Top Hospitals in Armenia

Let us unveil the top Hospitals in Armenia that everyone ought to know. These hospitals strive to provide first-class treatment to their patients.

Armenia is a country of Transcaucasia, lying just south of the great mountain range of the Caucasus and fronting the northwestern extremity of Asia.

To the north and east, Armenia is bounded by Georgia and Azerbaijan, while its neighbors to the southeast and west are, respectively, Iran and Turkey.

Top Hospitals in Armenia

Here is a comprehensive list of the outstanding hospitals in Armenia;

Arabkir Joint Medical Center &Institute of Child and Adolescent Health

Address: Mamikonyants St., 30, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:   (374-10) 23 68 83, 1111

Fax:   (374-10) 28 41 70

Email:   [email protected]

WebsiteVisit here

Armenian American Wellness Center (MAMMOGRAPHY CENTER)

Address:  Mkhitar Heratsu St., 5, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374-10) 58-39-35

Email[email protected]

Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

Address: Hrachya Nersisyan St., 7 Building, 3rd Floor, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374-10) 20-83-11

Fax: (374-10) 20-93-12

Email: [email protected]

Armenian republican Medical center

Address: 6 Margaryan St, Yerevan 0078, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 318109

Website: click here

Artmed Medical Rehabilitation Center

Address:  Kanaker, Tsarav Aghbyuri St., 55a, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374-10) 62 28 90,  (374-10) 62 17 90

Email:[email protected]

Astghik Medical Center

Address:  Daniel Varuzhani St., 28a,Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (37410) 779-779

Email[email protected]

Avagyan Medical center

Address: 15 Moskovyan Street, Yerevan 0001, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 529680

Beglaryan Center

Address: Abovyan St., 56, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374 10)58 22 24

Center of Medical Genetics and Healthcare

Address:  Tigran Metsi Ave., 4, 1st and 2nd Floors, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 54-43-67

Email[email protected]

Central Clinical Military Hospital

Address:  Muratsani St., 115, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (37410) 45-89-62

Classical Homeopathy Center

Address:  Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 85, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 22-32-09

Diagnostics Medical Corporation

Address:  Margaryan St., 6/1, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 34 32 47,  (374-10) 35 11 01

Email[email protected]

Websiteclick here

Doctor Laser Clinic of Laser Medicine

Address:  Nalbandyan St. 51, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10)52-41-21

Email[email protected]

WebsiteVisit here

Top hospitals in Armenia

Erebouni Medical Center

Address:  Titogradyan St., 14, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 47-23-40

Email[email protected]

Gapex Eye Clinics

Address: Droi St., 3, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 28-95-60; (374 10) 28-95-40

Email[email protected]

Websiteclick here

Haemotology Center

Address: Hrachya Nersisyan St., 7 Building, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374-10) 28-38-00

Email: [email protected]

Website: click here

Hay amerikyan kentron hospital

Address: 5 Heratsu Street, Yerevan 0025, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 583935

Izmirlian Medical Center

Address:  Aharonyan St. 6, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374-10) 242023

WebsiteVisit here

Kankakee – Zeytun Medical Center

Address: Hrachya Nersisyan St., 7 Building

Phone: (374-10) 285809

Maple leafs Armenia 

Address: 0047, 129 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 650717

Email: [email protected]

Medline Medical Center

Address: Rostovyan St., 17/1, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (37460) 66-03-03

Email: [email protected]

WebsiteVisit here

Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery

Address: Ezras Hasratyan St., 9 Building, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (37410) 28-17-90, (37410) 28-19-90

Email: [email protected]

Muratsan Hospital Complex

Address:  Muratsani St., 114, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (37460) 45-02-30

Nairi Medical Center

Address:  Paronyan St. 21, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (37410) 53-75-00,(37410) 53-75-21

Email: [email protected]

National Center for AIDS Prevention

Address:  Acharyan St., 2, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:   (374 10)61-07-30; (374 10)61-71-07

Email: [email protected]

WebsiteVisit here

National Center of Oncology after V.A.FANARJYAN

Address:  Fanarjyan St. 76, Qanaqer, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (37410) 23-68-29

Nork Republican Infectious Clinical Hospital

Address:  Armenak Armenakyan St., 153, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10)65-50-42

Nork-marash Medical center

Address:  Armenak Armenakyan St., 13,Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 65-43-95

Email[email protected], [email protected]

WebSiteclick here

Nubarashen Psychiatric Medical Center

Address:  Nubarasheni St., 1/3, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 47-53-22

Ophthalmological Center

Address:  Fuchiki St. 30, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374-10)343510; (374-10) 34-49-44

Email: [email protected]

Republican Allergy Clinic

Address: Hrachya Nersisyan St., 7, Yerevan, Armenia

Address:  (+374 10) 28-43-90

Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Center

Address:  Echmiadzni Hin Highway 109 Building, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 56-64-20

Research Center of Maternal Child Health Protection

Address: Mashtotsi 22, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374 10) 53-13-42, (374 10) 53-06-41, (374 10) 53-08-82

Email[email protected]

Websiteclick here

Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology

Address: Paruyr Sevaki St., 5 Building

Phone: (374-10) 28 86 90

Scientific Research Institute of Spa Treatment and Physical Medicine

Address: Orbeli Yeghbayrneri St., 41 Building, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374-10) 26-15-93

Fax: (374-10) 27-49-41

Email: [email protected]

Shengavit Medical center

Address: 9 Manandian St, Yerevan 0006, Armenia

Phone:+374 11 560560

Fax:  (374 10) 44-95-03

Email: [email protected]

Stress Mental Health Center

Address:  Tsarav Aghbyuri St. 55a, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:   (374 10) 62-89-97

Email[email protected]

Surb Astvatsamayr

Address:  Artashisian 46/1, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: (374-10) 46-41-15, (374-10) 46-18-41

Surb Nersess Mets Scientific Medical Center

Address:  Hrchya Nersisyan St. 19, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:    (374-10) 24-20-24, (374-10) 24-40-10

Email[email protected]

Surb Grigor Lusavorich Center

Address:  Gyurjyan St., 10, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374-10) 63-54-16

Vadananc center for Innovative Medicine

Address: Vardanants St., 18/1 Building

Phone:  (374-10) 592100

Email: [email protected]

Wigmore Clinic, Yerevan

Address: Wigmore Clinic, Pushkin Str., 56 93 98 043 043

Yerevan Endocrinological Dispensary

Address: muratsan university hospital, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 458962

Yerevan Medical Center

Address:  Bagratounyats 1, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374-10) 42-08-90

Email: [email protected]

Yerevan Urban Endocrine Dispensary

Address:  Mamikonyants St., 29, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:   (374-10) 23-24-33

YSMU Institutional Clinical Complex

Address:  Koryuni 2, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374-10) 56-47-02/ (374 10) 58-18-02

Email: [email protected]

WebsiteVisit here

Description of some of the hospitals in Armenia

See below;

Erebouni Medical center

It was founded in 1951, the Erebouni Medical Center has been considered one of the largest centers and has been acknowledged for its medical institution studies and academic sports.

Equipped with the great present-day diagnostic, scientific, and surgical system, the hospital has numerous specializations, some of which include neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, gynecology, cardiac surgery, nephrology, endocrinology, and many others.

Address:  Titogradyan St., 14, Yerevan, Armenia

Contact:  (374 10) 47-23-40

Email:  [email protected]

Nork-Marash Medical Center, Yerevan

Founded in 1993, by using Armenian and American physicians, the status quo has been supported via various non-authorities groups as well as people.

Known for offering emergency, outpatient, and inpatient-dispensary scientific care of children, as well as adults, the clinic’s specialties consist of cardiology, cardiovascular surgical operation, arrhythmology, vascular medical institution, and so on.

Arabkir Medical Center

It is known for its skilled, experienced specialists who’ve been skilled in Armenia, as well as overseas, the medical institution is thought to present fine offerings to youngsters, in addition to their families.

Equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment, the health facility has numerous specializations, some of which include orthopedics, pediatrics, pulmonology, psychiatry, nephrology, endocrinology, and many others.

Address: Armenia, 0014, Yerjan, Mamikonyants St., 30 Building (network: Arabkir)

Contact : +374 10 23 68 83-1111, 44 00 62 44-1111

Muratsan University Hospital, Yerevan

This multi-profile health facility is thought to provide an extensive range of clinical services for its patients.

It is equipped with the present-day medical gadget, and the health center serves more than 20,000 patients on a yearly foundation. The hospital’s specialties encompass pediatrics, endocrinology, and dentistry.

Address: 114 Muratsan St, Yerevan 0075, Armenia

Contact:+374 10 450230

Conclusion on the hospitals in Armenia

The top hospitals in Armenia as listed above are worth knowing and every hospital listed has the necessary accreditation for effective and efficient operation.

It is equally essential to note these hospitals are arranged alphabetically for easy access and also, the arrangement is in no order or ranking.

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