Best hospitals in Hungary

This nation has emerged to be a top medical tourist destination which makes knowing the hospitals in Hungary worthwhile.

The Health Insurance Fund is the body that budgets healthcare in Hungary, imparting access to a variety of treatments available in the U.S.

As consistent with the once-a-year Euro Health Consumer Index report, Hungary excels in the provision of exceptional vaccination of toddlers for eight existence-threatening illnesses.

Introduction to hospitals in Hungary

Affordable hospital therapy, coupled with the kingdom of the artwork era makes Hungary one of the top locations to avail remedy, each for citizens and ex-pats.

Healthcare in Hungary is both public and private, supplying human beings with great medical doctors and remedies across the nation within the foremost towns like Budapest, Debrecen, and Miskolc.

The tax-funded healthcare machine in Hungary is what makes people from across the world to go to Hungary and avail themselves of first-rate scientific treatment.

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The medical doctors are the world over licensed, the hospitals in Hungary are globally permitted, and the centers employed are international-class.

The personalization in offerings is constantly focused on a great and speedy restoration, without causing the sufferers a fortune.

Having treatments to be had for nearly all medical situations, Hungary is just the area to visit for the betterment of their health.

List Of Top Hospitals In Hungary

A comprehensive list of the top hospitals in Hungary is made known and comprehensible;

Buda Health Center

Address: Nagy Jeno utca. 8 Budapest 1126 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 489 5200

Fax: + 36 1 489 5210

Website: click here

FirstMed Centers Hattyuhaz

Address: Hattyu utca 14 Budapest H-1015 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 224 9090

Fax: + 36 1 224 9091

Website: visit

International Medical Services

Address: Jarobeteg Klinika No. 1 Vaci ut 202 Budapest 1138 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 329 8423

Fax: + 36 1 349 9349

Kelen Hospital

Address: Than Karoly utca 20Budapest 1119 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 205 0205

Fax: + 36 1 203 0457

Website: visit

Medicover Center R-Klinika

Address: Felss Zoldamali ut 13 Budapest 11-1025 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 325 9999

Fax: + 36 1 325 9919


Address: Rozsadomb Felsozoldmali ut 13 Budapest Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 325 9909

Medicover Eiffel Clinic, Diagnostic Centre, and Dental Clinic

Address: Eiffel Square Office Building, ground-floor Teréz krt. 55-57 Budapest 1062 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 465 3100

Email: [email protected]

Rozsakert Medical Center

Address: Rozsakert Shopping Center 2nd Floor Gabor Aron u. 74-78/a Budapest 1026 Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 391 5905

Website: visit here

University of Debrecen Hospital

Address: Moricz Zsigmond ut. 22 Debrecen 4004 Hungary

Tel: + 36 52 453 337

Fax: + 36 52 414 969

Website: click here

Budai Egeszsegkozpont

Address: Nagy Jeno u. 8, Budapest 1126 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 8877900

Dr. Rose Private Hospital

Address: 7-8 Szechenyi ter, Budapest 1051, Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 377 6737

Fax: +36 1 472 25 33

Duna Medical Center

Address: Lechner Odon fasor 5., Budapest 1095, Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 790 7070

Expat Medical

Address: Matyashegyi ut 43 , Budapest 1037 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 30 914 147

Fovarosi Onkormanyzat Szent Imre Korhaz

Address: Tétényi út 12-16 , Budapest 1115 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 464 8600

Health Guard Hungary

Address: Eszek utca 13-15, 1/1 , Budapest 1114 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 786 6658

Website: visit

Kelen Hospital

Address: Than Karoly utca 20 , Budapest 1119 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 205 0205

Fax: +36 1 203 0457

Kiraly Dent Kft

Address: 9 Vaci Street , Budapest 1052 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 61 310 7020

Magyar Honvedseg Egeszsegugyi Kozpont

Address: Robert Karoly krt 44 , Budapest 1134 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 465 1800

Maternity Szuleszeti es Nogyogyaszati Maganklinika

Address: Kiralyhago ter 8-9. , Budapest 1126 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 213 4220

OITI – Orszagos Idegtudomanyi Intezet

Address: Amerikai Way 57 , Budapest 1145 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 61 467 9300

Peterfy Sandor Utcai Korhaz – Rendelointezet es Baleseti Kozpont

Address: Peterfy Sandor utca 8-20. , Budapest 1076 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 61 461 4700

Saint James Hospital Hungary

Address: Saint James Szemészeti Központ , 1026 Bp, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 33-35 , Budapest , Hungary.

Tel: +36 61 788 2927

Fax: +36 61 787 0171

Website: click here


Address: Eotvos utca 29, Budapest 1067, Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 332 5561

Swiss Medical Services – Premium Health Center

Address: Taltos UTCA 15, Budapest 1123, Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 225 0566

Fax: +36 1 225 0567

Szent Lukacs Magankorhaz

Address: Kartács u. 1-5 , Budapest 1139 , Hungary.

Tel: +36 06 1 797 6473

Website: visit

Uzsoki Utcai Korhaz

Address: Uzsoki St 29-41, Budapest 1145, Hungary.

Tel: +36 1 467 3700

Website: visit here

Health Care System In Hungary

  • Healthcare machine

The Hungarian healthcare system is in particular financed through the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK) and taxes.

NEAK’s coverage is familiar and it lets in getting entry to ambulatory as well as secondary healthcare. Healthcare is normally free.

Patients make co-payments on positive offerings, together with prescribed drugs, dental care, and rehabilitation.

Non-Hungarians who aren’t insured are entitled to important fitness services freed from fee, within the case of an emergency or acute condition.

  • Accessing care

You can acquire medically important treatment by means of offering the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), when you are quickly staying in Hungary.

Medically essential remedy refers to a remedy that can not look forward to your return home. You might also need such treatment in case of acute contamination or a twist of fate.

You can also receive treatment associated with being pregnant and childbirth or a chronic infection.

The want for treatment needs to emerge all throughout the direction of your life. You will acquire remedy at the same terms and for an equal fee as the locals. It is really helpful to carry copies of your European Health Insurance Card with you, along with the card itself.

If your illness calls for everyday treatment at the same time as you are briefly staying overseas, agree with the remedy company ahead on the arrangement of remedy.

Treatments that want to be arranged in advance consist of, for instance, dialysis, oxygen therapy, specialized care of allergies and chemotherapy as well as echocardiography in chronic autoimmune illnesses.

The European Health Insurance Card should entitle you to an unfastened remedy. It is a good concept to keep paper copies of the EHIC or temporary certificates with you, as this allows you to hand them over to the vicinity of treatment.

Hungary additionally has private healthcare offerings. If you are searching for treatment from the non-public region, you’ll be responsible for all expenses.

Facts About Healthcare In Hungary

Hungary has made strides to improve its healthcare gadget, which for many years has lagged at the back of the healthcare structures of different countries in the European Union (EU).

Unequal issuing of clinical equipment, the prevalence of smoking, drinking, and obesity, and a volatile political machine have resulted in systematic healthcare problems in Hungary, which disproportionately have an effect on citizens living in poverty.

Here are the top facts anyone has to realize about healthcare in Hungary.

Top Facts About Healthcare In Hungary

Hungary has one of the lowest life expectancies in the EU. In 2017, life expectancy in Hungary averaged seventy-six years, a 4-12 months increase because of the 12 months 2000.

Despite the development, the Hungarian existence expectancy continues to be four. Nine years behind that of different Europeans.

Hungarians have higher prices of hazardous elements, such as smoking, weight problems, and underage alcohol consumption than different countries inside the EU, which could make contributions to an early loss of life.

As of 2017, Hungary’s charge of amenable mortality is two times that of the relaxation of the EU. Amenable mortality refers to deaths from diseases and situations that can be nonfatal whilst given appropriate hospital therapy.

Socioeconomic inequalities in Hungary contribute to decreasing life expectancy. Lower-earnings Hungarians are more likely to document unmet scientific wishes than those with better earnings.

Out-of-pocket spending in the United States is double the EU common and hospital treatment is most simply to be had by people who have the funds to pay.

Though getting the right of entry to hospital treatment isn’t an issue throughout the board, decrease-earnings Hungarians are 11 instances more likely to whinge about unmet healthcare desires.

The distribution of resources is focused in large part inside the capital of Budapest and the counties with the highest health fame. The town of Budapest alone has 87% extra medical doctors and 64% greater health center mattress space than the rest of the United States.

Healthcare in Hungary does excel in some regions but nonetheless has systematic issues. In 2016, the Euro Health Consumer Index ranked the Hungarian healthcare device thirtieth out of 35 countries inside the EU.

Though Hungary does excel in infant vaccination and bodily education, it has some of the EU’s maximum waiting times for CT scans and a higher than common incidence of lung ailment, infections, and most cancers deaths.

It also had the second-maximum incidence of bribery amongst hospital people. Hungarian physicians are mainly liable for this form of corruption because of their low pay. Their acceptance of those so-called “gratitude payments” places individuals who can not manage to pay for to pay more at a downside.

The World Health Organization (WHO) rewarded the authorities’ anti-tobacco projects. In 2013, the WHO provided Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with its WHO Special Recognition award for “accomplishments in the region of tobacco manage.”

The U . S . Has additionally taken steps to ban commercials for tobacco products and, considering that then, has visible a reduction of smoking-related deaths.

Healthcare in Hungary nowadays continues to be in the back of many other nations in the European Union.

Final thought

The list of hospitals in Hungary is in no order of ranking, every health institution strives in making sure that indeed Hungarians get the ideal health they deserve amidst the various challenges faced by this healthcare system.

Kindly air your view in the comment box below.


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