Best Autism schools in Broward County

Are you a parent looking for one of the top autism schools in Broward County, but you’ve not been able to get one for your child? You’re not alone in this struggle, as there are a ton of other parents looking out for the same.

The role of education in a child’s life isn’t a joke, and enrolling your son/ daughter at a school that ticks all your boxes in your locality is one of the best decisions you can ever make for the growth and development of your autistic kid.

Choosing a school that is perfect for an autistic child is always a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable.

Top Autism schools in Broward County

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of schools in Broward County where you can enroll your autistic child at. Below are some of the institutions:

  • The Sagemont School 

The Sagemont School is one of the respected colleges located in Broward County, Florida. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), it offers an interesting academic curriculum for students with autism.

With its Mountain Peak Academy, your child is sure of gaining a lot of knowledge needed to succeed out there.

The Sagemont has been a reputable school with many academic scholarships won by its students. The state-of-the-art facilities make the school highly sought-after as students get to experiment things their classroom knowledge in the laboratory.

The environment is warm and very inclusive in terms of atmospheric conditions. Also, the school’s philosophy is student-centered, which means the students will relish every second spent at school.

  • Montessori Institute of Broward

Another school in Broward where autistic children are taken care of. Established in 2006, the Montessori Institute offers a safe, diverse and creative environment for students to explore and develop themselves to help them keep up with the space of the ever-dynamic world we live into now.

With a 2.28-acre facility specially designed where students can have meaningful and rewarding classes for all kinds of students, including those with autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive challenges, the school is an excellent choice for many parents.

  • Kid’s Haven Academy 

If you’re looking for a school that has distinguished itself from the other in terms of academic excellence, the Kid’s Haven Academy is your best bet. This is a school that doesn’t only care about the academic improvement of a child, but their well-being as well thus, it is rated as one of the best autism schools in Broward county.

With a specially designed syllabus that takes into consideration autistic children, you’re sure of loving their services in taking care of your son/daughter.

The approach of the Kid’s Haven Academy is special, and that’s to help raise a child in a more realistic way.

Fun labs are available for students to have hands-on experience of what they have been taught in the classroom.

Various seminars, educational trips, webinars, and many interactive sessions make learning more interesting and impactful.

Also, the Kid’s Haven Academy focuses on providing autistic children with a strong foundation in behavior management, vocational and daily living skills, which are vital to the overall development of the students.

  • South Florida Autism Charter Schools

South Florida Autism charter school is another center that provides both educations and therapeutic services to children with autism spectrum disorders.

The institute situated in Broward County targets students with communication deficits and any behavioral challenges.

Taking your autistic child to this school means you’re helping to get the best education and self-help training.

With many strategies in place at the school, your child is sure of getting the most effective individualized training programs that better improve their learning.

Here at South Florida Autism Charter Schools, your child will get to learn appropriate alternatives to undesired behaviors, including appropriate requests for attention, items, and whatnot.

  • Boulevard Heights

If you’re looking for an autism school where a child’s intellectual capabilities can be remedied, Boulevard Height is an excellent choice.

With a team of adept staff qualified to assist students with behavioral challenges, you can rest assured of remarkable progress within a short time when you take your child to this school.

Once a student comes in through the A.R.D. Process, his progress is carefully taken care of to stay until the behaviors are well remediated in a restricted space, which makes the student successful.

Special education services such as P.T., O.T., and Adapted PE are well inculcated into their curriculum.

Additionally, students are also taught key subjects such as math, science, social studies, community living, and many more.

  • M.O.T. Academy 

M.O.T. is another academy that is helping students with all kinds of learning disabilities, including autism.

The school operates an interesting customized teaching plan per student, which means there’s a decent student-to-teacher ratio, coupled with a very cooperative learning environment. There is no doubt it is among the top-rated autism schools in Broward county.

With M.O.T Academy’s strong mission of unlocking a child’s maximum potential for success through carefully designed unique learning needs, your child is sure of getting the best from this amazing academy.

The school is also a great learning citadel for students to grow individually in personal development. The academy is also a great destination for children with visual memory, retention, and focusing challenges.

Final thoughts 

Searching for the best school to take your autistic child to is very challenging for many parents today.

This is because you’ve got a few boxes you’d like the school to tick, and failure to live up to that may jeopardize the progress of the work you’ve been doing with regard to remedying the child’s behaviors.

So it’s important you choose a school with a staff team with adequate knowledge of autism spectrum disorders as this will make caring for the child effective and rewarding.

You don’t have to be swarmed with serious anxiety just because the school is about to resume; you need to identify a key person and a mentor the child can talk to if there’s a situation with regards to adjusting and understanding some things.

The schools mentioned above are well reputed for their teaching philosophy and have a ton of students with special conditions, which they have been handling diligently well for years.


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