10 Of The Best Therapists In Oklahoma City

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety it is essential to find the best therapists in Oklahoma City, if you are a resident of Oklahoma City of course.

Thankfully society has realized the importance of mental health, whether in the entertainment, sports, or education sectors. More people are advocating for people to pay attention to their mental health and visit therapists to help them recover from whatever mental health issues they suffer from.

Most people don’t take their mental health very seriously and go about their everyday lives and face different adversities, whether material, practical, or emotional, but they need a professional who will listen to their issues and give them the support they need to get beyond them and that is what the best therapists in Oklahoma City do.

Some people have suffered trauma from their childhood either from the indecency of others or the death of a loved one. That being said the best therapists in Oklahoma City offer great services to help you overcome these issues.

Although there is a little number of licensed professional counselors In Oklahoma City, there are other therapists that offer online sessions to residents of Oklahoma City. So continue reading to know more about the best therapists In Oklahoma City.

Best Therapists In Oklahoma City

If you’re looking for a list of the best therapists in Oklahoma City, look no further. Click on a person to learn more about them. Also, see the address to know how to get there.

Desiree Howell

Dr. Desiree Howell is a Psychologist providing online therapy for adults throughout Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and all PsyPact states. Dr. Howell enjoys working with high-achieving college students and career-oriented adults who place enormous pressure on themselves to keep it together.

Her clients are perfectionists who appear confident on the outside, however, are filled with frustrating self-doubt. Many of Dr. Howell’s clients are women who want to have both a successful career and a connected family life and stress themselves out trying to make it happen.

This can lead to burnout that looks like emotional fatigue, lack of motivation, disconnection from the self and others, a quick temper, or even anger.

Dr. Howell’s approach to therapy is trauma-informed, which means that she prioritizes creating a safe and secure atmosphere in each therapy session, especially for clients who have trauma histories.

By showing clients that therapy is a time to express their authentic emotions, she then helps them sort through their internalizations about themselves and their values. She practices Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy with clients who need additional support in moving past difficult and painful memories.

Dr. Howell is an advocate for equality and often brings feminism and social justice themes into her work with clients. Her goal is to collaborate with clients of all identities and backgrounds on reaching their mental health goals. She is one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City.

Phone: +1 904-274-6380

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Barbara E Moore

Barbara Moore is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where she welcomes both individual adults and couples who are seeking to create stability and change in their lives.

Many of her clients bring in grief, shame, frustration, and emotional pain. Barbara specializes in treating adults with anxiety, depression, mood concerns, relationship challenges, and trauma. Collaboratively, she works to encourage, enrich and empower clients to a pathway of growth and healing.

Barbara provides an honest and encouraging atmosphere to assist her clients in navigating through life’s highs and lows. Recognizing the distinctive strength and courage of her clients. Barbara utilizes an integrative and skilled-based approach to therapy that will build on the client’s courage to confront challenges and overcome difficulties.

Barbara’s approach to therapy is nonjudgmental and down to earth. She is skilled at incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and EMDR, empowering her clients to strengthen their distress tolerance, manage their emotions, and process painful memories. She is one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City.

Address: 4023 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

Phone: +1 405 506-7447

Mike Buckley

Another one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City, Mike Buckley is an LPC and Life Coach in Oklahoma. He works with adults from 18-88. Many of Mike’s clients come in when suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress-related issues. Mike is particularly passionate about serving medical professionals. He also has advanced training in the area of mindfulness.

Trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mike helps clients learn to use present-moment awareness to understand the interconnectedness of mind and body. In sessions, Mike focuses on how you experience the world around you and what can be done to make this a more favorable experience.

This approach supports clients to establish mindfulness as a way of being resulting in experiencing a greater sense of happiness, peace, and well-being.

Mike’s style is that of an active listener and gentle guide. When a client first comes in, they notice a warm friendly presence inviting the client to bring forth their wisdom from within. Mike is dedicated to providing a relationship that is supportive, encouraging, and insightful.

Mike received his Master of Science in Counseling degree from Mid America University. He gained experience at Access To Counseling in Oklahoma city which enables him to keep the therapeutic experience centered around the client.

Address: 1201 N Mustang Rd., Mustang, Oklahoma 73064, United States

Phone: +1 405 353-9244

Katrina Leggins

Katrina Leggins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Oklahoma. She has always been passionate about helping individuals who struggle with their mental and emotional health and enjoys playing an active role in supporting them through their journey.

She is extremely dedicated to serving others, believing that everyone has the opportunity to change when introduced to the proper tools and access to a healthy support system.

Katrina’s primary areas of focus include anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, self-esteem issues, and self-care. She specializes in working with teen girls, young adults, and millennial-age women. She provides efficacious therapy to individuals with various mental health challenges, helping them overcome personal trauma and other struggles.

Using treatment modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Strength-Based techniques, she helps her clients process life events, identify unhealthy behaviors, heal emotionally, and help to accomplish their goals.

Katrina has 10 years of clinical experience in the mental health field and makes sure to work with her clients carefully, aiming to help them find their solutions, emphasize their strengths, and engage in life in a more empowered way. She is one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City.

She has demonstrated a high level of skill and commitment to working with teens and adults from various backgrounds, whether in a more formal clinical setting or working more directly in the community and school-based services.

Katrina provides her clients with the tools and strategies needed to succeed and help create more balance in their lives. Katrina’s private practice is telehealth and self-pay based only at this time in the state of Oklahoma.

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Speshal Walker Gautier

Another one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City, Speshal Walker Gautier, Ph.D. aka “Dr. Spesh” is a Yale-trained, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and owner of D.I.V.E. Therapy & Consulting, LLC. She is a seasoned therapist with over a decade of experience in providing psychotherapy.

She has experience in treating a broad range of psychological problems and/or life issues but specializes in the culturally informed treatment of anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and relationship issues.

She has expertise in working with culturally diverse individuals (e.g., Black women and men, Ethnic/Racial minorities/People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals) and identifies as an LGBTQ ally. Her clinical and research background has specifically focused on trauma including combat and sexual trauma, women’s mental health, and individuals experiencing marginalization and/or minority stress.

Over the years she has published articles and given several national, state, and local workshops, presentations, invited talks, lectures, and training on these topics. She is trained in several evidence-based treatments, shown to alleviate PTSD and symptoms of depression.

She has worked in several inpatient and outpatient mental health settings over the years and previously led a Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety Treatment Track at a large Atlanta-based hospital. In recent years, she has shifted her focus to expanding her private practice, D.I.V.E. Therapy & Consulting, LLC, which offers online therapy in 30+ states including Oklahoma.

Phone: +1 404 800-1998

Shlomit Kirsch

Oklahoma Accepting Online

Dr. Shlomit Kirsch is a licensed psychologist with a private practice based in Austin, Texas, where she welcomes older children, teens, and adults who are seeking to create change in their lives. She provides online therapy for clients in Oklahoma.

Many of her clients struggle with feeling misunderstood, unseen, or under-appreciated by others and have subsequently developed a sense of worthlessness and being hard to love.

Dr. Kirsch approaches treatment from a strength-based, compassionate lens and helps her clients understand and feel their pain within the safety of their relationship to heal and move through it.

Dr. Kirsch draws from several therapeutic orientations in her sessions to tailor the treatment to each client. She pulls from insight-oriented, skills-based, and exposure-based approaches to help alleviate symptoms of distress, build self-awareness, find connections in relationships, and gain tools to manage future distress.

She also emphasizes self-compassion and helps her clients hone their ability to treat themselves with kindness and empathy.

Dr. Kirsch has a warm, nurturing, and non-judgmental presence and often integrates metaphors and humor into her work. She believes in meeting her clients where they’re at and joining them in where they’d like to go, as she views every individual as the expert on themselves.

She strives to be experienced as a safe place for clients to reveal their authentic selves, be seen and cared for in response, and experience healing and change. She is one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City.

Phone: +1 510-730-2623

Avina Khiatani

Another one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City, Dr. Avina Khiatani is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a variety of work experience. She has primarily worked within university counseling centers where she specializes in treating clients with interpersonal concerns, sexual assault, disordered eating/body image concerns, depression, and anxiety.

She spent eight years training and practicing in Southern California, interning within K-12 schools, community mental health, and university settings. In Texas, she worked specifically with children, adolescents, and families in outpatient therapy before moving to Oklahoma to focus on work within higher education.

Upon moving to the East Coast, she continued to work in higher education and also has enjoyed starting to see clients via private practice. She has been successful in her work in multiple settings, and as such has also worked with new clinicians as a training director, clinical supervisor, and faculty member.

As a clinician, Dr. Khiatani has been described as a present, challenging, and motivated yet highly empathic, down-to-earth, and relaxed. She utilizes contemporary dynamic, cognitive/dialectical-behavioral and health-at-every-size (HAES) approaches to support her clients. She emphasizes both the science and interpersonal aspects of her work and stays up to date on research and training to best care for her clients.

Phone: +1 484 265-9074

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Giorgio Durham

Another one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City, Giorgio Durham, is a licensed professional counselor in Tulsa, OK. Giorgio supports individuals, couples, and families as they grow their mental health.

Many of Giorgio’s clients arrive at therapy because they want to build upon their coping skills and learn how to better manage their emotions. They experience anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, or loneliness on such a scale that it impacts their daily routines and relationships with loved ones.

These feelings might also interrupt the workplace or school. Giorgio is especially passionate about helping clients of minority identities, including African American identities.

Giorgio teaches clients various coping skills including emotional regulation techniques, deep breathing, and thought redirection. Through Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), clients practice understanding thought patterns and assessing whether or not they’re making assumptions about how they feel or how others around them feel.

Giorgio also teaches clients elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) so they can monitor and change negative thought patterns that can lead to emotional outbursts, low self-esteem, or communication challenges. He encourages clients to think about their motivations to make healthy changes in their lives, and supports them every step of the way through those changes.

Giorgio also uses Person-Centered Therapy (PCT), a non-directive approach to talk therapy. It requires the client to actively lead during each therapy session, while the therapist listens and acts as a nonjudgmental source of support for the client.

Address: 7633 East 63rd Place, 3rd Floor Suite 300, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133, United States

Phone: +1 918 203-8598

Matt Zimmerman

Dr. Matt Zimmerman is a board-certified psychologist whose practice is open to clients in multiple states as well as DC. Dr. Zimmerman works with individuals who are career-focused and ambitious, however, feel a lack of balance in their lives.

Often, high-achieving people find it difficult to relax or feel proud of their work. Those with perfectionism might find satisfaction in their work life but not in their personal life, Dr. Zimmerman works with these individuals to develop boundaries when it comes to self-judgment and opens the door for a greater sense of well-being.

In a session with Dr. Zimmerman, clients may reflect on their inner drives and what feels authentic to them. Dr. Zimmerman supports clients as they develop a better understanding of their feelings and how their emotions impact their sense of self.

By creating a relaxed mindset when it comes to perfectionistic tendencies, Dr. Zimmerman promotes self-development through awareness and meaningful change.

Dr. Zimmerman earned his PsyD from Nova Southeastern University. He has an extensive background in psychology training and leadership. Dr. Zimmerman knows how the stress of role expectations impacts mental health.

He aims to relieve clients of the harmful dichotomy of being great at work but unhappy in their personal lives. He is one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City.

Phone: +1 212 658-0639

Amy B Bjorkman

Another one of the best therapists in Oklahoma City, Dr. Amy Bjorkman is a Licensed Psychologist located in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Bjorkman supports clients who struggle with eating disorders, overwhelming anxiety, and depression. She also helps her clients grow their relationships and identify unhealthy behaviors between themselves and others.

Dr. Bjorkman specializes in helping individuals who feel the impact of trauma or traumatic events. She provides online therapy for clients in Oklahoma.

Dr. Bjorkman has additional training in Somatic Experiencing therapy, a therapy style that helps clients become attuned to their body’s reactions to stress to overcome trauma.

Similarly, Dr. Bjorkman is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Her style is direct and compassionate. Her goal is to help clients find a state of relaxed safety and grow their coping skills.

Dr. Bjorkman earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University. She is passionate about helping men and women to feel empowered to take control of their mental health. She is a certified Daring Way facilitator, which focuses on standing up against shame and growing resiliency.

Phone: +1 480-688-4987


The above-listed best therapists in Oklahoma City are some of the best professional counselors In Oklahoma City that will provide the treatment you may require. Hopefully, this will guide you in finding the best mental care for you or your loved one.

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