Best Therapists in Florida

The impacts of therapists cannot be overestimated thus this write-up on the top therapists in Florida.

Therapy is a collaborative process between a person and a trained mental health professional that aims to improve overall functioning and quality of life.

Therapy is NOT giving advice or telling another person how to live their life. Therapy is not only for people who have severe mental illnesses. We all go through difficult and trying times in our lives.

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Individuals who seek counseling are frequently intelligent and strong individuals who recognize that they could use a little extra help in life or a different perspective on a situation.

Therapy can also help those who are experiencing normal reactions to life stressors, such as sadness over the loss of a relationship or a loved one, or fear of embarking on a new career.

The length of treatment varies and is determined by a number of factors, including the severity, frequency, and duration of the presenting issue, as well as the achievement of a specific goal.

The length of therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client that is based on progress, but it is ultimately the individual’s choice.

Therapists in Florida

Here are a few Therapists and their practices in Florida

  • 1. Peaceful Mind Therapy of Florida, LLC

Many of us will experience stress or anxiety at some point in our lives. You may be wondering if you have an anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, or panic disorder.

Some people seek counseling because they want clarity or peace of mind about personal or relationship issues.

Perhaps you or someone you care about is going through a difficult time in life or looking for a new direction in life.

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Jane Simmons, PhD, LMHC, is a licensed professional counselor who has worked with people who have mental health issues.

Using traditional and holistic therapies, she provides solid tools and unconditional support. She offers assistance, supervision, and education to counselors pursuing licensure.

Contact: +1 239-302-7801

Address: 1185 Immokalee Rd suite 220, Naples, FL 34110, United States

  • 2. Caring Therapists of Broward

Amanda Landry, LMHC, CAP, NCC, the owner of Caring Therapists, founded the company in 2015. Amanda wanted to give other therapists the opportunity to be a part of something meaningful.

The practice’s mission has been to provide high-quality treatment to the South Florida community while accepting insurance.

Their goals include assisting you in feeling your best, reducing your depression and anxiety, and approving your marriage.

They provide individual, family, and couple counseling to adults, children, and teenagers. Their therapists are approachable and real.

Furthermore, they understand that no two people are the same, so they tailor their sessions to address issues that are unique to you.

They will collaborate to identify the root cause of your problems and develop long-term solutions to help you achieve the life you’ve always desired.

Contact: +1 954-378-5381

Address: 5400 S University Dr Suite 308, Davie, FL33328, United States

  • 3. Counseling & Psychological Services of Central Florida

Counseling & Psychological Services of Central Florida’s (CPSCFL) mission is to provide members of the community with high-quality therapeutic services.

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They aim to make counseling an effective and comfortable experience. Because the relationship between the client and therapist is one of the most important factors in successful therapy, they work with the individual to establish a client-centered approach that prioritizes the individual’s goals and needs.

They strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Dr. Mott was previously the Associate Director of a large group practice in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers, Florida.

He provided individual and family therapy, marital and couples counseling, psychological assessments, bariatric evaluations, and supervision to post-doctoral residents while in this position.

Contact: +1 407-347-0661

Address: 310 S Dillard St #190, Winter Garden, FL 34787, United States

  • 4. Gottlieb Therapy Florida

Debbie Gottlieb is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of experience as a therapist in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Her gift is the ability to see between the lines and connect people to their true potential. She cares about her clients and helps them move forward in their lives.

Debbie has worked as the Clinical Director, Lead Therapist, and Program Director of new treatment centers, in addition to running her own private practice.

She focuses on marriage counseling as well as individual counseling for stress and anxiety relief, depression treatment, addiction treatment, grief and loss counseling, eating disorder treatment, and other issues.

Her specialty is not only the therapy services she provides but also the way she guides her counseling sessions.

Debbie’s therapy style is effective, resulting in rapid insight and results for her clients.  Her keen sense of skill, detail, creativity, vision, and intuition enable her to successfully assist couples and individuals in living the life they want.

Her mission is to assist you in reconnecting with your true self. She believes that everyone has the right to happiness and that it is possible to achieve this by resolving issues from the past and learning skills to create a new mindset and behaviors.

Contact: +1 954-300-1919

Address: 816 SW 14th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, United States

5. Harper Therapy: Yolanda Harper, LCSW, LLC

Harper Therapy leads you and your family down the path of Hope, Growth, and Healing. They assist you in clarifying the goals that are most important to you and the people you care about, and, more importantly, they assist you in letting go of some of the weight of the world that simply does not matter.

At Harper Therapy, they assist you in reconnecting with your core values and cultivating the courage to embrace your authentic, flawed self.

They provide a safe environment and time for you to get to know yourself better: body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions, passions, desires, and needs: your truth! Their therapists are highly skilled in trauma therapy and resolution, assisting couples in working through conflict to connection through couples therapy and assisting you in transitioning from anxiety and depression to living a fulfilling and engaged life.

Their therapists also serve the communities of Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and the entire Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Yolanda Harper superpower is emotions. By trade, she’s a therapist specializing in trauma and post-traumatic growth, but her most meaningful work is bearing witness to people’s stories of struggle, strife, grit, and growth.

She is the Founder and Director of Harper Therapy, as well as a therapist, researcher, trainer, and teacher.

Contact: +1 813-434-3639

Address: 1527 Dale Mabry Hwy #103, Lutz, FL 33548, United States

  • 6. Thrive Therapy Florida

Megan Richards is trained in maternal mental health as well as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

She enjoys working with growing families who are adjusting to the changes in their relationships that come with the arrival of a child.

Also, she has extensive experience working with trauma survivors, including survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

She is trained to address your story in a trauma-informed manner and to use a strengths-based model to assist you in experiencing empowerment.

Many people report a desire to ignore their past, but it eventually creeps up and can no longer be ignored, as it may be affecting their relationships with others or their functioning in important areas of their lives.

She is delighted to assist you in addressing any areas of deep hurt. In therapy, you will be able to move at your own pace and set the tone for how you want your sessions to be

Contact: +1 813-291-4975

Address: 1211 Tech Blvd Suite 108, Tampa, FL 33619, United States

  • 7. Spirited Away Art Therapy, LLC

Lisa R. W. Richardson is a Florida-licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Connecticut-licensed Professional Counselor, and a graduate of Albertus Magnus College in Connecticut with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy.

After working with at-risk youth in an after-school art program, she was inspired to apply for the Art Therapy graduate program.

The students piqued her interest in learning more about how the creative process can aid in emotional and cognitive development.

She was particularly interested in learning how she could support and encourage their children to use art as a tool for self-expression and self-actualization.

Her wish for the youth was for them to improve their emotional and behavioral management skills while also learning technical skills.

Contact: +1 941-882-0590

Address: 1505 Tamiami Trl S, Suite 402 Venice, FL 34285

  • 8. Tampa Therapy & Wellness

Tampa Therapy and Wellness “TTW” offers therapy to people who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma (military, sexual, or other), or who are having relationship problems.

There at Tampa Therapy and Wellness, their specialists will use integrative psychodynamic therapy skills to help you resolve immediate problems, such as anxiety or behavioral issues.

Trauma therapist Dr. Dedra Tentis has received training in a variety of modalities, including her primary specialty, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

Dr. Tentis and her family have experienced stress, trauma, and growth on multiple levels as a result of her four deployments. Dr. Tentis discovered life-changing benefits from ART after suffering a traumatic spinal cord injury in Afghanistan.

This prompted her to return to school to become a certified ART therapist. Her passion is assisting people in unpacking and processing stressful experiences, as well as preparing for future stressors, in order for them to live a more balanced and purposeful life.

Contact: +1 813-530-5180

Address: 900 W Platt St Suite 202, Tampa, FL 33606, United States

  • 9. Florida Art Therapy Services, LLC

Florida Art Therapy Services, LLC is a Fort Myers, Florida-based private practice specializing in Creative Individual & Group Counseling, Consultations, Clinical Supervision, and Professional Development for Clinicians.

In addition, they host four (quarterly) free community speaker/workshops each year. All are concerned with mental health, wellness, and topics to assist families and other clinicians in assisting families.

They believe that working in collaboration with the community can help them heal more effectively.

Contact: +1 239-297-7099

Address: 5272 Summerlin Commons Way #602, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States

  • 10. Sage Wellness

Attending therapy can serve as a catalyst for change in your pursuit of a full, authentic life. At Sage Wellness, they identify the barriers that prevent you from living your most passionate and meaningful life, and they weave in skills to help you create a life you love.

They value your personal and cultural identities and strive to incorporate them into their work together. They provide a range of confidential services in which they will collaborate to set goals and devise strategies to assist you in achieving healing, change, and growth.

Sage Wellness therapists use a variety of methods to create the best approach for improving your mental health.

Contact: +1 352-474-8882

Address: 4881 NW 8th Ave Suite 1, Gainesville, FL 32605, United States

Conclusion on the Therapists in Florida

Therapists work with you to create a path to your goals, and they have a strong belief in your ability to succeed, even when you don’t believe it yourself.

Also, therapists can assist people in improving their coping skills, seeking personal growth, or making life decisions.

Therapists in Florida Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I go about becoming a therapist in Florida?

To become a Florida Counselor, you must pass the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam, also known as the NCMHCE.

The examination requirements also state that a $195.00 registration fee must be submitted along with a registration form.

  1. Is it possible to get free therapy in Florida?

Many people are unaware that their state provides publicly funded mental health services. People looking for free or low-cost counseling frequently believe that their only options are private practice counselors and are unaware that publicly-funded providers in their communities may also provide counseling services.

  1. What do therapists charge?

Therapy typically costs between $65 and $250 per hour. A person can expect to pay $100-$200 per session in most parts of the country. Some of the factors that can influence the cost of therapy are as follows: The therapist’s education.

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