List of 34 Top Italian Pharmaceutical companies

Italian pharmaceutical companies are among the influential manufacturers in Europe. In 2019, the industry had a production value of more than 34 billion euros, which has grown steadily in recent years.

The Italian Pharmaceutical companies employ around 67,000 people, most of them are these companies, and total sales of more than 31 billion euros in 2019 and contributed around 9.2 billion euros to the country’s economy. Italian pharmaceutical production is strongly export-oriented.

This is proven by the figures of international trading institutions: The export value of Italian pharmaceuticals has almost doubled since 2012 and reached around 32.6 billion euros in 2019.

On the other hand, Italy is also heavily dependent on imports of medicinal products, which in 2019 were generally below the value of exports.

What are the strengths of the Italian pharmaceutical industry?

The Italian Pharmaceutical industry has grown rapidly in the last five years. The production value is now 34 billion euros and exports have increased by 65% ​​since 2015.

They have scientists in many areas of pharmacology, from developing immunotherapies to cancer to treating neurological diseases.

One of the Pharmaceutical industry-leading areas is biotechnology and biologics, drugs made from components of living organisms such as the body’s own proteins.

They invest also in digital innovations in medicine as well as in precision medicine. and personalized therapies. They work closely with the education sector to showcase the pharmaceutical industry as a career path and encourage young people to get into the industry.

In addition to the growing number of pharmaceutical production, Italy has also been working for many years to become a major player in clinical trials thanks to the many top hospitals and research institutions located in the country.

The trials in Europe will be carried out in Italy, with a total investment of 700 million euros by the sponsors.

Italy also ranks first in the number of Value-Based Management Entry Agreements (MEAs) signed with pharmaceutical companies (35.8%), ahead of the US (24.0%). ) and Australia (12.3%).

This approach represents one of the most advanced models of innovative drug pricing and reimbursement and is expected to play an increasingly important role in bringing personalized treatments to the market in the coming years: drug spending in Italy was € 290 per capita in 2017, 12% less than the average of the other European Big5 countries (€ 400) and 27% less than Germany, New York (€ 527).

Italian Pharmaceutical Companies

Italy has more than 5000 pharmaceutical companies, including large and new companies. If you are looking for the best Italian pharmaceutical company to work with, you should check out our list of pharmaceutical companies in Italy.

Here’s a list of Pharmaceutical companies based in Italy, including their contact information.

ACS Dobfar S.p.A.

Address: Palazzo Pegaso Ingresso 3 Viale Colleoni 2520864 Agrate Brianza (MB) ITALY

Tel: +39 02 906931

Fax: + 39 039 6414468

CF/P.IVA 05847860151

website: visit

Adare Pharma Solutions

Address: Via Martin Luther King, 1320060 Pessano con Bornago (MI) Italy

Phone: +39 02 954281

website: click here


Address: Via Galileo Galilei 19 IT-20867 Caponago (MB) Italy

Tel: +39 (02) 40 70 04 45

Fax: +39 (02) 95 74 51 79

website: visit

Alia Therapeutics

Address: Piazza Vicenza, 838122 Trento Italy


website: visit

BetaGlue Technologies SpA

Address: Lungadige Galtarossa 21 I-37133 Verona, ItalyLegal headquarters: via San Primo 4I-20121 Milano, Italy


website: visit

Biofarma Group

Address: Castelliere, 233036 Mereto di Tomba (UD) Italy

Tel: +39 0432 868711

Fax: +39 0432 868018



Address: Via Caduti di Marcinelle 13, 20134 Milan, Italy

phone: + 39 02 2177.1

website: Click Here

CellPly s.r.l.

Address: Via Giuseppe Massarenti 6140138 Bologna ITALY

Phone: +39 051 0397670

Fax: +39 051 0420705


website: click here


Address: Via Giorgio De Sandre, 3 37135 Verona – Italy

Phone: +39 045 8222811

Fax: +39 045 485 9279

website: click here


Address: Via Sant’Anna 131/135 61030 Cartoceto ITALY

 VAT number: 01403060427

 Fiscal Code: 08017750582

 Chamber of Commerce registration: 08017750582

 REA: PS-153743

 Share capital: € 260,000.00


Address: Via A. Meucci, 320091 Bresso (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02 36504470

Fax: +39 02 36504473

Etna Biotech

Address: Via Vincenzo Lancia, 57 Zona Industriale Blocco Palma 195121 Catania – Italy


PEC: ​

 Tel./Fax: +39 0952500276

Exosomics S.p.A.

Address: Strada del Petriccio e Belriguardo 35, 53100 Siena, Italy

Business Registry: SI-137798

VAT: IT01317090528

Tel: +39 0577 381309


website: click here

Fidia Farmaceutici s.p.a.

Address: Via Ponte della Fabbrica 3/A – 35031 Abano Terme (PD) – Italy

Tel: (+39) 049 8232111

Fax: (+39) 049 810653

Corporate website: click here

Flamma Group

Address: via Bedeschi 22, 24040 Chignolo d’Isola (BG) Italy

P.IVA / VAT IT03709030161

Tel: +39 035 4991811

Fax: +39 035 4991812

FlowMetric Europe, S.p.A.

Address: Via Ludovico Ariosto 21 20091 Bresso (MI) Italy

Phone: +39 02 89950272

Hospitex international

Address: Via Massimo D’Antona, 17 Sesto Fiorentino (Florence)ITALY

Tel: +39 055 0135766

WORLD: +39 055 0191542

Emails: /


Address: V.le Fulvio Testi, 330 20126 Milan

Tel: 02 64431

Fax: 02 644346 / 02 66102753

website: click here


Phone: +39 (099) 779 1680


Address: Via Luigi Corsi, 5074121 Taranto – ITALY


Address: Via Verga 1/2741016 Rovereto s/S Novi di Modena (MO), Italy

Phone: +39 059 673811

Fax: +39 059 671688

Vat Code: 03830700369

Lead Discovery Siena Srl

Address: Via Aldo Moro, 2 53100 Siena, Italy

Tel: +39 0577 234332


Lipogems Interanational

Address: Viale Bianca Maria 24 – 20129 Milano, Italy


Tel: +39.0237072408

MediaPharma S.r.l.

Address: Via Colonnetta, 50/A 66013 Chieti Italy

Phone: +39 0871 563273

Fax: +39 0871 563273


Email with legal value:

Medical Microinstruments


Tel: +39 0506394


Menarini Silicon Biosystems Spa

Address: Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 21 b/3 40013 Castel Maggiore (BO) ITALY

Telephone: +39 051 9944100

Fax: +39 051 7459550

Molten Therapeutics

Fax: +390557361288

Address: Molteni Therapeutics s.r.l sede legale: Via I. Barontini, 8 Loc. Granatieri, 50018 Scandicci (FI)ITALY


NatiMab Therapeutics S.r.l.

Address: Via Ribes, 5 – 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO), Italy

CEO: Gianni Garotta


Neuro-Zone Srl

Address: Via Ariosto 21 20091, Bresso (MI) – Italy

VAT: 05636080961

Tel: +39 02/55193912


Newron Pharmaceuticals SpA

Address: via Antonio Meucci 320091 Bresso (Mi) Italy

Tel: +39 02 610 3461


Philogen S.p.A.

Address: Piazza La Lizza, 7 | 53100 Siena (SI) – ITALY


Procos S.p.A.

Address: via G. Matteotti, 249 28062 Cameri (Novara) – Italy

Phone: +39.0321.64.22.11

Fax: +39.0321.64.22.19

Web: click here

VAT: IT01333300034

Trifarma SpA

Address: Via G. Guarini Matteucci 1 20162 Milan, Italy

Tel: +39-02-6411001

Fax: +39-02-6432050


ViroStatics srl

Address: Viale Umberto I, 46 | 07100 Sassari | Italy

IVA / VAT number: 02159110903

Company Registry number: 152871/SS


Zambon Italia Srl

Address: Via Lillo del Duca 10 20091 Bresso, Milano

Tel: +39 02 665241

Fax: +39 02 66501492

website: click here

In conclusion, the Italian pharmaceutical industry is technologically advanced, with a strong leadership position in Europe and outside the sector, which has seen strong growth in recent years and is able to highlight its high investment in research and development.

The list of pharmaceutical companies in Italy is in no order of ranking, every company has the operational licenses to function in Italy.

We are open to commendations and suggestions. Kindly air your view in the comment section below.


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