comment box below.


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