Most popular Therapists in Arkansas

There are different therapists in Arkansas devoted to making sure that you get the fulfilling life you deserve.

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Do you feel “stuck” or “lost”? Are you dealing with grief or a toxic relationship?

Are you someone who takes care of someone or everything and finds it difficult to care for yourself? Maybe it’s time to sit with a therapist and walk through it all.

Therapists in Arkansas

Here are a few Therapists and their practice in Arkansas.

  • Hillcrest Therapy Center

Founder Kate Burnett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Arkansas (LCSW). She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Hendrix College and a Master of Social Work degree from Saint Louis University.

She worked extensively with survivors of domestic violence in Saint Louis, providing individual counseling, court advocacy, and crisis intervention.

After graduating from SLU, she worked in community mental health for a year in Raleigh, North Carolina. She returned to her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, where she worked as a full-time therapist at Southwest EAP, helping individuals, couples, and families resolve and improve issues in their lives.

She strives to create a nonjudgmental environment in which clients can explore, process, and heal from their issues.

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People of all backgrounds, circumstances, appearances, orientations, and creeds are welcome to participate in the therapeutic process.

Her hope is that clients will leave counseling with a renewed sense of self-determination and confidence in dealing with the issues they are facing and discovering their own strengths.

Contact: +1 501-353-0956

Address: 5506 W Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72205, United States

  •  Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center

When it comes to saving their marriage. Arkansas is one of the top eight states in terms of divorce rates.

They were determined to assist couples in lowering this rate and increasing the number of healthy, happy marriages.

To accomplish this, they assembled a diverse group of relationship therapists and counselors and established a facility that assists couples in building strong marriages. Charlie Simpson, LPC, LMFT is the Clinical Director.

Charlie is an experienced therapist who specializes in group, marriage, and/or family therapy. Charlie approaches people’s hurts with a passionate, nonjudgmental, and systemic approach, and he has the experience to guide the couple to wholeness.

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Charlie spends his free time with his wife and children and leads the Marriage Ministry at his church. Charlie can be seen on Fox.

Contact: +1 501-222-3463

Address: 4 Shackleford Plaza, Little Rock, AR 72211, United States

  •  Chenal Family Therapy – Cabot Office

Their goal as therapists is to walk alongside people in their times of hurt and frustration, to ensure that everyone is heard and understood, to assist in the sorting out of complicated emotions, and to ultimately chart a course of action that helps bring the therapy relationship to a close.

They can communicate with you over the phone, video, email, text messaging, or chat. The Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling has certified that these counselors have completed the required coursework, exams, and licensure to provide this service in the state of Arkansas.

Their Licensed Psychological Examiners and Psychologists administer tests, conduct assessments, conduct interviews, and review results. ADD/ADHD, Autism, IQ, Learning Disability/Diagnostic Clarification, Bariatric Pre-Surgery Evaluation, and other tests are available.

Catalina Young is an experienced mental health professional who has worked with clients who have anxiety, depression, anger management issues, loss and grief, self-esteem and relational challenges, developmental and complex trauma.

She has been a psychologist in private practice, academia, and international humanitarian work with Doctors Without Borders in the Middle East for over 20 years. She earned a PhD in Psychology in Romania and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University’s Family Institute.

In her clinical practice, she combines a relational psychodynamic approach with existential phenomenology and trauma-informed strategies to capitalize on manifest strengths and the therapeutic relationship’s restorative power.

Contact: +1 501-781-2230

Address: 12406 AR-5 C, Cabot, AR 72023, United States

  •  Little Rock Counseling & Wellness

Little Rock Counseling & Wellness is a growing group of healing professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality specialized counseling and wellness services to central Arkansas communities.

They currently offer individual, couple, and family therapy, with a focus on trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual addiction, and other issues.

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Yoga and specialized massage therapy are among their wellness services. They believe that specialized training is essential, especially in the treatment of trauma and PTSD, at Little Rock Counseling & Wellness.

Their trauma team is extremely focused and specialized. Kimberly McCaster brings over a decade of experience in healthcare administration, insurance claims management, and patient advocacy to Little Rock Counseling & Wellness.

Contact: +1 501-551-5065

Address: 10809 Executive Center Dr #105, Little Rock, AR 72211, United States

  •  NWA Therapy

People seek therapy or counseling for a number of reasons. Therapy can assist you in discovering more about yourself or your relationships with others. It can assist you in identifying and overcoming obstacles.

Most importantly, therapy can help you become more self-aware and work toward becoming a happier, healthier person.

It is critical for the client and therapist to collaborate as a team. NWA Therapy’s role is to assist you in exploring your therapy goals, developing a plan with you to help you achieve those goals, and supporting and guiding you throughout the process.

Chantal Carter, their founder, has lived in Northwest Arkansas for many years. In 2002, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Central Arkansas.

In 2005, she received her Masters of Social Work with an Emphasis on Mental Health from the University of Arkansas.

Her graduate studies also concentrated on preparing her to treat people suffering from substance use disorders. She continued to focus on substance abuse treatment after beginning her career as an Assistant Clinical Director in a residential substance abuse facility for drug-addicted mothers.

Chantal obtained her Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) license in 2008, which is the final level of licensure for a social worker in Arkansas.

In her work with patients, she employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approaches. Because Chantal is licensed in Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, she can provide counseling and therapy to adults in those states via a secure telehealth platform using live video counseling.

Contact: +1 479-790-2324

Address: 2592 N Gregg Ave #10, Fayetteville, AR 72703, United States

  •  Eunoia Therapy & Self Development

Eunoia is a teletherapy practice with a diverse group of therapists near you who work with individuals and families who are struggling with difficult relationships, communication, and boundaries.

Also, Eunoia is distinct in that they are EMDR specialists as well as culturally sensitive therapists. You can speak with your therapist about how EMDR or other trauma modalities can help you specifically.

Beatrice Klokpah, and she is the clinical director and founder of Eunoia Therapy & Self Development. If you are dealing with toxic relationship patterns with yourself or others, anxiety, depression, codependency, boundary issues, or simply want to sort through some past trauma, this is the place to be.

Contact: +1 501-683-9365

Address: 217 W 2nd St Suite 207, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

  •  Pinnacle Counseling

They provide client-centered anxiety counseling, depression therapy, marriage counseling, individual counseling, and family counseling services throughout Northwest Arkansas, including Fayetteville, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Bella Vista, Rogers, Springdale, Lowell, Elm Springs, and outlying communities.

Each therapist in their office strives to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for their clients to have a relaxing counseling experience. They always make every effort to keep your counseling or family therapy appointments private between you and your therapist.

Their perspective on the therapy process is one of sincerity, warmth, collaboration, and growth. Each therapist at their center strives to help their clients gain a sense of empowerment, clarity, and an understanding that the path to their personal pinnacle lies within them.

Pinnacle Counseling considers it an honor to be invited into your process of healing and change through client-focused counseling and mental health therapy. Their perspective on the therapy process is one of sincerity, warmth, collaboration, and growth.

Each therapist at their center strives to help their clients gain a sense of empowerment, clarity, and an understanding that the path to their personal pinnacle lies within them to be discovered. Pinnacle Counseling considers it an honor to be invited into your process of healing and change through client-focused counseling and mental health therapy.

Contact: +1 479-282-2443

Address: 5500 W Pinnacle Pointe Dr Suite 204, Rogers, AR 72758, United States

  •  Grace Place Therapy, LLC

Sharita Bilson is the CEO of Grace Place Therapy, LLC and a modern-day Licensed Professional Counselor.

In the state of Arkansas, she is currently licensed to practice therapy. (#P2010084). She received dual Master’s degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling, as well as certification in Play Therapy, from John Brown University.

In 2012, She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

The counseling relationship is intended to provide clients with a safe space for exploration, vulnerability, and renewal.

In therapy, trust is built in order to do the hard work that will push you to become a better version of yourself.

You can expect to work hard to delve deeper into generational patterns, understand yourself and others, and cultivate a life that is right for you.

For others, life does not reflect the need for assistance in cultivating something new, but rather, she can hold space while you process your day-to-day life.

A variety of theories, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Adlerian Therapy, and Reality Therapy, have influenced my therapeutic approach. She specializes in assisting people in working through trauma, anxiety, depression, and women’s issues.

Contact: +1 501-551-0268

Address: 2020 W 3rd St, Little Rock, AR 72205, United States

  •  Mindful Thoughts Therapy

Adults and adolescents can benefit from Mindful Thoughts Therapy for mental health. Cynthia Sewell, MS, LPC provides integrative therapy tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

To treat the entire body, a holistic and integrative approach is used. She is certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and integrative and complementary medicine.

Contact: +1 501-743-0332

Address: 1011 N 2nd St E, Cabot, AR 72023, United States

Conclusion on the Therapists in Arkansas

Overwhelmed? You might feel like you have too many things to do or too many issues to cope with.

Fatigue? Disproportionate rage? anger, or resentment? Agoraphobia? Anxious or intrusive thoughts? Apath? Hopelessness? Social withdrawal? If yes to any?

Then it’s about time you visit a therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will a therapist reveal your diagnosis to you?

As a client receiving therapy, you have specific rights when it comes to disclosing your diagnosis. For example, you have the right to ask your therapist if they believe you have a mental health condition. You can ask your therapist for a diagnosis right away.

  1. What should I not disclose to my therapist?

Never confess your feelings for someone.

Never tell your therapist that you think they’re attractive or that you want to go out with them. It’s simply not acceptable, and your therapist will be extremely uncomfortable with the situation. If you declare your love for them, they may be forced to stop seeing you.

  1. Can I speak with a therapist for free?

Some community and non-profit organizations may provide free or low-cost talking therapies. For instance, your local Mind, Rethink Mental Illness, or Turning Point branch may be able to provide you with talking therapies.

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