10 Best Therapists in Tulsa

Located in the heart of Oklahoma, Tulsa is a city and the county seat of Tulsa County, United States. With a population of 413,066 as of the 2020, Tulsa is recognized as the 47th most populous city in the United States.

Tulsa is renowned for its beautifully preserved Art Deco buildings, thriving performing arts community, and BBQ establishments. Aside from being the birthplace of Route 66 and having a long history of oil extraction, Tulsa is renowned for other things.

Also, there’s no denying that they are amazing Therapists in Tulsa. From Crossroads Counseling & Psychiatry Center to Revive Counseling, Tulsa has some of the best Therapists.

If you are in Tulsa and you’re in need of Therapists, below are some of the best Therapists in Tulsa. Keep reading.

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Best Therapists in Tulsa

Here are some of the Best Therapists in Tulsa:

Crossroads Counseling & Psychiatry Center

Website: Visit here

Address:  9717 E 42nd St #201, Tulsa, OK 74146, United States

Phone:  +1 918-270-4100


From Crossroads Counseling & Psychiatry Center

“We are a private practice created to offer families and individuals sensitive behavioral health treatments. To enhance learning and growth in a secure environment of support and encouragement, we provide counseling and medication management.

At Crossroads, you can receive expert counseling from one of our more than 20 certified best therapists in Tulsa. Also, you can get prescription treatment for mental health issues from one of our eight psychiatry doctors.

These two methods are different but work well together to assist you overcome the difficulties you encounter. A non-drug strategy for managing emotional and behavioral issues is professional counseling, or therapy. You can use medicine to treat your symptoms with the aid of psychiatry.”

Serenity Marriage and Family Counseling, LLC

Website: Visit here

Address: 8211 East Regal Place, 205, Tulsa, OK 74133, United States

Phone:  +1 918-970-0095


From Whitney Doyeto (Serenity Marriage and Family Counseling, LLC)

“Serenity Marriage and Family Counseling, LLC’s goal is to offer adults, teenagers, and children excellent and efficient mental health counseling. I uphold the highest moral standards when providing counseling services. Also, I take great satisfaction in providing a professional, private, and welcoming service environment.

Additionally, I prioritize goals that are physiological, behavioral, interpersonal, useful, and practical. I personalize my treatment plans to cater to the demands of each patient.

Furthermore, I offer solo, couple, and family counseling as part of my services. EMDR and CBT are the two primary therapeutic methods I employ. The goal of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is to alleviate the symptoms and mental suffering caused by upsetting life events.

The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to alter dysfunctional thought patterns, actions, and emotional reactions.” She is one of the best therapists in Tulsa.

Be Still Counseling

Website: Visit here

Address:4867 S Sheridan Rd Suite 718, Tulsa, OK 74145, United States

Phone: +1 918-230-7331


From Tiffany (Be Still Counseling)

“I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to pursue a profession that would enable me to have a positive impact on people’s lives. I also wanted to learn more about individuals and their motivations, as well as their identities and future plans.

However, I eventually decided to pursue psychotherapy as a result of this curiosity. From there, I developed an interest in the trauma, sexual assault, and long-term effects of child maltreatment.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to the well-being of each and every one of my clients as a certified psychotherapist serving the greater Tulsa area.

I put forth a lot of effort to provide you with the solutions you need. When someone is going through their perceptions and experiences in treatment, “talk therapy” may be the best option.” Some of the best Therapists in Tulsa are available here.

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Revive Counseling, LLC

Website: Visit here

Address: 7808 E 108th St, Tulsa, OK 74133, United States

Phone: +1 918-844-4148


From Revive Counseling, LLC

“Abby founded Revive Counseling, LLC and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Abby is a collaborative, client-centered therapist with more than 16 years of expertise in mental and behavioral health. She uses this background to help clients feel safe and comfortable talking about their problems.

Also, she aims to support young people and adults in overcoming personal and interpersonal challenges, taking emotional risks, and establishing lasting and healthy connections. OCD and other issues relating to anxiety are Abby’s areas of expertise. She employs evidence-based, goal-oriented strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP).

As one of the best therapists in Tulsa, Abby received her master’s degree in counseling from Oral Roberts University.”

Green Counseling Services

Website: Visit here

Address: 4527 E 91st St, Tulsa, OK 74137, United States

Phone: +1 918-703-1790


From Chris (Green Counseling Services)

“Since 1997, I have provided therapy in a variety of settings for individuals, families, couples, young people, and organizations.I earned a degree in Youth and Family Ministry from Harding University in 1995.

After that, I transferred to Abilene Christian University, where I graduated in 1997 with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. I worked with Single Adult Ministry, Divorce Recovery, Grief Recovery, Family Ministry, and Youth Ministry. This was done throughout the ensuing eight years of my full-time ministry in West Texas.

In the process, I offered family, couple, and individual therapy in a pastoral context.I also worked at Lubbock Christian University as an adjunct professor when I was there.” Chris is one of the best Therapists in Tulsa.

Tulsa Dialectical Behavior Therapy, LLC

Website: Visit here

Address: 3010 S Harvard Ave Ste. 306, Tulsa, OK 74114, United States

Phone:  +1 918-982-6150


From Tulsa Dialectical Behavior Therapy, LLC

“For those who struggle with persistent emotion dysregulation, DBT is a sort of psychotherapy. For people with borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, PTSD, and other diagnoses, research demonstrates that it is quite beneficial.

Being “out of control” with your emotions leaves you helpless and unpleasant. These sentiments lead to unstable relationships, ferocious rage, erratic mood swings, impulsive and dangerous behavior, persistent emptiness, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts and actions. If unchecked, emotional issues can have disastrous effects on your relationships, job, health, and general well-being.” Here, they have some of the best Therapists in Tulsa.

Empowered Life Counseling, PLLC

Website: Visit here

Address: 4157 S Harvard Ave #118, Tulsa, OK 74135, United States

Phone: +1 918-991-5538


From Empowered Life Counseling, PLLC

“We provide clients an extraordinary psychotherapy experience. This is achieved by creating a secure setting in which they can recognize their strengths and learn effective coping mechanisms. We assist people in developing coping mechanisms for the effects of trauma, loss, or conflict as well as self-discovery.

As a result, they are better able to deal with the stresses of life. We are dedicated about giving clients the tools they need to solve their own problems. And we like assisting clients in building the lives they want!” Some of the best Therapists in Tulsa are available here.

Cleary Counseling and Consultation

Website: Visit here

Address: 1811 S Baltimore Ave #200, Tulsa, OK 74119, United States

Phone:+1 918-978-0176


From Cleary Counseling and Consultation

“You may learn and feel at home at Cleary Counseling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A place where you can discover how to overcome challenges and accept your life’s purpose.

Cleary Counseling’s goal is to bring attention to these barriers that prevent you from fully appreciating your relationships and your life. We provide a learning environment where you and your family may feel at ease sharing your story. Whether you are looking for individual therapy, family therapy, or marriage counseling. We have one of the best Therapists in Tulsa.”

Anew Dawn Counseling Services

Website: Visit here

Address: 2121 S 125th E Ave Ste 106, Tulsa, OK 74129, United States

Phone:  +1 918-574-8442


From Anew Dawn Counseling Services

“The top therapy services in Tulsa are offered by Anew Dawn Counseling Services to a range of people. Anew Dawn is dedicated to assisting people in leading happier and healthier lives on a daily basis. In a courteous and welcoming setting, we offer counseling, case management, and rehabilitation services to adults, adolescents, kids, families, and couples.

Our objective is to support you in realizing your maximum potential as defined by you. You are in charge here! You control the narrative and determine the pacing. We aim to help you achieve your objectives and lead the greatest life possible!

We are thrilled to have the chance to accompany you on your adventure!” Come here to find some of the best therapists in Tulsa.

Stonebridge Couples Therapy

Address:  6450 S Lewis Ave #350, Tulsa, OK 74136, United States

Phone:  +1 918-398-7678


From Stonebridge Couples Therapy

“We offer you our combined 30 years of professional counseling experience. In addition to being capable of assisting with a wide range of issues, our staff is sincerely committed to accompanying you on your path to recovery.

Also, we are committed to giving you and your spouse a judgment-free space where you can express your ideas, worries, and aspirations. All of our services are completely private. We have the expertise, the concern, and the strategy to assist you in mending your relationship!”

Conclusion on Best Therapists in Tulsa

We have shown you all the best Therapists in Tulsa. However, your therapy will be more productive and fulfilling because of the committed therapists strong moral foundations. Your therapist will work with you to identify and resolve hurts, gain new insight and understanding into your life and your situation.

Also, they will creatively develop a new life-plan with attainable goals for a better future. Your therapist is expertly trained and intuitively perceptive to your individual needs. Based on your particular situation and where you are in your emotional life, help is tailored to you.

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