Does Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Substance addiction treatment and various forms of mental health treatment are usually covered by health insurance.

However, how much money will be covered by the insurance agency revolves around various parameters such as the health benefits included in your policy, the rehab treatment facility you choose, your specific needs, and more.

Private insurance is usually the most expensive choice, but it also gives you the most alternatives, allowing you to choose the treatment plan that best suits your needs.

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The Affordable Care Act-Overview

President Obama signed and introduced the Affordable Care Act in 2010. With its introduction in the healthcare industry, many insurance companies witnessed a wave of change in their business protocol that was occurring preemptively.

The ACA clearly states that all insurance companies in the U.S. must comply with mental health disorder treatments, including paying for the addiction treatments.

Furthermore, the ACA has also introduced policies and programs covering mental illness. It means many people who struggle with addiction and its co-occurring mental problems can get diagnosed for both and can get treatment too because the insurance companies will cover the payments.

However, how much the ACA will cover depends on the rehab you choose, its location, and your treatment plan. When a person seeks addiction treatment, he selects the primary care physician first before he checks in with the insurance company.

In that case, the ACA determines a fixed amount and, considering your financial condition.

Do Insurance Companies Consider Rehab Expenses?

The answer to this question is mostly YES.

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), private insurance companies must provide some sort of financial help to the victims of substance abuse, and the help often comes out as payment of treatment coverage.

The ACA also considers substance abuse treatment expenses a part of the insurance coverage for U.S. senior citizens. This means most insurance companies are obligated to pay for your rehab treatment.

Your specific coverage plan will also depend on the state where you are from, the state where your rehab center is located, and the particular healthcare plan you select.

]Insurance companies also instruct their employees to select from a set of approved rehab treatment providers, making sure they have to pay less money for the insurance coverage. Some insurance companies also ask people to choose detoxification service payments in the form of deductibles, premiums, and copayments.

How Much Does A Rehab Cost With Insurance?

The costs of a rehab program depend on various factors such as the state, inpatient or outpatient, luxury conditions, etc. However, if you plan to include the insurance money, it may not cost you as much as it seems.

Many non-profit agency-owned rehabs cost nothing, but some luxury rehabs can cost approximately $80,000/month. But, in most cases, the standard rehab fee range from $2,000 to $25,000 a month.

The cost of rehab also depends upon if it’s an inpatient rehab or an outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab requires you to stay at a recovery center where you will be supervised by medical professionals 24*7, whereas an outpatient rehab requires you to prioritize your tasks and check-in with the doctor for a few hours every day.

It’s evident that inpatient rehabs cost more than outpatient rehabs, and many health insurance companies may not agree to pay the outpatient rehab cost because it’s pretty low.

How Long Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Insurance companies check various parameters before they decide to cover the addiction treatment expenses for a person.

The insurance company can also talk to your medical care provider and check your healthcare plan to decide how long they cover your treatment.

A rehab center follows different treatment programs for different people, and you may fall into one or more programs.

In addition, some insurance companies will only pay for your detox stay, while some may for the whole period of your treatment, from detoxification to aftercare support.

Detox centers conduct a thorough evaluation of your health condition and how severe your substance use disorder is. When a patient stays in rehab, he is often assessed by a clinical team from time to time, and the insurance company gets that report.

Based on those assessment reports, the insurance company decides if your treatment needs to be sponsored for a short or a long term.

Addiction Cost And Rehab Cost-A Stark Comparison

You can go bankrupt from addiction. For example, a heavy drinker might spend $3,000 on beverages alone in a year and might cost $30,000 over the course of a ten-year addiction. Drug prices are more difficult to pin down, but they are often substantially higher.

Furthermore, addiction frequently results in workplace issues as well as criminal consequences. After a workplace accident, most jurisdictions allow employers to screen for drugs.

Even if there is no accident, addiction makes it difficult to be effective at work, making development impossible.

Alcoholism is well-known for its harmful effects on the liver, but drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine can also cause a slew of other issues throughout the body. Medical bills and criminal fines can quickly mount up, especially after a car accident. Alcohol is involved in about 40% of all traffic deaths.

It can seem impossible to break free from addiction. Because the expense of treatment is so exorbitant, you may be wondering not getting the treatment because you don’t want to leave your loved ones in massive debt.

In addition, many people are left wondering if treatment is covered by insurance and how much rehab costs with insurance.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 22.7 million people require treatment for a drug or alcohol issue every year, and 91% of them will never have it.

Final Takeaway

Private insurance will provide you with the greatest possibilities if you are seeking insurance coverage for your drug and alcohol addiction treatment expenses.

If you don’t have private insurance or if your plan doesn’t cover drug abuse treatment, public insurance may be able to help you save money on rehab.

So, for further queries, you can let us know in the comment box below.