How to write a scientific research paper

Let us take a look at How to write a scientific research paper and essential topics for Biology Research Paper That Will Help You Create a Great Theoretical Framework

Biology is one of the most important and interesting fields of study nowadays. Every day we see how scientists and biologists discover something new, how new developments and technologies appear.

If you want to study biology in the future, you had better start with writing biology research papers. However, the most difficult part of every essay, obviously, is a decision on the topic you want to write about.

There are many interesting biology research paper topics to write your paper. It is important to decide what you are going to write about before you begin writing. There are many topics for this type of paper, but you should make sure to choose something that interests you.

In this article, you will learn How to write a scientific research paper alongside best biology research paper topics that will definitely interest you. So keep reading and choose your perfect topic!


What Is Theoretical Framework?

Before claiming something new and original in science, it is necessary to determine the methodology of one’s own research.

One of the difficulties in formalizing the study is the choice and specification of its theoretical basis. The fact is that in modern science there is no actual possibility to develop new knowledge without relying on what is known already.

This is the meaning of defining the theoretical basis of the study. To put it simply, before you “swing” at the formulation of the scientific novelty of your own scientific research, you need to check who has already carried out research on this issue, and what they relied on.

That is, there is continuity in science, which is usually voiced in their research in order to understand which theory preceded the birth of new knowledge.

What Can You Take as Your Theoretical Framework?

In order to choose a scientific basis, it is necessary that this basis be a solid one. This does not mean, “generally recognized”, because there are also revolutionary discoveries in science, and constant looking back at the existing authorities can just slow down science.

However, very often the basis can be scientific knowledge, which includes the conceptual apparatus used.

As a rule, it has already been developed, and in their research scientists one-way or another use terms and concepts that have a generally accepted meaning in science.

It is not superfluous just to indicate who exactly developed such a formulation, and then the researcher either follows these formulations, or clarifies them in his research in relation to any situation or problem.

That is, you must that what seems self-evident and does not raise questions may have once been revolutionary and was certainly developed by someone. In addition, to know your predecessors in science is a necessity for any scientist.

This also applies to theoretical hypotheses and concepts that have already been proven earlier in someone else’s scientific research. If something was already been proven in science, then it can already be used as a scientific basis.

We all know from geometry about the system of initial assumptions, axioms, and postulates, from which consequences and theorems derived subsequently.

A similar movement takes place in science, only with time already proven “theorems” can become the basis for further research if they pass the test in practice and turn out to be reliable knowledge.

How to choose the best topic for your research paper?

Selecting a topic for a research paper is an arduous task. The more you understand about the subject you are researching, the more likely you will select a suitable topic.

This article will help you select the appropriate subject for your research. In this way, you will be certain that your subject will be interesting to your readers.

Additionally, it is important to take into consideration the preferences of your teacher and expectations, which is why you must consult them prior to writing. Your teacher will also be able to give you helpful tips if your topic is not unique.

The first step in choosing a research paper topic is to decide on the thesis statement. This will help you choose the sources you will use and determine how you will approach the topic.

Spend some time browsing the major journals in your field and digital reference sources. This will help you get an idea of the topics that might be interesting.

You can also discuss your topic ideas with your instructor and librarian to see if they are feasible.

Once you have chosen several potential topics, do some preliminary research on each one. Doing preliminary research will help you determine which topic will be most interesting to you and which one will be the most comprehensive.

If you find a broad topic, narrow it down to make it more narrow. Remember to keep your topic original and unique. If you do not feel comfortable writing on the topic, consider changing it.

Before writing your research paper, it is important to consider the assignment criteria. It is helpful to review the assignment criteria.

Depending on your grade, the assignment might have several sections. It is essential to highlight all of the components that are necessary for a research paper. The writer should also choose a topic that will allow them to discuss the subject with the most amount of detail. The essay should also be specific.

How to write a scientific research paper

Below are 4 essential tips for Creating the Right Title for the Chosen Topic and the steps to writing a wonderful research paper.

Anyone should follow the tips below, to correctly formulate the title for a scientific paper.

  • If a good name does not immediately come to mind, there is no need to rush. Follow the rule saying, “A good idea comes later.” Give the document a working title by formulating the question “What title might fascinate me?”
  • Browse popular scientific journals by analyzing interesting headlines in your chosen field. It is easier to come up with your own name using a ready-made template.
  • Conciseness is the main characteristic of a good title on the topic of the work. Searching for a keyword/phrase will simplify the essence of the topic, as well as help interpret it into a capacious, catchy headline.
  • The name should be in direct proportion to the chosen scientific direction. Making “lyrical indents” allowed only in articles devoted to culture and literature.

7 the Most Actual Topics for Your Biology Research Paper

There are numerous topics for biology research papers. The first is marine biology, which deals with life in the deep seas.

Another is botany, which studies plant life. This includes trees, shrubs, and flowers. Other topics include evolutionary biology, which focuses on changes in genes, and developmental biology, which looks at the growth of cells and tissues.

Epidemiology is the study of diseases, their transmission methods, and the consequences of contracting them.

However, here we have collected seven most actual and interesting biology research paper topics you will definitely like:

  • Genetic Engineering
  • Climate Change
  • Cancer Biology
  • Endangered Species
  • Synthetic Biology
  • DNA Structure

Ideas we provided above are some of the hottest areas in scientific research today. Think of what interests you the most, choose one from our list, narrow it down, do some research, and we bet, your biology research paper will stand out from the crowd.

5 Biology Topics for High School and College Students

Picking the right subject for your Biology research project is essential for completing a thorough high school or college assignment.

There are many topics to write your project. The most popular topics are research papers, lab reports as well as case study.

The selection of a subject is dependent on your interest and skills. If you are looking to compose a piece on genetics, you can pick a subject that is about cell biology.

If you are attracted to whales or other creatures who live in close proximity to ocean, marine biology is a good option. Below, we have listed the top biology topics that are suitable for college or high school students.

  • Human Immune System
  • Plant Evolutionary Genetics
  • Ocean Wildlife
  • Brain and Memory
  • The History of Genetics
Final Thoughts on How to write a scientific research paper

Studying biology can be difficult, but when you just look under the microscope and see the unique micro world, the entire new galaxy, you will realize that even though it is hard, it is definitely worth it. Hope we helped you with choosing a topic, or at least guided you in the right direction.

If you want to find more topics, or looking for specific topics in conservation biology, you can always read our guides.

If you do not have ready-made developments and ideas for choosing a topic for an article do not come to mind, use the “from general to specific” algorithm.

Choose a subject area and write out questions related to it. For example, biology → marine biology, and so on.

Now take questions that are of interest to you personally. Browse publications on these topics: what scientists write about and what new things you yourself can say on current issues in the outlined area. This will be your topic.


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