Best tips on how to use charcoal for teeth whitening

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Appearing with a wide white smile is always attractive and worth having, that’s why people find means to make their teeth white and fresh. One of the most common teeth-whitening substances is charcoal.

Charcoal is commonly obtained from burnt wood or coconut. This black substance contains an abrasive that is believed to wash out solidified plaque and other stains from the teeth. There are two types of stains on the teeth; they are extrinsic and intrinsic.

The extrinsic stain is visibly noted on the crown of the teeth; this can be easily cleaned with charcoal powder.

The intrinsic stain is the inner stain, probably from a tooth cavity or decay, it can not be cleaned by charcoal, it needs other intense methods to be carried out by the dentist.

Stains in the teeth are a common issue as this is caused by the kind of food that we consume. Food such as kola, colas, coffee, tea, and chocolate, cause stains on the teeth, especially when one does not brush the teeth after eating. Smoking tobacco is also a leading factor.

As there are issues, so also is the remedy for teeth stains. Charcoal is popularly known and used by people to whiten their teeth, very quickly we will see how to use charcoal for teeth whitening and how we will be getting remedy from Charcoal.

Tips on how to use charcoal for teeth whitening

Forming a Paste: The first procedure is to turn the charcoal powder into a paste by adding little water and mixing, this is to allow the charcoal to spread properly without straining your cloth or making a mess of it. If the charcoal is still in lumps, blend it finely to become powder.

Applying on your Teeth:  This is the next procedure. After forming a paste, apply it on your teeth either using your toothbrush or your clean finger to rub the charcoal paste around your teeth.

However, because of the abrasive texture, some dentist is of the opinion that it’s better to use the fingers for application on the teeth.

The Actual Brushing: At this stage, you use our brush to scrub your teeth gently. This should be done within two to three minutes.

Do not brush coarsely, so that in the long run, the enamel doesn’t get weakened. While brushing you can avoid the tongue, as the tongue doesn’t have such discoloration if you are having any discoloration on your tongue, see your dentist immediately for a check-up.

After using the charcoal, brush using your regular fluoride toothpaste to kill bacteria and add up calcium in your teeth.

Using Moderately: Virtue lies in the middle, you don’t have to use it excessively because of the abrasive charcoal.

Scrubbing too hard tends to cause the enamel to wear out, this could make the crown of your tooth lose its protection. Once the enamel wears out, it means the cavity is closed, and you wouldn’t want that.

When not to Use Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

There are times when you don’t need to use charcoal to whiten your teeth, it’s either you use another teeth whitening agent or you see your dentist for instructions on whitening your teeth most suitably. Below are some instances when you should not use Charcoal to whiten your teeth:

When you have Cavity: An untreated cavity usually weakens the teeth, as the teeth will keep decaying; the abrasive in the charcoal will make the teeth weaker, which is no good for a person’s health.

The hole in the teeth is already a discoloration, using charcoal to wash out the color is even causing more complications that can be avoided as charcoal is unable to wash out cavity stains, rather the stains on the teeth will even increase.

When there are Cracks in your Teeth: There are instances where the tooth cracks, it could be due to injury, or old age.

When the Tongue color is a symptom of a Disease: There are some diseases such as oral cancer, and vitamin deficiencies that give symptoms of a discolored tongue.

If faced with such a scenario, it is advisable not to whiten your teeth, rather, simply maintain good oral hygiene and be mindful of the intake diet to keep you in good health condition. Of course, when diagnosed with any ailment or condition, see the doctor and treat accordingly.

An Advancement with Charcoal

Practically, every field and phenomenon must have felt the impact of technology with its advancement, and so also charcoal.

Now you can go into the market and get activated charcoal for whitening the teeth, packaged inside a capsule.

It is a mix of charcoal and some active ingredients that will enhance the whitening of the teeth. In fact, there is charcoal tooth-whitening paste that’s in a tube.

You simply buy and use it directly. To use correctly, there are some simple steps you can carry out to make a win-win situation of whitening your teeth and ensuring good health, they include:

  • Following the Prescriptions: The dentist is knowledgeable and wants the best health condition for you, therefore, before using any activated charcoal or charcoal tooth whitening paste, ensure you check with your dentist that you are using the right one and follow instructions on how to use it.

This should be so because you don’t want to cause more harm to your teeth in the process of getting your teeth white

  • Get at the Right Place: When using items that are related to your health, ensure that you get the quality and not counterfeit. Ensure that you get your teeth whitening charcoal from the right pharmacy around you, and check to see that it is a quality product and it is not expired.

These things have to be in check to avoid complications with the process of whitening your teeth. Ensure that it matches the standard of the dental association in your region, as the case of the surreality of product promises will be avoided.

  • Using the appropriate Way: If you bought the activated charcoal in a capsule, you pull open the capsule and put out the powder, add very little water to form a paste, thereafter, you gently rub on your teeth either using your finger or brush and leave on for about 3-4 minutes to allow for penetration brush your teeth gently and rinse it out.

Thereafter, use your regular fluoride toothbrush to brush, in this manner, your teeth will become both white and strong; the usage of activated charcoal and fluoride keeps the teeth white and strong.

  • If using charcoal toothpaste, follow the same procedure: apply on the teeth, carry for a few minutes, rinse out, then use a toothpaste with fluoride ingredient to brush your teeth and clean your tongue; most charcoals don’t contain fluoride that keeps the teeth strong and free from the cavity.

Final Verdict on Using Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

Charcoal is a big deal in the beauty industry, as some even use it for scrubbing to get smooth skin. Charcoal is also widely believed to be effective in whitening the teeth, although, there are yet to be more scientific backings to the claim.

Nevertheless, charcoal for whitening powder should be moderately used, to avoid wearing out the enamel.

This is because of the abrasive texture that is in it, as it scrubs the stains away from the teeth, if excessively used, it will weaken the enamel, which will in turn increase susceptibility to the tooth cavity.

When using charcoal whitening toothpaste, ensure that your doctor is certified that charcoal is suitable for your teeth and that the right product is recommended for you.

When the dentist dispenses their duty of prescriptions, recommendations, and advice, ensure to follow their inputs correctly.

Also, ensure that you use the activated charcoal powder usually packaged in a capsule appropriately.

Form a paste, then brush gently just after carrying the charcoal for a little while. Do not ignore the fact that charcoal dot has fluoride in it, hence, the protection against tooth holes and other diseases is almost nonexistent, so, when you use charcoal paste or powder, use fluoride as a backup to allow for the penetration of mineral ingredients into the teeth to make the enamel and crown of the teeth strong while washing tartar away.

It is noteworthy that using charcoal as a whitener for your teeth continuously is unhealthy for your teeth; it could lead to sensitivity, instead, use it intermittently so that it whites your teeth moderately.

In the process of using the teeth whitener, ensure to avoid food or diet that will cause stains on your teeth, especially the intrinsic stains, so that it doesn’t become a case of wasted effort while brushing and using charcoal to whiten the teeth.

Avoid tobacco if you are so concerned about the whiteness of your teeth, minimize the intake of kola nut, chocolate, and coffee, even when you consume them, ensure to rinse and brush your mouth immediately, so that stains on the teeth are washed out, and you can smile confidently once again.


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