10 Best Therapists in Miami

There is a lot to learn about the top therapists in Miami. Psychotherapy, often known as therapy, is frequently a major step that many are reluctant to take, mostly because they are afraid of being judged or worry that it would not be effective.

According to studies, the relationship the patient develops with the therapist, which enables the patient to be open and at ease while working on relevant difficulties, is the most crucial component of therapy.

Additionally, there are other techniques that can be used in group, individual, couple, or family therapy sessions to assist patients in focusing on particular issues or issues.


Therapists in Miami

Here is a list of therapists in Miami:

1. Mindful Psychiatry

A board-certified physician assistant and a board-certified psychiatrist are in charge of the concierge-style mental health service known as Mindful Psychiatry.

They are a welcoming, independent mental health practice that focuses on providing cheap psychiatric assessments, diagnoses, and treatments. Patients must pay in full at the time of services, and Mindful Psychiatry DOES NOT TAKE PART IN ANY HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS.

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This enables them to prioritize accessibility and individualized service over volume, as well as quality over quantity. You might be eligible for partial or full reimbursement of any fees paid if you have mental health insurance. They offer all the necessary documents for your claim.

A board-certified physician assistant and a board-certified psychiatrist serve as the leaders of Mindful Psychiatry.

They are a welcoming, independent mental health practice that focuses on providing cheap psychiatric assessments, diagnoses, and treatments. Health insurance policies are not accepted by Mindful Psychiatry, and patients are required to pay in full at the time of services. On request, late-night and weekend appointments are available! Specialist in Provider Support Keri Spiegel

In June 2022, Keri began working with Mindful Support Services as a provider support expert in the Mountlake Terrace office. Keri likes to spend her leisure time with her family and taking them on adventures across Washington.

Address: 2222 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33134, United States

Contact: +1 786-664-7757

2. Thriving Center of Psychology

A group of psychologists and mental health specialists from Miami, New York City, and other American cities work together at the Thriving Center of Psychology.

At Thriving Center, they want to help you reach your full potential and live the life you’ve always imagined. Finding and refocusing on what is genuinely essential in your life is something their team is well aware of value.

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They specialize in evidence-based treatments, those whose efficacy has been established by the most recent scientific research, and all of their therapists are subject matter experts. Their approach to treatment is based on the idea that taking care of your mental health is crucial for leading a life that is truly fulfilling. Your physical and mental health is equally important.

Dr. Alvarado’s major objective is to assist people in keeping their attention on what is genuinely important to them by preventing them from becoming sidetracked by negative and useless ideas. He specializes in anxiety, phobias, ADHD, and peak performance training using a blend of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based techniques. Virtual reality exposure treatment (VRET) to treat phobias and PTSD is one of his specialties.

Clients seeking to enhance performance in any area, including sports, academia, or business, benefit from Dr. Alvarado’s peak performance program. Being situated in Manhattan, Dr. Alexander Alvarado has firsthand knowledge of the strains put on those who live and work there. He gets a lot of satisfaction from assisting the city’s residents in controlling and managing their anxiety related to their demanding lives.

Address: 801 Brickell Ave Floor 8, Miami, FL 33131, United States

Contact: +1 786-833-7908

3. Miami Psychology Group

In the Miami and Miami Beach neighborhoods, Miami Psychology Group provides therapy and psychological services for single people, married couples, families, kids, and teenagers. The practice’s psychologists, therapists, and counselors have counseled and treated individuals with a variety of symptoms. Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini of Miami Psychology Group offers a variety of services and therapies, including the following:

Clinical Specializations, Acculturation, Adapting to changes in one’s life,

Alcohol and drug abuse, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, Sexology and Sex Therapy, Infidelity, Assertiveness, Codependency, Skills in Communication Training, Divorces, Depression, Bipolar Extreme, Anxiety, Anger Control, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, grief following a loss, Jealousy Issues, Relationship issues with relaxation training, Self-esteem, Stress Reduction, Women’s Concerns.

Owner of Miami Psychology Group is Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini. She has more than 20 years of expertise as a psychotherapist and is a registered psychologist. Psychological services offered by Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini include counseling, group therapy, and individual psychotherapy. She additionally offers advice and guidance to other psychologists and psychotherapists. At a training facility, Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini also served as the Training Director. She oversaw the care given to patients by student psychologists.

Address: SunTrust International Center, 1 SE 3rd Ave #3000, Miami, FL 33131, United States

Contact: +1 305-205-6745

4. South beach psychologists

They are happy to manage a boutique psychology practice at SOUTH BEACH PSYCHOLOGIST® in Miami Beach, where all patient contact, from beginning to end, is limited to the Doctor.

When working with this South Beach psychologist, there is no need to speak to an assistant or leave a message with the receptionist. Even on weekends and in the evenings, you, the patient, have direct access to your doctor by cell phone and email. Effective, encouraging, discreet, and classy

Dr. Netta Shaked, a SOUTH BEACH PSYCHOLOGIST® in Miami Beach, established her clinic with the unusual goal of offering psychiatric care that is both highly effective and supportive in a luxurious, private location. Dr. Netta Shaked has almost two decades of experience providing high-quality therapy, counseling, couples counseling, parenting coordinator, family therapy, gifted testing, and psychoeducational tests.

Address: 1000 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Contact: +1 786-942-9425

5. Violeta Parilli Therapy

Violeta Parilli is a therapist for new and expectant mothers, couples, and families, she provides psychotherapy in English and Spanish.

Serving all of South Florida, including, among other places, Brickell, Key Biscayne, South Miami, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. She places a lot of emphasis on fostering relationships with my partners and creating a loving, supportive family environment.

Violeta assists couples in getting back in touch and rekindling their romance. She also assists parents-to-be and families with young children in adjusting to parenting while maintaining a healthy relationship.

Address: 3081 Salzedo St Ste.202, Miami, FL 33134, United States

Contact: +1 727-666-0394

6. Evergreen Therapy

Dr. Denise Fournier, LMHC, the dedicated mindfulness-based therapist who founded and oversees Evergreen Therapy, has assisted hundreds of clients just like you in overcoming obstacles and bringing about profound, long-lasting change in their lives and relationships.

At Evergreen Therapy, they understand that therapy is most successful when patients feel secure, grounded, and safe. They built their practice to be entirely virtual because of this. They want to make receiving mental health care less stressful. They want you to be in charge of deciding how, when, and where you interact.

You can get in touch with highly qualified mental health specialists at Evergreen Therapy who have a variety of backgrounds, qualifications, and specializations. They’ll match you with the most appropriate therapist to support you in achieving your goals based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Before founding Evergreen Therapy in 2015, Denise provided counseling and coaching to at-risk youth transitioning out of foster care, family therapy in a South Florida community clinic, a variety of support services for LGBTQ youth and their families, education and crisis response to immigrant families, and worked as the clinical director and lead therapist for a drug and alcohol rehab center.

Contact: +1 305-330-1292

7. Envision Wellness

You feel stressed, agitated, depressed, and overwhelmed. You experience feelings of being criticized, inferior, insecurity, and like a fraud at your job or a failure at school. And you privately question if you lack the ability or are too damaged to fulfill your potential. Perfectionism, people-pleasing, heartbreak, insecurity, anxiety, sadness, and feelings of insecurity are destructive. your life. The doubtful voice in your head concurs. But it’s a false voice.

They are pleased you discovered them because of this. At Envision Wellness, they are a group of clinical psychologists with doctoral degrees who offer treatment and psychological testing in Miami, Florida, as well as the nearby communities of Coral Gables, Brickell, Pinecrest, and South Miami.

They will aid in your investigation of the situation. They are aware of the contemporary demands you experience on a daily basis in a city like theirs that is image-driven and fast-paced. Miami’s hectic pace of life and excessive demands are so exhausting. The worst part is that it makes your ambitions and aspirations seem unattainable.

However, that is untrue. They serve clients who “simply want to be happy” and are unsure of what needs to happen in their lives, including professionals, college students, stay-at-home mothers, high-level executives, and internet influencers. M.S. ARIEL LEASE, RMHCI combine cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and a solution-focused strategy, both of which are supported by years of scientific study, to help you accomplish your goals swiftly and successfully.

Through accessible therapy, she wants to help you become the best version of yourself. It is feasible and won’t take a long time. She love the chance to help you on your journey of personal growth if you’re ready.

Address: 1900 SW 57th Ave Suite 2, Miami, FL 33155, United States

Contact: +1 305-501-0133

8. Psych Blossom Counseling Services

They take a relational, holistic, trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy. With the goal of assisting you in healing and thriving, they specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship challenges.

Healing your emotions and letting go of toxic, ingrained behaviors that hold you bound are frequent requirements on the path to honesty and connection. At Psych Blossom, they want to help you find highly qualified therapists so you may get the most out of this thing we call life. They help their clients envision the life they deserve and give them the resources to pursue it.

Kety Lopez is fluent in both English and Spanish and has over 17 years of experience. She also has excellent training. Helping people who experienced neglect and all types of abuse as children is something she’s passionate about.

Complex trauma can result in a great deal of misery. The clients are confused since they don’t know where to begin or how to address the numerous difficulties.

There is frequently a great need for, as well as fear of connection, interpersonal conflict, low self-esteem, poor boundaries, overwhelm, and so on. Her work is influenced by the two main academic disciplines of trauma and attachment. She will assist you in understanding the purpose of your symptoms as a trauma-informed therapist and steer clear of pathologizing, diagnosing, etc.

Address: 2730 SW 3rd Ave Suite 202 O, Miami, FL 33129, United States

Contact: +1 786-244-3520

9. Thrive In Life Therapy

Thrive in Life Therapy LLC, a private mental health counseling clinic in Miami, Florida, was founded by Natalie Davidow,  a master’s level therapist who is committed to improving others’ mental health. She firmly thinks that maintaining a healthy mind and body requires being proactive in taking care of your mental health.

She has worked primarily with teenagers and young adults throughout my career. She has assisted people in resolving behavioral, emotional, and psychological problems as well as life transitions, anxiety, and relationship challenges.

Most importantly, she works to build and improve the skills necessary for people to develop the tools they need to accomplish the goals they set. This is your journey, and she is there to support you along the way with treatments that are evidence-based and effective.

Contact: +1 786-558-1736

10. Terra Counseling Center

For a range of mental health concerns, the Terra Counseling Center in Miami provides counseling services.

They offer services in relationship counseling, addiction counseling, life transition counseling, anxiety and depression treatment, and trauma therapy.

Together, licensed psychologist Angelique Alonso, Ph. D. and Miami psychotherapist Miguel Barillas, MSW, can help you explore your most difficult issues and build the coping mechanisms you need to deal with life’s difficulties. They provide a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as Somatic Experiencing®, EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and others.

Clinical psychologist Angelique Alonso, Ph.D., practices at Terra Counseling Center in Miami. She has worked with clients for more than ten years to address a variety of issues that lead to personal distress, which can be felt as feelings of being overburdened, nervous, or depressed.

Interpersonal issues with family, friends, coworkers, and partners can also be indicative of times of distress, and these issues should be discussed in therapy.

In her work with couples, she pays close attention to the needs of both individuals and the partnership as a whole. She also works with clients to identify communication gaps and create stronger communication skills that can have a positive impact on other areas of their lives.

Address: 1450 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145, United States

Contact:+1 786-393-4677

Conclusion on the therapists in Miami

The fresh perspectives you gain from therapy can help you develop the insights you need to address problems or concerns. The goal is to reveal your best qualities and throw light on anything preventing you from seeing clearly.

See below for the answers to the questions relating to the therapists in Miami.

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