Best autism schools in Florida

Let us take a look at the Best autism schools in Florida. Let’s help you make the right choice.

Are you looking for the best autism school domiciled in Florida where your kid with autism can enroll in?

You’re not alone in this search, as there are a ton of parents trying so hard to get the best schools for their autistic kids.

An autistic child requires intensive therapies, which means the school the kid will attend will have to shoulder some weighty responsibilities.

So it’s important for the parents to carefully select a nice school that ticks all of their boxes as possible as this will greatly impact the child’s life and development.

It’s not uncommon to see parents selling properties and making some great sacrifices to support their children with this condition.

Best autism schools in Florida

Many parents have even relocated to accommodate their kids with autism. In light of this, we have taken the time to research some of the best autism schools you can enroll your autistic child in Florida.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive right into it!

  • Devereux Florida

Address: 5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 400Orlando, FL 32822

Phone: 407-362-9210


Devereux Florida is one of the best and most comprehensive children welfare and behavioral healthcare institutions.

For more than 30 years of existence in Florida, they continue to serve children with mental health and developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges, and families.

The clinic evolved from the psychiatric hospital to offering a full continuum of programs and services throughout the state, including statewide inpatient centers for psychiatric programs. One outstanding feature of this organization is there is no sentiment in offering services to people in need.

Devereux Florida takes so much pride in treating everyone with the utmost respect, devoid of religion, creed, and national origin.

The organization continues to support children and adults with autism in order that they lead fulfilling and productive lives.

With a variety of programs at Devereux, the autistic child is sure to get the best support in terms of intensive residential treatment in community-based group homes.

  • The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism and Alternative Approaches, Inc.

Address: South Dade Campus16905 SW 100th Ave Miami, Florida 33157

Phone: 305-234-0490 Fax: 305-234-0491

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism provides your kid a special opportunity to receive some of the best treatment therapy in a nice and conducive environment.

Also, the school day integrates each student’s behavioral and academic goals in a ratio 1:1 approach, enhancing the kid’s learning process.

The institution also follows the child’s IEP and Behavioral Plan objectives throughout the school year to ensure continuous learning to make academic and social gains.

In addition, students get to work with the RBTs and Behavioral Assistants to achieve a successful therapy evaluation and academic assessments.

There’s no cause for alarm as the trained experts at Devereux Florida provide intensive instruction using the methods of applied behavioral analysis methods to get the best out of our learners. Learning opportunities are carefully planned for the kid with autism here, and there’s no way you can ever regret enrolling your child at this institution.

With the wealth of experience gathered in this field, they are aware of the parents’ significant role in the effective behavioral changes of an autistic kid.

Hence, they allow the parents to learn and practice ABA Interventions during ABA therapy.

Their occupational therapy intervention greatly improves language, self-help, social skills, and problematic behavior such as tantrums, ritualistic responding, and aggression.

When there is successful integration in regular schools, these impacts are visible and well supported by data.

  • Arbor School of Central Florida

Address: 3929 Red Bug Lake Rd, Casselberry, FL 32707

Phone: (407) 388-1808

Websiteclick here

Arbor School of Central Florida is one of the best autistic schools that offers a sensory-based curriculum perfect for children with autism, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. The school is well known for its utmost attention to each of its pupils.

Founded in 2002, arbor has been providing one of the leading-edge and therapeutically-based learning approaches for kids with special needs.

Every therapy is carefully tailored to suit your kid’s needs. With uniform collaborations within our staff, there’s a cool synchronization regarding students’ progress.

Their teachers are passionate, selfless, and most importantly, always willing to support every stage of your ward’s development.

They look out for the inherent intelligence of your child and teach to their unique capabilities to optimize the learning process.

At Arbor School, rest assured your child is getting the best form of education. The school is well-equipped with approximately 30 staff, including administrators, teachers, and therapists, coupled with teaching assistants. These professionals are dedicated to bringing the best out of your child.

  • Victory Center 

Address: 18900 NE 25th Avenue North Miami Beach, FL 33180

Phone: (305) 466-1142

Websitevisit here

Victory Center is an institute for autism and other learning disabilities. A non-profit organization that has made its mark in providing exceptional education and services to kids with autism and related disabilities.

The mantra of Victory Center is simple: making available high-quality education for all children within a nurturing environment will help bring out the best in them.

With the school’s specialized programs, Victory Center impacts many lives via the provision of specialized and evidence-based programs in a sensitive environment.

For some months, the Victory Center has used applied behavior analysis for interventions. This type of analysis is critical to understanding and solving challenges such as autism and other related challenges now.

Our team of staff is well-trained and cultured to see every kid’s potential and help bring out the best in every child. These professionals are amazing in terms of job delivery, and I must say, it’s really cool.

Things to look out for in search of autism schools in Florida

  • Below is the list of essential factors you should consider when looking out for autism schools in Florida;
  • Admission ease
  • Behavioral assistance
  • Communication
  • Medical Treatment
  • School Specialties
  • Staff qualifications
  • Therapies and Activities

Closing Thoughts 

The chances are, you are looking for one of the best autism schools in Florida for your kid. You can always have the best institution to train your kid with autism to become the best he/she can possibly ever dream of.

The names of the schools given above are a sample you can always try out in Florida. Always remember, your children need the best type of education in order to stay relevant.


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