What To Expect During A Gum Contouring Procedure

A beautiful, healthy smile is an asset that everyone desires. But for some people, achieving this dream may seem unattainable – at least not until now. Gum contouring has become popular for people who feel self-conscious about their smiles or uneven gum line.   

According to a recent study, US citizens’ dental spending increased by 11%, from USD$146 billion in 2020 to USD$162 billion in 2021. It showed a spike in dental concerns from most people in the US.   

Have you ever felt like your teeth were too small and your gum line disproportionate? Have you been searching for ways to improve your smile but need help figuring out where to start?   

If so, then gum contouring might be perfect for you! This minimally invasive procedure can sculpt away excess tissue from your gums to give you an even and aesthetically pleasing gum line in no time.   

Gum contouring can have dramatic results with just one visit to the dentist’s office. By understanding what lies ahead regarding this treatment option, patients can make informed decisions on whether or not they should pursue it.  

Read on, as this article will break down everything there is to know about having a successful gum contouring procedure!  

What to expect during the procedure  

When you undergo gum contouring, the first step is to discuss your goals and expectations with your dentist. They will then examine your teeth and gums to assess if this procedure suits you. Afterward, they may use anesthesia to numb the area before treatment.  

During the surgery, your dentist will use a laser or scalpel to reshape and remove excess tissue from your gums. Reshaping can help give them more even proportions and make them appear symmetrical around the teeth. The dentist will also clean away any plaque or tartar buildup on the surface of your teeth during this process.  

Some dentists may apply stitches to help promote faster healing and reduce inflammation in the gums. Your dentist may also prescribe pain medication if necessary, so following their instructions carefully after leaving the office is crucial.   

You must maintain good oral hygiene habits following treatment to ensure optimal results. Preparing for surgery is another vital factor for successful gum contouring outcomes.  

How to prepare for your procedure  

Before a gum contouring procedure, patients must do some preparatory activities as instructed by their dentist. It’s essential to ensure that the patient’s mouth and gums are healthy before treatment. The dentist will likely take X-rays of the teeth and gums before surgery to plan for the best outcome possible.  

Patients should inform their doctor about medications or supplements that may interfere with healing, such as aspirin or blood thinners. Additionally, patients may be asked to stop smoking at least two weeks before the procedure and abstain from using tobacco products for several weeks afterward.   

Lastly, patients must brush and floss daily, as poor oral hygiene can lead to infection or other complications following surgery. The patient should be informed of the steps to be taken before undergoing the gum contouring procedure.   

By doing so, they can ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of the surgery and reduce potential risks associated with the operation.  

In general, it’s best to determine why you want to have a gum contouring procedure in the first place. 

What To Expect During A Gum Contouring Procedure

Benefits of gum contouring procedure  

As previously mentioned, gum contouring is a minimally invasive procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence. This procedure involves reshaping or removing excess gum tissue to enhance the look of your teeth by making them appear longer.  

Here are some key benefits associated with this type of treatment:  

  1. Improved aesthetics – Gum contouring can help create an even, symmetrical gum line for a more pleasing aesthetic outcome.  
  2. Enhanced confidence – After this procedure, many patients feel greater confidence in their smiles due to improved overall facial symmetry and enhanced dental health.  
  3. Reduced risk for periodontal disease – Removing excess gum tissue reduces the risk of developing periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and other forms of inflammation related to oral hygiene habits.  

The results from this treatment are long-lasting when combined with proper post-surgery care and recovery instructions provided by your dentist or specialist.  


Gum contouring is a procedure worth considering for those who want to improve their smile. It’s a practical and relatively painless way to achieve the desired results. Although there are some risks associated with this type of surgery, they can be easily managed under the care of your dentist or periodontist.   

After considering all these factors, you should not fear undergoing the treatment – it’s a quick and easy process that will leave you feeling more confident overall.