How to keep your teeth healthy and strong

How to keep your teeth healthy and strong should be the desire of everyone who wishes to take care of his or her oral health

Health is wealth, and so is the health of our teeth.  Keeping the teeth healthy is one of the easiest things to do, all it takes is consistency and dedication.

A lot of people are aware of how to go about good oral health hygiene, but the problem of negligence causes us some teeth diseases.  while some of us do not go about it in the right procedures.

Reasons to keep your teeth healthy and strong

It is great to have good oral hygiene as the overall health of the body is also reliant on each part of the body.

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Therefore, the deficiency of health in a part of a body affects the other parts, this also includes the teeth.

The teeth should stay strong and healthy, you might want to find out why:

It keeps you comfortable

Just as earlier said, the health of a body’s part also affects other parts. Same way, when the teeth are not healthy, you feel discomfort.

Take, for instance, a cavity patient will most likely experience fever sometimes, it could be a headache, discomfort to sleep at night, and even the fear of chewing some foods.

Those conditions aren’t favorable to the comfort and health of an individual. Basically, the pain of cavities would be avoided. It will be good to note that, the pains aren’t worth it if they can be avoided.

It chases cavity and other teeth defect from you

If you want a feel of a cavity or other tooth diseases, get a second-hand experience, you can have a chat with your dentist and see that having any tooth disease is not worth the pain, especially when you can avoid it through proper oral hygiene and by keeping to the doctor’s instructions.

The effect of the cavity can lead to even a poor attitude to life, as one might lose teeth and get less confident about talking or smiling, due to odor and deformed teeth structure.

It helps you save Money

Health is wealth and can never be bought with money, money only gives access to quality health services.

Although health can’t be bought, treating cavities, tooth loss, and other teeth diseases can be quite expensive for a health condition that could be avoided by simply keeping the teeth clean always.

Treating dental fractures, tooth holes, and abscesses, demands that you pay your dentist handsomely. Due to economic challenges, it is wiser to follow the instructions of the dentist, visit once in six months, and allow the dentist to help you save your money.

It keeps your Sugar Level at bay

Poor oral hygiene can also lead to gum diseases. Unhealthy gum makes the sugar level of an individual unstable, this makes the condition very detrimental to diabetic patients. A healthy gum isn’t red and swollen.

It will allow you to enjoy good Functioning of your teeth

The teeth are the first point of digestion where grinding and chewing of food occurs. Since food is essential to humanity’s survival, digesting the food properly is necessary.

If one develops tooth cavities or other diseases, chewing becomes uncomfortable which will, in turn, prevent one from relishing the good taste of food and might even make one lose interest in eating a proper diet.

Fibrous foods and other vitamins and minerals food such as meat, vegetables, fruits, and fish, might be unable to be eaten by the cavity or tooth disease patient.

This might even lead to having a low immune system, fatigue, and even dizziness due to poor diet.

Reduces the risk of Giving Birth Prematurely

Researchers have opined that women with gum diseases have a higher chance of going through labor before the pregnancy is 35 weeks old.

This happens to be so because of the increase in the chemical content in the body that helps to push for labor. It is wise and smarter to maintain good oral hygiene to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Knowing why it is necessary to keep good oral hygiene is as important as knowing how to achieve the benefits of having good oral hygiene and having strong and healthy teeth.

How it was in ancient times

There are ways in which one can keep the teeth healthy and strong, they are simple steps to maintaining amazing oral hygiene.

In the ancient days, toothpaste and toothbrushes were not in existence, yet ways to maintain clean teeth were done, some consciously, some unconsciously.

Before civilization changed things from how they used to be, an ancient man consumed fewer carbs than us. Unlike us, they consumed a lot of roughage and fibrous food which naturally scrubs away food particles, bacteria, and even plaque from the teeth.

Also, some herbs they chewed, herbs such as purple nutsedge were taken to keep the teeth clean. While some used chewing sticks from the bark of tree stems and roots from plants which were mostly medicinal.

Taboos to Avoid if You Want a Healthy and Strong Teeth

In knowing how to keep your teeth healthy and strong, below are some of the things you should avoid at all costs;

Not Brushing before Bedtime

It is a must to brush your teeth before bedtime, this is because bacteria from the food eaten throughout the day will be washed out, if they are not washed out, they tend to multiply and make for unhealthy teeth.

At night, when we sleep, our mouth produces less spit, which can also increase the acidic reaction, so if there are food particles in the mouth, this acidic reaction occurs, if it continues that way over a long period, the enamel wears out, which then results to cavities, gum diseases, and other tooth-related diseases.

Ignoring your Tongue

The tongue can become a warehouse of bacteria if you continually ignore it. A buildup of bacteria on the tongue can lead to severe halitosis, that is, mouth odor.

This will bring down your confidence to talk and smile with people. After all, no one wants a smelly mouth. When brushing, remember to scrub your tongue, do not do so in a rough manner.

Not using Fluoride

As earlier stated the generation of this era consumes many carbohydrates, and high sugar content sticks to the teeth.

To counter the negative effect is having more calcium sticking to the teeth. A lot of calcium is found in fluoride, that’s why it is good to ensure that whatever toothpaste you use to brush your teeth has fluoride so that it will help lock calcium in your teeth and make your enamel stronger.

Using your Teeth for Opener and Cracker

Some people are in the habit of using their teeth to open bottles, some use their teeth to crack or tear, it is absolutely wrong. When you continue to do that, the enamel will get weak and can even lead to a crack in the teeth.

The crack can over time become a cavity, and then a tooth loss in most cases. This crack will create a space in the teeth that toothbrushes cannot reach to wash out food and sugar articles, this will lead to tooth decay and in the long run, lead to tooth loss. Hence, do not use your teeth for any other thing apart from chewing.

Not Going to See Your Dentist

Normally, you are supposed to see your dentist twice a year whether or not you have a tooth disease. You can visit for dental washing and other checkups, in the process, the build-up of bacteria and food will be washed out, not just that, early detection of tooth holes can be noted and treated on time.

Do not be negligent about seeing your dentist, they are your friends and wish for the good health of your teeth.

But, despite the importance of seeing a dental professional, you should make sure to work with someone you can trust.

However, with a variety of options to choose from, it can be difficult to find a reliable dentist in Landsdale or wherever you may be located. Thankfully, there are effective ways to streamline this process. For instance, you should start your search by seeking recommendations from the people you trust. They might know of great dentists who can also help you maintain your dental health. If you can’t find reliable word-of-mouth referrals, you can perform thorough research online to obtain a list of prospects.

Once you have the list, begin checking the dentists’ credentials and experience. You can do it by looking at some reviews from third-party review websites and other similar platforms. But, if you want to get to know your prospective dentist better, you can schedule a meeting with them to discuss some essential matters. During the consultation, you can ask some questions, such as how they handle dental emergencies, or whether they offer financial options for some treatment expenses, among others.

Ways for keeping healthy and strong teeth

Now that taboos to run away from have been brought to light, proper procedures for keeping the teeth healthy and strong should be known too. There are ways of  taking care of your teeth, they include:

Eating Balanced diet

When you take a balanced diet, it will supply enough minerals and calcium to the teeth, this will keep your teeth in good condition,  while it remains healthy and strong.

Maintaining A Strong Enamel

Once the strength of the enamel starts to deplete, tooth diseases start to set in. So in maintaining the strength of the enamel, avoid grinding your teeth, so that your teeth don’t start shedding away, if you do, see a doctor for a remedy of a mouthguard.

A high intake of sugar poses a threat to the enamel, avoid a high intake of sugar and drink a lot of water so that your mouth is not dry; a dry mouth could cause unhealthy acidic reactions on the teeth.

Also, avoid pools with high chlorine, and while swimming, close your mouth so that chlorine doesn’t enter your mouth and react against your enamel.

Avoid brushing coarsely, and do so the right way. Beyond brushing twice daily, the process of brushing properly has to be followed to ensure that no tooth is left with plaque, and of course, use fluoride toothpaste.


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