Best 5 Medical Schools in Texas

The medical schools in Texas are among the best in the United States and the world at large. Furthermore, they are among the most affordable medical schools in the country.

Each school is distinct and noteworthy for what it provides students. However, medical schools in Texas are frequently underappreciated.

This article will highlight a few medical schools in Texas you need to know about.

Medical Schools in Texas

Sit tight as we unravel the top medical schools in Texas;

  •  Baylor College of Medicine 

Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences university that generates knowledge and applies it on a local and global scale to further education, healthcare, and community service. Science, scholarship, and innovation to improve health are all part of their goals. “Baylor” is simply a very popular name. Baylor is not only one of the best medical schools in Texas, but also one of the best in the country.

Also, Baylor is currently ranked 16th in the United States for its primary care role. Instead of the American Medical College Application Service, Baylor College of Medicine uses the Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service.

It paves the way for other medical schools to transition to TMDSAS. Each medical school in Texas has the option of using TMDSAS or AMCAS.

Baylor College of Medicine holds a unique position among Texas medical schools. They believe others should be valued and treated with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. Diversity, inclusion, and equity should be promoted and supported. They encourage civil discourse that takes into account different points of view and ideas.

They Engage in interactions that are honest, consistent, and transparent and conduct business in ways that are ethical.

Baylor college encourages personal accountability to foster trust and Innovation and embrace a culture of continuous improvement by cultivating creative ideas and unique talents throughout the organization.

They motivate the development and application of new knowledge and Maintain a culture of collaboration. Baylor College of Medicine strives for excellence in all aspects of its mission and encourages an environment that inspires the best in its people.

Contact: (713)798-4951

Address: One Baylor Plaza, Houston, Texas 77030

  •  McGovern Medical School

McGovern Medical School is the country’s ninth-largest medical school. The school, located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, was established by the Texas Legislature in 1969 to address physician shortages and the city’s then-untapped resources for medical education.

The first class of 19 students entered the Medical School in 1970, and by 1979, class sizes of 200 were the norm, thanks to legislation and state formula funding.

McGovern Medical School now accepts 240 students per year to meet the state of Texas’ growing demand for physicians. McGovern Medical School is the ninth-largest and most diverse medical school in the country, with nearly 1,000 medical students and a similar number of residents and fellows,  Students have access to cutting-edge technology and are instructed with a focus on humanities, ethics, patient quality, and safety.

Furthermore, McGovern Medical School is affiliated with a number of inpatient and outpatient facilities that offer a wide range of clinical services. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, their primary teaching hospital, was recently named the nation’s second-best teaching hospital. Students are exposed to a large and diverse population, with an appropriate balance of common and rare disorders, in these amazing environments.

McGovern Medical School students benefit from a rich collaborative environment that includes not only the UTHealth Houston schools of dentistry, nursing, bioinformatics, biomedical sciences, and public health but also the UTHealth Houston School of Medicine

Contact: 713.500.5116

Address: 6431 Fannin Houston, TX 77030

  •  TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine

TCU, founded in 1873, is a world-class, values-based private university in Fort Worth, Texas. The University is made up of eight schools and colleges that offer 113 undergraduate programs, 58 master’s level programs, and 30 doctoral programs. The total enrollment is 10,489, with 9,011 undergraduates and 1,478 grad students.

The student/faculty ratio is approximately 13:1, and 85 percent of TCU’s 669 full-time faculty members have earned the highest degree in their field.

TCU is consistently ranked among the top colleges and universities in the country, with more than 88,000 living alumni. Its mission is to inspire Empathetic Scholars to transform health care. Their goal is to be a pioneer in medical education, care delivery, and scholarship. They accomplish this by concentrating on the constellation of:

Character: Integrity, empathy, humanism, and professionalism.

Content: Medical knowledge, technology, innovation, and integration.

Context: Patient-centered models, health care systems, finance, ambulatory settings, patient safety, chronic disease prevention and management.

Collaboration: Inquisitive scholars, creativity – innovation, team-based care, patient and family partnerships, and shared decision-making.

Communication: outstanding communicators and active listeners.

Contact: 8172576633

Address: 3430 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

  •  Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

Texas A&M University College of Medicine was established by the Teague-Cranston Act to serve the underserved populations of Texas while upholding the core values of Texas A&M University. Through research, clinical care, medical education, community impact, and innovation, they are paving the way for 21st-century medicine.

Its mission is to improve Texas residents’ health and well-being through excellence in education, research, and health care delivery. Their vision is to train the leaders and innovators in medicine and biomedical research who will transform American medicine in the twenty-first century. They make the impossible possible by developing systems and technologies that address the most difficult challenges in health care and bringing together the brightest minds in health care and engineering.

They pay tribute to Texas A&M University’s illustrious history. They are improving the lives of military members and their families through their unique relationship with military academies and veteran populations.

Contact: 979.436.0200

Address: Health Professions Education Building 8447 Riverside Pkwy Bryan, TX 77807-3260

  •  Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Medicine education prepares students to face all of the major challenges of 21st-century patient care.

Interprofessional and collaborative work are critical components of team-based patient care, and they are emphasized in the curriculum. They are one of only a few universities in the country that has a School of Medicine, a School of Health Professions, and a School of Nursing all under one roof, making interdisciplinary learning not only possible but encouraged.

Since its inception in 1969, the TTUHSC School of Medicine has worked to address the region’s and the state’s physician shortage by providing quality, innovative educational opportunities to medical students and residents who will serve as competent and compassionate medical professionals for the region and the state of Texas.

The medical education program emphasizes primary care principles and provides solid inter-disciplinary and inter-professional training that integrates basic science knowledge, clinical skill, diversity, and a humanistic approach centered on high standards and comprehensive evaluation.

Texas Tech Physicians, the school’s medical practice, strives to use cutting-edge technology to effectively meet the growing needs of a diverse and largely rural patient population through strong partnerships with clinical affiliates. The principles of teamwork, humanistic care, and cost-effectiveness are ingrained in medical practice.

Contact: 806.743.2297

Address: 3601 4th Street, STOP 6207 Lubbock, TX 79430

Conclusion on the Medical Schools in Texas

Applying to a Texas medical school is a fantastic idea for a variety of reasons ranging from tuition rates being lower, even for out-of-state students, and the availability of MD and DO programs, medical schools can be found all over the state.

There are unique tracks and scholarly opportunities available, You can practice medicine in both urban and rural settings. You can also learn Spanish to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients.

Every Texas medical school has something distinctive to offer. Take your time going through each school, Endeavour to weigh your options, and keep in mind that thousands of other applicants are doing the same thing! You’re not by yourself. Any medical school in Texas would be fortunate to have you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Medical Schools in Texas

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the medical schools in Texas;

  1. Is Medical School Difficult?

Admission to medical school is difficult, grueling, strenuous, and every other synonym for difficult combined. The good news is that it is completely within your grasp.

It is not impossible simply because it is difficult. Many students have started where they are now and experienced everything you are experiencing.

  1. Do you get paid while in medical school?

Medical students are not compensated. Graduates, on the other hand, are paid while in residency (they are paid less than their peers).

To obtain a license to practice medicine, one year of residency is required. Residency in a particular field of medicine can last from three to eight years.

  1. Is it possible to get into medical school with a 3.0?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to get into medical school with a 3.0, but your chances are slim; you should have an excellent MCAT score.

You can, of course, get into medical school with a 3.3 or 3.4 GPA. There is no way around the fact that your GPA appears to be something that med schools will consider.

  1. What is Texas’s top medical school?

Baylor University Medical Center is consistently ranked as the best medical school in Texas, as well as a research powerhouse and a top clinical education school in addition to its top-25 research ranking, it is currently ranked #16 nationally for primary care.

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