Top prosthetic companies in UK

Many prosthetic companies in UK do an excellent job in designing and manufacturing mobility devices. These companies have gone so far as to assist individuals with limb loss or disability. They achieve these goals through cutting-edge technology and advanced research methodology. 


Firstly, the teeming community relying on these prosthetics does not do so for physical support only. The right prosthetic boosts confidence, provides comfort, and aids or enhances mobility, specific to each individual’s need.

So, to find the best prosthetics company from the lot that can offer you these options, you must know what you are looking for.



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In this article, you will understand what to look out for while choosing a prosthetic and the top prosthetic companies in UK you can add to your list.


What are some things to consider when choosing a prosthetic?

You just recovered from the injury and pain of losing your limb, and it’s time to get a prosthetic. Many factors can help you to make the proper selection, which include:

  • How active you are going to be while on the prosthetic

This depends on the part of your limb that was amputated. Those who had their legs amputated need to pay more attention to the kind of prosthetic they are getting.

  • The amputation location

Amputation just above the elbow joint or the knee demands more attention. You must know if your prosthetic is flexible enough to work with your joint.

  • Your personal goal for a prosthetic

Some athletes who are amputated may need prosthetics that allow them to do their sports and compete without issues. Therefore, their prosthetic need will be very different from someone who just wants to take occasional walks around the neighborhood.

  • Comfort

Regardless of your goals and location of the amputation, every prosthetic user needs to feel comfortable and supported.

So, while trying out prosthetics with your therapist, ensure you are sure of your needs and deliberate with your selection.

Now that it’s clear on what to expect while trying out a prosthetics, here are some of our selected top prosthetics companies to check out in UK.

Top prosthetic companies in UK
Top prosthetic companies in UK

Top Prosthetic companies in UK

  • Steps Prosthetics
  • The London Prosthetic Center
  • Beast Prosthetics
  • Covvi Ltd
  • Ossur Prosthetics

Steps Prosthetics

Steps Prosthetics is a five-star Orthotics and prosthetics service in Sheffield, England. This clinic has been in the business of providing prosthetics, support, and residential rehabilitation for its amputee clients for over 20 years.

They are also recognized for their good works and have been in partnership with the award-winning STEPS Rehabilitation as the only UK private prosthetic provider. Steps works closely with many insurance companies in the UK to provide fast services and comprehensive treatment to clients.

Getting your prosthetics from Steps Prosthetics means you will have a lifelong client relationship with them. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy some packages reserved for their returning customers.

Steps Prosthetics services include:

  • Expert witness
  • Orthotics
  • Prosthetics
  • residential

Address: 40 Little London Road, Sheffield, S8 0UH, United Kingdom.

Number: 01144000232

The London Prosthetic Center

Led by a consultant, Abdo Haidar, who has more than 25 years of experience as a prosthetist. London Prosthetics Center, a private prosthetics clinic, gives its full attention to the amputee community all over the world.

The center prioritizes individual needs and offers standard care to its clients on a personal level. Talk about excellent rehabilitation services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other possible treatments required to support an amputee; this center provides all adequately.

Services offered by the London Prosthetic Center

  • Upper limb prosthetics
  • Lower limb prosthetics
  • Silicone cosmesis

Address: Unit 20 Kingsmill Business Park, Chapel Mill Road, Kingston Upon Thames Surrey KT1 3GZ, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 (0) 2087896565

Beast Prosthetics

Beast Prosthetics specializes in offering prosthetics solutions. The company keeps looking for more modern ways to help clients maximize their potential after their amputation.

More so, Beast Prosthetics offers immediate access to individual prosthetic solutions. Whatever your goal for prosthetics may be, this company is based in Manchester and will provide you with fast solutions with the help of the latest technology. Here are the services to expect from this company:

Access to expert physiotherapists to help you increase your body function and become in tune with your pain.

Access to excellent occupational therapists to help you return to your normal lifestyle before your accident.

Easy access to psychologists to guide you through training, diets, and a healthy lifestyle.

Address: 6 Minshull Street, Manchester, M1 3ED.

Phone Number: 01616609282

Covvi Ltd

When it comes to bionic hands, Covvi always takes the lead. For clarity, Covvi has been in the business of changing and giving millions of people their lives back by designing and manufacturing prosthetic hands.

For more than 75 years, the company’s vision has remained unwavering, which has been enhanced with the use of the latest cutting-edge technology to create ground-breaking prosthetic hand devices for their clients.

Key features of Covvi prosthetic hands:

  • Passive flex on all digit
  • Integrated flex wrist
  • Intuitive thumb control
  • Four different color options
  • Built-in paper screen

Address: Unit 4 Quayside Business Park, George Mann Road, Leeds, LS10 1DJ

Ossur Prosthetics

Ossur is a prosthetics company that has relentlessly offered lasting solutions to amputees. They are one reliable company that has made a great effort to restore hope to individuals who lost a limb.

Here is their line of prosthetic solutions:

  • Touch solutions

Myoelectric prosthetic hands, highly realistic passive silicon, and partial hand prosthetics. Individuals with their upper limbs amputated can benefit from these specialized prosthetics.

  • Sports Solutions

It helps sports amputees to experience an increased level of performance. It is a highly specialized prosthetic for athletes.

  • Junior solutions

These prosthetics are for kid amputees. It helps them experience a normal life of playing with friends, competing in sports, and having maximum mobility as a child.

  • Post-Op solutions

They aid patients after surgical healing and help them gain their mobility back.

Fax: 01614756321

Phone Number: 03450065065

Email: [email protected]

Top prosthetic companies in UK
Top prosthetic companies in UK

Concluding remark on Top prosthetic companies in UK

Using the services of any of these top prosthetic companies in UK can be an excellent option for new or old amputees.

Some of these companies can take your recommendation and ship your prosthetic to anywhere in the world. What is your take about these companies? Kindly air your view in the comment box below.

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