Best 10 Rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg

What do you know about the Rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg? Human bodies are delicate vessels that can fail at any time. You never know when you’ll require a lot of assistance to get back on your feet.

As a result, this article put together some crucial information on the greatest rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg.

A rehabilitation center is a place where people can go to get help for a range of problems, some of which are physical and others which are caused by substance misuse or mental illness.

Rehabilitation centers are used not only to treat drug abusers but also to cure depression brought on by socioeconomic issues such as low income and unemployment, which can lead to mental illness.

Rehabilitation center in Johannesburg

Below is the list of the top 10 rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg everyone ought to know;

  • 1. The Foundation Clinic

The Foundation Clinic treats all of its clients as individuals, with treatment plans based on cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic coaching, and a bio-psycho-social approach to treatment.

Also, the Foundation Clinic believes that its clients have the answers to their own recovery and wellness, and the clinic is able to co-create recovery plans that are realistic, meaningful, and long-term by supporting, educating, and engaging them.

The clients are treated with unconditional positive regard, and the clinic believes in collaborating with the clients’ families and support systems to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. The clients are able to transition from a Culture of Addiction to a Culture of Recovery by utilizing a combination of therapy, coaching, adult education, peer support, and personal development.

  • 2. Life New Kensington Clinic

Life New Kensington Clinic makes people’s lives better by providing high-quality, cost-effective care. They are always striving to do their best, and patient satisfaction is a good indicator of their performance, and Life New Kensington Clinic – Sub-Acute Unit care is infused with layers of compassion, allowing them to grow. It is one of the top Rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg.

Their values are the foundation of how they act; they are the essence of our culture and the unifying beliefs that bind the clinic together.

Everything they do is based on life, health, and care. This is reflected in the commitment to well-being and quality of life, clinical excellence in world-class facilities, quality service, respect, and a giving spirit for those entrusted to their care. The critical components of everything we do revolve around life.

  • 3. Sandhurst Manor

Sandhurst Manor is all about fresh starts, self-regeneration, and healing. Their logo represents the phoenix, which is an auspicious symbol for healing and renewal that can be applied to any aspect of your life.

The phoenix represents an eternal flame, which can represent faith, will, or passion in your life. No matter how many times you are knocked down, the phoenix reminds you that you have the fire and resources within you to heal and be new again. We believe in encouragement, growth, and connection.

Sandhurst Manor team is made up of passionate, experienced, and dedicated individuals. They meet the client where they are and encourage them to take control of their life. People are being empowered to empower themselves.

One-size-fits-all treatment is ineffective. To achieve the best possible results, Sandhurst Manor supports their clients in a way that meets their needs. They help their clients develop a healthy lifestyle, meaningful connections, and a path toward their vision and purpose.

  • 4. Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre

A rehab center dedicated to the fight against substance abuse. Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre, located in Johannesburg, is a rehab facility that provides a professional substance abuse treatment program based on various psychological theories that have been pioneered nationally and internally.

However, the center recognizes the importance of the 12-step program, which runs concurrently with the professional program.

This is extremely valuable because it not only prepares beneficiaries for reintegration back into the community in the short term but also in the long term.

Over the last 20 years, the profile of addiction has shifted dramatically, resulting in people suffering from multiple addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and over-the-counter medication, as well as process addictions like sex, gambling, debt, power, and fame.

As a result, Wedge Gardens only provides rehabilitation services to men over the age of 18. The facility provides detoxification, short- and long-term in-patient care, a halfway house program, and aftercare services.

  • 5. Twilight Children

Twilight Children was founded in 1983 as a direct response to the plight of children living on the streets. What began as a soup kitchen was expanded to become a shelter thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. A

developmental philosophy was adopted, and additional elements, such as skill training, were added over time.

The transformation, fueled by strong principles and governance, has elevated Twilight Children to the status of a recognized child and youth care center. Over the years, partnerships with stakeholders ranging from the government and municipal social departments to other local and international donors have been formed.

This has ensured that they can continue to pursue their critical goals. However, with the implementation of the new Child Care Act, further transformation is taking place. Twilight Children is a registered non-profit organization with the Department of Social Development.

  • 6. White River Manor Wellness Centre

Executive addiction treatment is available at White River Manor Wellness Centre, which is located on a lovely five-star property in the small hamlet of White River.

White River Manor is great for discovering successful recovery because it combines a beautiful, five-star experience with decades of professional experience in addiction rehabilitation and wellness restoration.

The center also features Wi-Fi and video conference capabilities, allowing you to stay in touch with family and colleagues. They specialize in professional treatment (e.g. doctors, lawyers, pilots), Substance Abuse, Co-Occurring Disorders, Burnout and stress. There is access to a lot of therapies and they have aftercare services.

  • 7. Eden Rehabilitation Center

Eden Recovery Center is a calm, home-like setting that offers residential addiction treatment and medical or non-medical detox services. Eden Recovery uses a holistic approach to create tailored treatment regimens.

When it comes to detox, clients can select between medical and non-medical options. Acupuncture can help with non-medical detox. The residential care program lasts from 30 and 90 days, with longer stays yielding better benefits.

Clients will participate in individual counseling, couples counseling, relapse prevention, art therapy, yoga, and physical fitness while in treatment.

It is a residential treatment center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The lovely home provides a relaxing and safe environment for healing. Customers can relax in a beautiful backyard with an outdoor pool. From the beginning, the Eden Recovery Center staff is with the client.

8. Wings of Healing

Healing Wings is a South African sober living home that provides the structure and care necessary for long-term recovery.

Jody and Bronwyn Van Jaarsveldt launched St George’s Halfway House and Reintegration Home in November 2016. They founded the home to help and guide people who have completed their time at a Primary Rehab center and are now at the most vulnerable stage on the road to a sober living lifestyle.

They have ten and eleven years of sobriety, respectively. All components of the home’s reintegration program are managed by the couple, who are both therapists with substantial first-hand knowledge and experience.

Wings of Healing St. Georges is a peaceful residential neighborhood in Johannesburg, South Africa. Modern decor, cozy furnishings, and a fully equipped kitchen are among the amenities included in the upscale residence.

An in-house chef prepares meals, and laundry service is available for an extra fee. A gym and a large outdoor pool are also available to residents.

  • 9. Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre

Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre is a full-service treatment center that emphasizes compassion, love, and care. This facility helps men and women who are dealing with comorbid diagnoses and substance misuse.

The founders and owners of Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre are Clive and Yonit Blumenthal. This institution was formed in 2019 when Clive Blunmenthal thought that his personal recovery experiences had been tainted by mistreatment.

They feel that customers cannot truly recover while being penalized by those who are supposed to assist them. Clive’s spouse, Yonit, has seen what happens to a family when a loved one is battling addiction and going through treatment, as a result, they make it a point to aid and support the family members of individuals in recovery.

Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre promotes holistic rehabilitation through group and individual sessions, art therapy, and yoga. Mosaicing, pottery, woodworking, theatre therapy, gardening, AcuDetox, and self-defense training are some of the alternative therapies used.

The South African Departments of Health and Social Development have registered Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre, and it accepts several insurances.

  • 10. ARCA JHB

At ARCA JHB (Johannesburg), they provide respectful and confidential personal support to address a wide range of addictions by drawing on a rich integration of clinical practice, theory, and research.

They are unique in that they treat addiction holistically from both a medical and psychosocial standpoint. ARCA JHB uses proven non-addictive anti-craving medications from the United States in their treatment to help clients fight this disease more effectively.

Their team of trained medical professionals and therapists will walk the client through their recovery process step by step. ARCA JHB has been fully licensed and registered with the Departments of Social Development and Health.

The license includes in-patient detoxification and care. ARCA JHB’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation is covered by Medical Aid. Medical treatment programs are affordable and can be tailored to individual needs without sacrificing program quality.

A final thought on the Rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg

Rehabilitation is a widely debated topic around the world. This is not surprising given that over a billion people live with a disability, accounting for more than 15% of the global population.

Furthermore, according to a recent report, 2.41 billion people worldwide live with conditions that impair their daily functions and would benefit from rehabilitation services, equating to one in every three people requiring rehabilitation services throughout the course of their illness or injury.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), rehabilitation is an important component of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), along with the “promotion of good health, disease prevention, treatment, and palliative care.

Clearly, it’s critical to achieving not only individual health benefits but also an overall universal health goal.

Frequently asked questions about the Rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg;

  1. What are the various types of rehabilitation?

Occupational, physical, and speech therapy are the three main types of rehabilitation therapy. Each type of rehabilitation serves a different purpose in assisting a person’s full recovery, but they all share the ultimate goal of assisting the patient in returning to a healthy and active lifestyle.

  1. What are the eight different kinds of rehabilitation settings?

The eight different kind of rehabilitation settings are,

  • Setting for Acute Care Rehabilitation
  • Subacute Care Rehabilitation Setting
  • Long-term Acute Care Rehabilitation Setting
  • Home Health Care Rehabilitation Setting
  • Inpatient Care Rehabilitation Setting.
  • Outpatient Care Rehabilitation Setting
  • School-Based Rehabilitation Setting
  • Skilled city Rehabilitation Setting

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