12 Top Therapists in Louisville

Do you feel that your marriage is about to end in divorce and you’re wondering whether there’s any chance of things getting better?

Is it difficult to enjoy the now because of previous hurt or concerns about the future? Are you and your partner fighting like you’re rehearsing for the debate team or are you drifting away like two ships passing in the night?

Do you find it difficult to live a life that is passionate and joyful? Are you stressed, sad, or anxious? Are you ready to make a change? You need a therapist and if you are in Louisville.


Therapists in Louisville

Here is a list of therapists close to you.

1. Grace Psychological Services – Louisville

At Grace Psychological Services they are pleased that you are looking for a therapist that will both challenge and support you. Their psychologists and therapists provide a forum where you may discuss your issues, make plans, and advance.

They are psychologists with specialties in Christian counseling, individual counseling, and premarital and marital couples counseling. They are devoted to the idea that fostering well-being entails giving attention to all aspects of the self, including the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. They are trained and experienced clinical psychologists.

At Grace Psychological Services, they want to give you a safe space where you can be authentic, a place where you may suffer openly, and a relationship that will encourage you to make lasting change. They are prepared to assist you in overcoming obstacles in your life using a combination of professional experience, therapies that have been proven effective by science, and a desire to help others.

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Dr. Olivia Hilchey is a clinical psychologist with a license, and she is passionate about assisting people in enhancing their quality of life. She specializes in assisting couples who are going through a crisis, betrayal, acrimonious argument, or emotional/physical distance.

She utilizes the Gottman Method for marriage counseling, which is an evidence-based approach with more than 40 years of research to back it up. Her objective as a marital counselor is to assist your marriage in regaining its footing and maintaining it for the long haul.

In individual therapy, she put a lot of effort towards assisting you in breaking free from feelings of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, interpersonal problems, and “stuckness.” She offers a cozy, secure, and welcoming setting where you can work through your daily challenges.

She helps children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and other issues during therapy by utilizing Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and other research-proven techniques. She received training in Christian integrated therapy, which combines scientifically supported treatments with Christian principles to help you develop a closer relationship with God.

Address: 350 Evergreen Rd, Louisville, KY 40243, United States

Contact: +1 502-203-0838

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2. Innovative Family Therapy

With the intention of eventually developing into the group practice they are today, Innovative Family Therapy began as an individual therapist in a private office. Along with offering their clients support and direction, they also equip them with practical skills and activities that will help them take charge of their mental health challenges. Each session’s objective is to:

  • Empower
  • Rebuild
  • Restore
  • Renew

They are able to examine a person’s issues in relation to the broader family system because the majority of their therapists have training in marriage and family therapy. If required, different therapists can work separately with members of the family before coming together for family therapy sessions. You can choose whether to participate in their sessions in person or over a video conference.

Chelsey Gorham holds licenses in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana as a Certified Grief Counselor (CGC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Along with being the proprietor of Innovative Family Therapy, she is a Kentucky Board Approved Supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapy.

After earning her Master of Science in Counseling from Campbellsville University, she began Innovative Family Therapy in 2014. In 2018, she made the decision to convert her solo practice into a group practice.

Due to their expansion, they were able to contact an increasing number of residents of their community and offer them expert counseling services.

As a therapist, she prefers to meet her patients where they are and support them as they travel the path to recovery. She thinks it’s crucial to take into account and use a variety of techniques all throughout the therapeutic process.

By doing this, she can ensure that she is using the best strategy to meet the unique needs of each of my clients. She focuses on counseling for couples and marriages, parenting, and anxiety. She works in a lot of other areas, though.

Address: 13121 Eastpoint Park Blvd suite f, Louisville, KY 40223, United States

Contact: +1 502-612-9129

3. Commonwealth Therapy Louisville

At Commonwealth, your mental health is the priority. Spalding University awarded Allyson a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 2005. At the Home of the Innocents, she started working with adolescents and families who were in the foster care system, focusing on connection and trauma.

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In 2012, Allyson returned to Spalding and finished her doctoral work in psychology. Prior to starting her own practice in 2014, she worked as the Director of Psychological Services at the Home of the Innocents, where she founded the Outpatient Therapy Program in 2012. She specializes in treating people who have emotional regulation problems and trauma and has received extensive training in dialectical behavior therapy.

During her time at the Home, she introduced the use of dialectical behavior therapy to the Home’s residential program and psychological services.

Dr. Bradow employs a framework based on interpersonal relationships and attachment, as well as research-proven interventions such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Trauma Focused Prolonged Exposure (TFPE), and Cognitive Processing.

By using an integrative approach to treatment, Dr. Bradow and the patient can jointly decide on the therapeutic approaches that will best meet the patient’s requirements while also harnessing the patient’s innate strengths, strengthening their therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Bradow collaborates with patients to create a common understanding of the objectives and activities for therapy while offering a secure, nonjudgmental, and supportive atmosphere.

Address: 3703 Taylorsville Rd, Louisville, KY 40220, United States

Contact: +1 502-592-1736

4. Kentucky Counseling Center

They provide a broad range of mental health treatments across the whole state of Kentucky. Through their counseling, psychiatry, focused case management, or intensive outpatient programs, both adults and children can obtain the care they require without having to wait a long time.

They provide both children and adults with a wide selection of easily accessible counseling services throughout the wonderful state of Kentucky and beyond. They can provide you with the outlet and support you need to get through trying times, whether you’re seeking for individual or group therapy alternatives.

Counseling can be a terrific method to get advice, share experiences, manage symptoms, or just find a trustworthy support system for your objectives and general well-being.

Morgan Davidson has knowledge of numerous therapeutic methods. Since every person is different, she thinks counseling shouldn’t follow a cookie-cutter strategy. Morgan makes an attempt to develop a close relationship with each of her clients.

She adapts treatment approaches to fit your unique needs and personality, using play therapy with young children, activity therapy with older children (tweens), and talk therapy with teens and adults.

Morgan is passionate about fostering an environment of safety and trust where you may freely explore your ideas, emotions, and actions without fear of ridicule. She will meet you wherever you may be on your path and take a down-to-earth approach.

Address: 4835 Poplar Level Rd #110, Louisville, KY 40213, United States

Contact: +1 855-591-0092

5. Thriveworks Counseling Louisville

At Thriveworks, their goal is to support people in leading fulfilling lives. They link people with top-notch service providers who assist their clients in managing problems including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, significant life transitions, and others.

AJ (Anthony) Centore, Ph.D., is the founder and chair of Thriveworks, a counseling firm with more than 240 sites across the USA and a focus on providing top-notch client care. He holds multiple state licenses as a professional counselor and serves on the American Counseling Association Foundation’s advisory committee.

He was also a private practice consultant for the American Counseling Association before becoming a columnist for Counseling Today magazine, where he wrote over 95 columns per year. AJ is the co-author of “Leaving Depression Behind: An Interactive, Choose Your Path Book” and the author of several more works. Media sites like The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and CBS Sunday Morning have cited AJ.

Address: 4122 Shelbyville Rd Suite 120, Louisville, KY 40207, United States

Contact: +1 502-289-6746

6. True North Counseling

Their goal when starting True North Counseling was to assist as many people as they could in overcoming their unique challenges. These hindrances and impediments frequently keep people from discovering their genuine selves.

The counselors at True North Counseling are dedicated to assisting clients in discovering their own unique True North.

Their True North counselors have extensive collective expertise in a range of therapeutic specialties, including family therapy, individual therapy, and therapy for adolescents. Their counselors are well-equipped to offer deliberate assistance to those who may benefit from a behavioral approach and those who are in crisis.

They provide Board Certified Behavior Analysts that are qualified to deal with issues between individuals, teenagers, and families. At True North, they favor a mindfulness-based, holistic approach to counseling. Every age group can benefit from practicing mindfulness since it enables you to create powerful coping strategies by just being conscious of your current mental state.

Over the past ten years, Mark Neese, LCSW, BCBA, has created tools for working with senior adults. Mark is a Senior Fitness and Functional Aging Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer with The American Council on Exercise (ACE).

He has an ACE speciality in weight management and an American Fitness Professionals Association certification in holistic nutrition.

Mark started Silverstrong and has a passion for working with senior adults. When working with people approaching retirement age (65+) or seniors who require emotional or physical help in their latter years, this program takes a holistic approach.

Address: 8910 Greeneway Commons Pl #100, Louisville, KY 40220, United States

Contact: +1 502-777-7525

7. Brock Family Therapy Center Inc

The mission of Brock Family Therapy Center is to provide client-centered treatments that promote health and the creation of plans for personal development.

Their compassionate, qualified staff is dedicated to providing people who need therapy the greatest counseling and therapeutic experience possible in order to raise their quality of life.

They can provide individuals in need with high-quality emotional support while training the physicians of the future because of their innovative business model.

In order to encourage their clients to discuss their experiences, recognize behavioral patterns, and examine internal conflicts that are affecting their lives, they establish a secure and caring environment.

They understand that therapy is a collaborative process and that you, the client, are always in control at Brock Family Therapy Center. You determine the pace, and they go forward at a pace that feels natural to you.

Brock Family Therapy Center, Inc.’s founder and clinical director is Angela. She has more than 14 years of experience dealing with geriatrics, families, couples, kids, teenagers, adults, and those who are medically vulnerable.

She graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Social Work with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her Master of Business Administration with a Healthcare Specialization from Indiana Wesleyan University has just completed.

Angela has experience working in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric treatment, home hospice care, and community mental health. She truly loves working with clients to assist people in resolving problems with their mental and emotional well-being. She also takes pleasure in advising couples on how to succeed.

Address: 10300 Brookridge Village Blvd #104, Louisville, KY 40291, United States

Contact: +1 502-785-4322

8. Creative Family Counseling, LLC

Making the world a happier place one household at a time is their goal. By offering a safe space to connect in the therapy room, resources to help family members connect more effectively at home, and motivation for a deeper connection with the world around us, their skilled child and family counselors assist families in transforming homes of chaos and pain into homes of happiness and healing.

Their strategy is innovative, team-based, and grounded in the conviction that every voice counts. The ability to courageously connect with a dependable therapist in therapy both motivates and enhances one’s capacity to connect with others outside of therapy, resulting in a deeper connection with the world.

Maria Maupin Anderson works with families, individuals, and couples while constantly keeping in mind how their relationships with others affect how they interact with and are impacted by them. She makes an effort to work with customers to understand their systems’ and personal strengths as well as potential roadblocks to self-actualization.

It is her responsibility as your therapist to give you the resources, encouragement, and teamwork you need to reach your objectives and create the most wonderful version of your life.

She works as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist for Dr. Jennifer Schiller, LMFT, JD, DMin, and Lacey Ryan, LMFT, RPT-S. She graduated with master’s degrees in social work and couple and family therapy from the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. She also has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Murray State University and is a certified parent educator using positive discipline.

Social justice and inclusion of various populations are causes close to my heart. She works hard to develop her abilities as an ally for people who identify as minorities.

Address: 8134 New La Grange Rd Suite 102, Louisville, KY 40222, United States

Contact: +1 502-709-0410

9. Flourish Louisville

A flourishing life, in their opinion at Flourish Louisville, is a connected life. They assist men and women who are experiencing relational and spiritual strife, as well as loneliness and/or isolation.

They assist their customers in establishing appropriate boundaries, grieving their losses, and resolving disputes and creating the new connections required for genuine and deep connection to God and the people they cherish.

Flourish Louisville is known for its responsive and individualized care. In contrast to some large clinics where you could feel lost or uncared for, your clinician will be actively involved in scheduling and managing your care.

At Flourish Louisville, they take into account the tastes and personalities of our patients and modify our treatment plans to suit your particular priorities and demands.

Dr. Denley is of the opinion that while life’s obstacles cannot be avoided, clients of psychotherapy can be given the fortitude and confidence to face them.

Even individuals who were formerly excluded by discouragement, loss, trauma, concern, and insecurity can experience the possibility of a strong, connected life with encouragement and perseverance.

Adult patients with depression and anxiety are Dr. Denley’s area of expertise. She works alongside customers to first debunk their issues before collaborating with them to find intentional solutions.

To assist her clients in creating a life that reflects their authentic identity, values, and beliefs, Dr. Denley draws on her extensive training and experience in cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and trauma-informed modalities, including Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Dr. Denley is a devout Christian, and while she sees patients with a variety of worldviews and religious beliefs, she is adept at incorporating Christian faith into treatment when patients express a desire to do so.

Address: 6000 Brownsboro Park Blvd A, Louisville, KY 40207, United States

Contact: +1 502-694-0414

10. Northstar Counseling Center

By offering to counsel to individuals, couples, families, and children in Louisville, Kentucky, Northstar Counseling Center is dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of our community.

The cooperative Northstar staff aims to empathetically and creatively address each client’s requirements.

They successfully address their clients’ desire for change and assist them in achieving their specific personal goals by combining a range of tactics and strategies with a safe, nonjudgmental environment. They have experience using evidence-based treatment strategies to deal with presenting concerns such anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental illness, and family and relationship problems.

In the state of Kentucky, Carol Ann is both a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences from the University of Kentucky before pursuing a Master of Science in Social Work at the University of Louisville with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Carol Ann is an AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor and a former adjunct professor at the University of Louisville with the Kent School of Social Work’s Master’s program in Couple and Family Therapy. In addition to offering therapeutic services, Carol Ann is passionate about fostering the growth, expansion, and education of Marriage and Family Therapists. She takes a collaborative and strengths-based approach to both treatment and supervision.

She works hard to establish a secure setting for her patients where the therapeutic partnership is appreciated and upheld throughout treatment. With a major concentration on treating children, adolescents, people, couples, and families, Carol Ann has expertise in and experience working with a variety of client types. She has received advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), and she is also qualified to perform Prepare/Enrich and Gottman Couples Therapy relationship assessments. Carol Ann may use this intervention in her work with clients because she is a certified EMDR therapist.

Address: 120 Sears Ave #205, Louisville, KY 40207, United States

Contact: +1 502-414-1301

11. Avenues Unlimited Counseling Center, Inc

At Avenues unlimited, they are steadfastly committed to offering top-notch psychotherapy by means of skilled and knowledgeable psychotherapists.

To achieve this result, all of their therapists take part in ongoing advanced clinical training and supervision in best practice techniques.

This keeps their skill sets current and honed. They work under the tenet that every person has value and deserves to be treated with respect and decency. Avenues Unlimited is a welcoming office that welcomes and accepts LGBTQ+ people.

Mr. Eric W. Baker’s early employment was centered on child development and welfare as a Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) graduate from the University of Kentucky.

He joined a brand-new team in Fayette County, Kentucky, as a child service worker right out of college that was dedicated to reuniting families who had lost their children due to substance abuse. This team, which was a component of the Family Drug Court program, had a significant impact on how he understood substance use disorders.

After serving in that position for two years, he relocated to Louisville to enroll in the University of Louisville Kent School for Social Work’s master’s program in social work. In 2010, he earned a degree with honors and a second concentration in drug and alcohol counseling.

He then went to Avenues Unlimited with his dad to study his therapeutic approaches. As he worked toward his clinical licensing, he co-led groups with him and visited clients. He also joined the advanced clinical supervision group at the South-East Institute for Group and Family Therapy, where he worked from 2010 to 2016 under the direction of Dr. Vann Joines.

Address: 1774 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206, United States

Contact: +1 502-459-9635

12. Oak & Associates, LLC

In order to enable relationships at the most personal level possible and to create the capacity for living an authentic life, Oak & Associates LLC’s objective is to support the healing and growth of people as individuals, as couples, as families, and as organizations.

No matter a person’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, Oak & Associates, LLC offers comprehensive counseling, psychotherapy, wellness programs, mediation, and consulting services.

At Oak & Associates LLC, they provide a secure, private setting with compassionate professional counselors who can assist you in improving your relationships, starting over in life, and regaining hope. Simply said, they are kind and eager to assist.

Shawn Oak, PHD is a Certified Sexologist, a Kink Knowledgeable Professional (CKP), a Sex and Alternative Relationship Coach, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Kentucky and Indiana, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Indiana.

From the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville, where he was also an adjunct professor, he received a Master’s in Social Work with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a PHD in Social Work with research interests in gerontology, human sexuality, intimacy, relationships, Kink/BDSM, and masculine studies.

His life’s work, in his opinion, is to help people succeed and be happy; to develop their capacity to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives that are interconnected, rich, deeply intimate, powerful, and joyful, with a focus on sexual and personal authenticity.

He upholds his beliefs and values while working as a sex positive clinician, relationships expert, coach, educator, mentor, and trainer. As a result, his work is characterized by authenticity, curiosity, practice, commitment, integrity, connection, and synergy.

Address: 2210 Goldsmith Ln Suite 104, Louisville, KY 40218, United States

Contact: +1 502-289-1392


There is absolutely no shame in seeking counseling as a means of support and direction. Your life’s course can be significantly altered by a small push in the right way or by qualified aid in promoting meaningful discourse.

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