Where can a science laboratory technologist work in Nigeria

Science Laboratory Technology is an essential branch of science, and the future depends a lot on its condition and development.

A Science laboratory technician deals with such tasks that are related to scientific analyses which in turn help to make new inventions and breakthroughs in the sphere they work, carrying out different experiments and research.

In simple terms, a science lab technician does experiments in labs. They help scientists, providing support in carrying out investigations, measuring, recording, and analyzing different scientific data.

They work in biology, chemistry, physics and the life sciences. They make sure everything in the lab runs smoothly.

Scientific laboratory technologist are supposed to perform necessary examinations concerning chemical, physical or biological fields.

Occupying this position means working in a team, so it is essential to perform your particular job and tasks accurately, in order not to interrupt the complex process of work in the lab.

Moreover, the proper functioning of the lab should be guaranteed, both as a team and working space, as any mistake can affect the employees and equipment.

That is why following all the instructions and work safety standards is the foremost task of the laboratory technician.

What you are going to work with as a lab technician is a great contribution to the development of the nation’s science environment.

Your involvement will support the promotion and improvement of contemporary science and medicine in Nigeria.

Where can a science laboratory technologist work in Nigeria
Where can a science laboratory technologist work in Nigeria

What is the responsibility of a science laboratory technician?

The responsibility of a science laboratory technician is quite vast and may vary according to the level of experience and particular position you take throughout the period of your professional development.

Here are the basic things a science lab technician does

  • Performing lab tests to provide reliable and accurate results to help out with bigger scientific explorations.
  • Carrying out regular assignments correctly according to the specified instructions to complete inquiries
  • Doing tests in the lab to Prepare solutions and samples, then recording results.
  • Preparing examples and specimens
  • Construction, maintenance, and operation of conventional workroom facilities.
  • Recording and interpreting investigation outcomes to display to senior co-workers
  • Using workstations, digital technology and performing mathematical calculations to provide charts and diagrams
  • Laboratory Building and Infrastructure Design
  • Ensuring the lab has all the necessary working materials, checking their availability in stock, expiry dates, and labels.
  • Laboratory Inspection, Accreditation, and Certification.
  • Disposing of chemicals and waste in a safe way.
  • Standardization of Science Laboratories for teaching, research, and services.
  • Laboratory Chemical and Reagents standardization and certification.
  • Development of Science and Technology Education Teaching Aids.
  • Research into the production, standardization, and use of laboratory chemicals and reagents
  • Maintains contact with Overseas Science Equipment Manufacturers and also maintains a database of such.

What are the skill Requirements of a science laboratory technician?

In order to become a science lab technologist, you will need the following skills and qualities:

  • The ability to understand and follow technical instructions.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Be Well organized.
  • Ability to learn practical methods and techniques.
  • Good problem-solving abilities.
  • Good hand-eye coordination.
  • Ability to learn how to use technical equipment as well as maintain it.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Ability to work on more than one project at the same time.
  • Top-notch people skills and patience.
  • Very good communication abilities so you can explain complex things to colleagues who may not work in science.
  • Basic math and computer skills.
Where can a science laboratory technologist work in Nigeria
Where can a science laboratory technologist work in Nigeria

Where can a science laboratory technologist work in Nigeria?

Science Laboratory Technician can work in

  • Environmental health institutions where they may be involved in food analysis to protect public health or the water industry where they can be involved in water analysis.
  • Secondary school and tertiary institution as science teachers or help in biology or chemistry laboratories as a technologist.
  • Establish research laboratories for food and water analysis for public health protection.
  • Can be self-employed with their own labs and private practices.
  • This could be anything from carrying out medical research in a hospital,
  • Food manufacturing companies, they could be doing experiments on ready meals for a big food producer.
  • Large public limited companies and industries such as cosmetic, metals, oil, textile, and plastic-making industries. They could be testing make-up for a cosmetics company.
  • Analyzing water samples for an environmental agency.
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Utility companies
  • Specialist research organization and consultancies
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical companies
  • Food industries
  • Oil companies
  • Nigerian Breweries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Agro-based industries
  • Pharmacology Research Labs
  • Physiology Research Labs
  • Quality Control Officers
  • Water Industry


A science laboratory technologist will assist in the advancement and development of modern medicine and science.

For a science laboratory technologist in Nigeria, there are many opportunities to find a job in different research institutes and establishments, private laboratories, hospitals, and many other organizations.

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