Best Chiropractors in Massachusetts

In today’s article, we will be highlighting the very best Chiropractors in Massachusetts (MA). But first, who are Chiropractors, and what do they do?

Chiropractors are healthcare professional who helps treat neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders like the misalignment (subluxations) of joints through spinal manipulation.

These spinal manipulations increase blood flow and nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles that are experiencing pain.

The end goal of chiropractors is to reduce pain and enhance the flexibility of patients as well as to educate them on how they can take responsibility for their own health via exercise, ergonomics etc.

They are also known as Doctors of Chiropractic, Chiropractic Physicians, or Spine Specialists.

The Best in Massachusetts

See below for the list of top chiropractors in Massachusetts;

  • Copley Square Chiropractic

The premier chiropractor in Massachusetts. They specialize in back pain, neck pain, headaches, hip/joint/lower back pain, sciatica, leg/arm pain etc.

Headed by Dr. Lauren Doscher and Dr. Piretti, who are among the very best chiropractors in the city, I cannot recommend them enough.

They’re open all days of the week, except Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: 304 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA

Tel: 617-536-9119

  • Personal Care Chiropractic & Massage P.C.

Personal Care Chiropractic & Massage is a natural healthcare and wellness clinic located near Boston in Arlington MA.

They offer a wide range of natural treatments – massages included – in peculiar and proven combinations that get you healthy safer, and faster for longer.

With over 20 years of experience in Chiropractic and Massage, they specialize in even more rare neuromuscular/musculoskeletal disorders like thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, pinched nerves, cervical disc syndromes, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, etc.

They are open during the evenings and on Saturdays (by appointment) to accommodate most schedules (except Sundays).

Website: visit

Address: 104 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA

Tel: 781-641-4482

  • inBalance Chiropractic & Wellness

They are a health clinic whose focus is on improving the lives of individuals through chiropractic care, massage therapy, and lifestyle therapy, helping them live in optimal health and become more active daily.

They come well recommended, with their chief chiropractors, Dr. Debs and Dr. Jaclyn having a combined 35 years of experience in chiropractic care. Dr. Jaclyn in particular went as far as winning the award for the best chiropractor in Central MA.

Address: 352 Boston Turnpike Shrewsbury, MA

Tel:  (508) 425-3304

  • Cambridge/Somerville Family Chiropractors

These are chiropractors who offer massage therapy, therapeutic exercises, and muscle stimulation, asides from chiropractic care.

Their chief chiropractor is Dr. Rob, who is also a professional physiotherapist.

They specialize in correcting trauma-related injuries, sports injuries, bad posture, pinched nerves, sciatica, neck pain, mid-back pain, disc bulges etc.

Website: visit

Address: 2285 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 102 Cambridge, MA

Tel: 617-491-3888

  • Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre has been proudly serving families utilizing gentle chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and our other wellness services for over 20 years now.

Other services include; Bemer circulation therapy, Detoxifying foot baths, Vitamins, and supplement care, which only reinforces their goal of helping individuals achieve an optimum level of health.

Website: visit

Address: 383 Elliot Street, Door F, Suite 250, Newton Upper Falls, MA

Tel: (617) 996-0605

  • Massachusetts Chiropractic & Performance Center, P.C.

One of the most highly recommended chiropractic centers in the whole of MA.

Their center has the necessary experience to help patients get through a wide range of conditions.  The most obvious are low back pain, sciatica, and neck pain.

They also effectively treat spinal degenerative conditions such as spondylosis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease (herniation), and spondylolisthesis.  Some of the other conditions they treat also include rotator cuff impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sprains/strains, and whiplash injuries.

And their chief chiropractor, Dr. Christopher is one of the very best and experienced. He has been voted the best chiropractor in Fitchburg, MA, for three years running.

Address: 244 Walton Street Suite A, Fitchburg, MA

Tel: (978) 413-0196

  • Arlington Chiropractic

The personnel at Arlington Chiropractic strive to provide the highest quality patient service possible in a comfortable, healing atmosphere. They educate the patients about their diagnosis, injury prevention, and exercise.

Their primary objective is to restore The patient’s optimal health and quality of life while empowering them with the skills to maintain it.

They also select research-supported treatment techniques and design treatment plans with regularly scheduled re-exams to ensure good results are gotten.

Like, they integrate chiropractic treatment and exercise physiology, as well as Graston and Active Release Technique, to give patients the best possible non-surgical care for musculoskeletal conditions.

Their team of professionals, led by Dr.Gregory are highly trained and experienced.

They are open every day of the week except Sundays.

Address: 42 Pleasant St, Arlington, MA

Tel: (781) 648-4000

  • Chiropractic & Sports Services of Boston

At Chiropractic & Sports Services of Boston, their dedicated team of professionals is available to help you to start feeling well and healthy again.

The chiropractic center focuses on providing each of its patients with a holistic, whole-body approach to healing and overcoming pain. And their team, led by Dr. Kristie is ready to meet each one of your needs.

They are experienced and they specialize in sports injuries, car accident injuries, joint pain, headaches, sciatica, etc.

They are open every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays.

Website: click here

Address: 653 Summer Street (Inside the Boston Athletic Club), Boston, MA

Tel: (617) 268-0333

  • Charles Street Family Chiropractic

One of the most recommended, is they offer quality services to patients by finding the root causes of the patient’s pain and health problems.

From chronic pain relief to pain and injury prevention, Charles Street Family Chiropractic helps restore musculoskeletal alignment to help your body function as it should.

And aside from the usual chiropractic care services, they also offer massage therapy and weight-loss programs.

Their team is headed by Dr. Quigley who has almost three decades of experience.

Address: Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Tel: (617) 720-1992

Conclusion on the chiropractors in Massachusetts

Chiropractic care is very important, especially if you have sustained injuries to joints or if you regularly feel pain in your muscles.

If you’re in the US and you need this care or you know a person who does, the recommendations above are just as sufficient as most you would find in other states.

The service is good, the facilities are good and it’s quite inexpensive.

Help yourself or a loved one today!

FAQs about the chiropractors in Massachusetts

See below for the answers to some of the most asked questions about chiropractors in Massachusetts;

  • Q: How much does chiropractic care in MA cost?

A: Sessions cost between $30 to £250.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: No, especially when done by a professional. The only possible risks are Vertebral compression fracture and artery dissection.

Q: Is a doctor still necessary afterward?

A: Sometimes, chiropractors send patients with lower back pain to medical doctors or other health practitioners when necessary.

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