6 Accredited Best Dentistry schools in Mississippi

Many factors can affect your application to these dentistry schools in Mississippi. First, your qualification matters a lot because it plays a high determining factor for any school of dentistry in Mississippi will accept you.

Interestingly, Mississippi has great dentist schools that offer academic value for your money’s worth. Also, employment after school is easy if you wish to work in the state.

A career path in dentistry may not be the fastest way to wealth but it sure gives you the fulfillment you desire if you’re passionate enough to overlook the initial hurdles.


What is dentistry?

Dentistry is a profession that takes care of oral health. It consists of the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the gum, teeth, jaws, the entire oral cavity, with the ailment that affects them.

Additionally, dentistry is a broad profession that gives you the opportunity to major in its interesting specialties.

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So, in dentistry, you can major in Endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, maxillofacial radiology, pediatrics dentistry, and a lot more.

Furthermore, you can also refer to dentistry as dental or oral medicine because it is a branch of science that deals with the oral cavity.

Hence, anyone that practices this kind of medicine is called a dentist.

How long is a dental school in Mississippi

Dentistry schools in Mississippi last for four years. Within this period, you will take lectures in parts.

During the first two academic years, you will go through different science courses alongside some practical in preparation for what comes ahead.

After the second year, you must sit for the dentistry board exam and pass before you go on to the rest of the session.

The exam is the National Board Dental Exam. This exam can be challenging due to how extensive the questions can be.

The third and final academic year in the dentistry school will ground you more into the profession through the clinical and practical sessions.

More so, when you finally graduate from school, you will need to write one more exam before you get your license and become employable.

The Mississippi State Board Exam will assess what you learned from school. Professional dentists in Mississippi will take turns to access your knowledge in the profession.

Do dental schools in Mississippi accept out-of-state students?

Most dentistry schools in Mississippi give out admission to only the residents of Mississippi. When they finally expanded their scope, they offered admission to residents of other nations in the United States and took in students only within the country.

Students who want to study dentistry in Mississippi but reside outside America may be lucky enough to get in. However, chances are slim.

Requirements to study dentistry in Mississippi

All schools have what they require from their prospective students before acceptance. However, there is a common requirement for anyone looking to study dentistry.

The thing is, you must complete some prerequisite courses for at least three years before you will be admitted into a dental school.

These courses include:

  1. Two semesters of Biology accompanied by lab
  2. Two semesters of Chemistry (Organic)
  3. Biochemistry, two semesters
  4. Inorganic chemistry, two semesters
  5. Mathematics (trigonometry and algebra)
  6. Two semesters of Physics
  7. Statistics
  8. Advanced biology
  9. Behavioral science

Additionally, the GPAs you have in these prerequisites will help get you a spot at the school of your choice. Dentistry schools in Mississippi do not joke with the GPAs result score. So, be sure to have a high GPA before applying to any dental school.

In essence, most dental schools will ask for a bachelor’s degree certificate before admitting you into their school. But a few schools do not make it as a criterion.

Therefore, you must read up on the requirements of the school of your choice and know what to expect.

What is the lowest GPAs for a dental school application?

GPAs as high as 3.5 is what most dentistry schools in Mississippi take into consideration. Now, you may be wondering if students with low GPAs stand a chance for admission. Well, yes. Some schools do not mind a low GPA so you might be lucky to get in.

At most, you can see a dental school that can accept you with a GPA of 2.64. just keep your fingers crossed while searching.

What certifications will you get after dental school?

After completing dental school successfully, you must also successfully pass the board exams before getting your certificate.

When you must have crossed all the T’s and dotted all your I’s in dental school, the appropriate authorities will confer you with the Doctor of Dental Medicine certificate (D.M.D), or Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S), as the case may be.

Benefits of studying dentistry

Regardless of the negative vibe that surrounds the idea of going to a dental school. Which stem from unfounded ideologies and beliefs.

Truly, the dental profession has a lot of perks and provisions for everyone in this life of medicine.

  • Employable

A dentist can never go out of a job. Every day, people seek out dentists for their oral health and maintenance. As we all know, oral health is a concern for both young and old for all humans.

Therefore, for as long as humans exist, dentists will be in demand.

Additionally, you can run a private practice or work for others. There’s no stopping a certified dentist.

  • No job discrimination

Some professions are not equally balanced for both genders. While we seek equality in offices and professional spaces, some professions still struggle with achieving a gender balance in their workforce.

That is not the case with dentistry. Both genders coexist comfortably in this space. Dentistry has never favored one gender against the other before. So, whatever the case, you won’t be boxed into a corner because of who you are.

  • Satisfactory income

Dental professionals are known to earn good salaries. Among other professions, dentists make better salaries.

Not only the dentists, but dental assistants also take home a good amount of pay after every month. As of 2013, the Bureau of Labor announced that dentists in America make at least $148,350 annually.

Dentistry schools in Mississippi

See below for the top dentistry schools in Mississippi;

The University of Mississippi

Getting into the University of Mississippi for your dental studies will give you some major bragging rights. Miss Ole is one of the best universities in the US. it has done well in graduating well-grounded and employable dentists in America.

Address: 2500 North State Street School of Dentistry Building, Jackson, MS 39216, United States

Phone Number: +16019846185


East Mississippi Community College

This is a cheap, public college in Mississippi that offers dentistry alongside other courses. So, this college is highly recommended for anyone that wants to have a degree in dentistry but studying on a budget.

Address: 1512 Kemper Street Scooba, MS 393580158, Mississippi, United States

Phone Number: (662) 4765000


Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

This school offers an associate degree in dentistry. It is also very affordable and ranks high among other dentistry schools in America.

Address: 51 Main Street Perkinston, MS 39573, MS, United States

Phone Number: (866)7351122


Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College is a community college in Mississippi that has one of the safest academic experiences in America.

It offers you the peace of mind to focus on your studies because you know that there is almost zero campus crime in the school.

Say you want to be a dental hygienist or assistant, this school will provide you with the best certification guide.

Address: 101 Hwy 11 N Poplarville, MS 39470

Phone Number: (601) 4031000


Blue Cliff College Gulfport

Blue Cliff College Gulfport ranks 626 among dental schools in America. The school competes highly with other schools in raising excellent dental assistants in America.

In addition, the tuition fee for this school is affordable and makes more sense for prospective dental students seeking admission.

Address: 12251 Bernard Pkwy Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

Phone Number: (228) 8969727


Concorde Career College Southaven

Though this is a small school in Mississippi, it competes with other dental schools in excellent academic ventures.

Concorde Career College is a great option for anyone that loves to have an associate’s degree in dental assisting.

Address: 7900 Airways Blvd, Ste 103 Southaven, MS 38671 United States

Phone Number: (662)4299909


To conclude, dentistry schools in Mississippi play a critical role in sustaining the nation’s dental health through graduating capable hands in the field.

These dental schools may be competitive and ask a lot from their students academically. But the end goals are always worth every drop of sweat.


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