Best 24 eye clinics in Owerri

The knowledge about the eye clinics in Owerri remains worthwhile since these clinics strive vehemently to the best of their abilities in making sure that both locals and ex-pats enjoy the ideal eye health they deserve within the capital city of Imo state Nigeria.

Among the organs, you must take good care of are your eye because life would be a living hell without the perception of the visual elements.

Also, having a professional in charge of your eyes could save one from many detrimental scenarios. Ophthalmologists and optometrists need utmost carefulness and professionalism to deliver their services and any error made may lead to permanent damage to the vision, which is why the knowledge of the best eye hospitals can never be over-emphasized.

The use of modern and technologically advanced machines has made diagnoses and treatment of different eye conditions effective and seamless.

However, some of these machines are very expensive making it difficult for some clinics to afford them.

Equipment found in eye clinics

Below is a comprehensive list of common equipment found in different eye clinics in Owerri for examination of the eyes;

  • Phoropter
  • Tonometer
  • Retinal Camera
  • Retinoscope
  • Autorefractor
  • Snellen chart
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • VT 1 vision screener


This is one of the basic tools used by optometrists to measure the refractive error and determine the eyeglass numbers of the patient.

The patient is instructed to sit in front of an eye chart some distance away. Different lenses are applied before the patient tells the optometrist which lens allows him to see better.


This equipment is used to measure the pressure of the fluids inside the eyeball. If the eye pressure increases beyond a point, then it may permanently damage the optic nerve. This high pressure when not checked on time could lead to a condition known as glaucoma.

Retinal Camera

A retinal camera is a device that is used to capture an image of the interior surface of the eye, typically the retina.

It allows the ophthalmologist to study the patient’s retina, monitor the changes in the retina over a period of time, and diagnose diseases.


It consists of a mirror that shines light into the eyes and has a hole in the center of it, through which the eyes are examined.

In cases where the patient is unable to give feedback to the optometrist due to certain physical or mental conditions, a retinoscope is used to measure the refractive error and to determine the correct prescription of eyeglasses or lenses.


This equipment measures the refractive error of the eyes and prescribes lenses. The use of this machine requires a patient to look into it, which has a picture that moves in and out of focus.

Snellen Chart

The Snellen Chart is one of the most common tools used by an optometrist. It is a physical or digital chart that is placed around 6 meters away from the patient and has alphabets in decreasing order of size.

At a time, one eye of the patient is covered while the correct prescription of the other eye is determined.


This device is used to examine the interior of the eye. It consists of a light source with built-in mirrors and lenses that is particularly effective for examining the retina.

VT 1 vision screener

The VT 1 Vision Screener is a high-performance computerized tool used by optometrists to quickly diagnose and identify major visual problems.

It is one of the technologically advanced pieces of equipment you can find in the top eye hospitals in Owerri Imo state.

Eye clinics in Owerri Imo state

Here is a comprehensive list of the top eye Clinics in Owerri that everyone ought to know;

Assumpta Eye Clinics

Address: 62 Wetheral Road, Wetheral Road, Owerri, IMO

Phone: 0812 664 2634

Bright Eye Clinic

Address: 118 Wetheral Rd, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0803 706 7436

Camela Eye Clinic

Address: Federal Mortgage Bank Premises, 2 Tetlow Rd, 460281, Owerri

CharisTouch Eye Care Centre

Address: Plot 79 New Market Layout, Behind Shoprite, Egbu Rd, 460105, Owerri

Website: Visit

Phone: +(234) 806-390-0524/+(234) 703-933-9728

Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

Christine Eyecare Services

Address: 9A Oyima St, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0703 937 1462

City Eye Clinic

Address: Ama Junction, 2 Old Market Road, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0803 777 6960

DE Morgan’s Eye Clinic

Address: Ikenna Nzimiro Ave, New Owerri 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0703 783 4037

Website: Visit

De Supreme eye clinic

Address: Ikenna, Diamond plaza, Aladimma Housing Estate Primary School, 42 Umez Eronini St, IKENEGBU LAYOUT 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0812 261 8505

Hannah Eye Care Ltd

Address: 7/9 Mann St, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0808 888 5533

Havilah Eye Clinic

Address: 103 Wetheral Rd, 460243, Owerri

Phone: 09 064 1238

Human Race Eye clinic

Address: No R111/112 Naze Industrial Estate Fed.Polytechnic, 460112, Owerri

Phone: 0802 348 9686

Joan Justine Eye Clinic

Address: Umuoba Uratta Rd, Ikenegbu 460105, Umuorii

Jovision Eye Clinic

Address: 19 Orlu Rd, Amakohia 460116, Owerri

Phone: 0803 684 3219

Jumay Eye Care Center

Address: 2 Osuji St, off Cherubim Junction, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0706 222 1958

Mercy Eye Clinic

Address: No. 29 Wetheral Rd, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0803 393 9593

Perofak Eye Clinic Ltd

Address: Works Layout, 460108, Owerri

Phone: 0810 734 1335

Website: Click here

Rislon Optical Services ( Eye Clinic)

Address: Plot 268, Ikenegbu Layout, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo

Phone: 0803 675 3854

Sacramento Eye Clinic

Address: Jesus Foundation Bus Stop, 45 KM 3, Irete, Onitsha Road, New Owerri 460102, Owerri

Phone: 0902 154 6160

Sheerah Vision Eye Clinic

Address: 1 Umez Eronini St, Ikenegbu Layout 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0818 363 5909

Website: Click here

Silverspring eye clinic

Address: Plot 12 Ikenegbu Extension Off MCC Road by Lodan Bustop, opposite Lodan Hotel, 460242, Owerri

Phone: 0814 699 9071

Website: Visit

Somik eye care

Address: Area A, New Owerri, Owerri

Phone: 0805 292 9592

Spectra Eye Clinic

Address: 14/61 Orlu Rd, Amakohia 460116, Owerri

Phone: 0708 500 5740

Website: Visit

Vision Christy Int´l Limited Eye Center

Address: 9A Oyima St, 460281, Owerri

Phone: 0703 937 1462

Umuzuruike eye clinic

Address21/23 Umezuruike Street, New Owerri 460281, Owerri
Phone0810 739 2731
Website: visit

Visual Eyes Clinic

Address: 13 Mbari Street, Ikenegbu Layout., Owerri, Nigeria

Phone: 07032515767

A final thought about the eye clinics in Owerri

As earlier stated, it is rewarding to have your eyes checked routinely by a professional. I never knew I had increased eye pressure not until I visited Visual eye clinics for eye examinations.

The above list is essential because it gives you easy access to these awesome clinics in Owerri. Also, it is important to note these clinics are in no order of ranking.

I want to see you cruise in the pool of ideal health. Therefore, I urge you to take proper care of your eyes and visit any of these clinics above if you are a resident of Owerri.



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