Best therapists in Arizona

The knowledge about the therapists in Arizona is worthwhile since they contribute immensely to a healthy and fulfilling living.

Do you feel angry, depressed, hurt, or betrayed? Are you awake at night because of Anxiety? Do you have the same unresolved problems? Do you have problems with relationships? Do you feel like you can’t forgive and move on? Are you overwhelmed?

Therapists in Arizona

It’s time to look for a therapist, they are trained and equipped to navigate the storm with you. Here are a few Therapists in Arizona to check out.

  • 1. Biltmore Psychology and Counseling

Their mission at Biltmore Psychology and Counseling is to assist ordinary people facing ordinary problems in overcoming obstacles and living extraordinary lives.

Couples Counseling, General Counseling, Medical Counseling, Faith and Spiritual Counseling, and other Specialized Services are among the services they provide.

Their Phoenix psychologists and counselors use their professional knowledge and compassion to provide the best holistic counseling services in the Phoenix area. They would be delighted to meet you.

Dr. Melissa Estavillo is the founder of Biltmore Psychology and Counseling and a Licensed Psychologist.

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She specializes in both individual and couples therapy and has over 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. Estavillo has experience working in a variety of settings, including hospital medical centers and university counseling centers.

Also, she finished her internship at the Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry in Loma Linda, California.

She has also taught and supervised graduate and medical students in assessment and advanced therapy skills, as well as consulted for multidisciplinary teams of neurologists, psychiatrists, social workers, occupational and speech therapists.

Dr. Estavillo is a subject matter expert who has appeared on Channel 12 News, KTAR, and the Arizona Republic. She has recently been asked to speak on COVID and Mental Health, Step-parenting, and Technology Addiction.

Address: 6245 N 24th Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ85016, United States

Contact: +1 480-999-7070

  • 2. Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy

Individuals and couples can seek counseling from the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy to help them develop more meaningful, satisfying lives and relationships. The quality of their lives is frequently determined by the quality of their relationships.

Their therapists use methods that research has shown to be the most effective in order to help clients. During the evening and weekend hours, they also provide services at a reduced, affordable rate.

Its mission is to help individuals, couples, and families through counseling, education, and support. To provide a safe environment in which they can heal from the hurt and overcome obstacles in order to live healthier, happier lives.

Furthermore, to assist clients in developing the skills required to foster and build strong secure connections in their daily lives.

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Dr. Everett Bailey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Mesa, Arizona, with over 25 years of experience working with couples and individuals in therapy. Purdue University awarded him a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy.

He has also received training in Gottman Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

Address: E Baseline Rd Suite 117, Mesa, AZ85204, United States

Contact: +1 480-634-3807

  • 3. Lori Olsen, MC, LPC Psychotherapy and Counseling

Their practice revolves around divine natures and the innate ability to heal. To encourage clients to fully experience life and themselves, she primarily uses somatic techniques.

Because the healing power of animals has long been recognized, she occasionally uses animals (especially horses) in the healing process if it is beneficial to clients. She is a Trauma Releasing Exercise facilitator and a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

She also uses traditional psychotherapy techniques such as CBT, DBT, and EMDR to help fellow pilgrims overcome barriers to intimacy and happiness.

Also, she has a special interest and experience in resolving issues related to childhood sexual and physical abuse, as well as assisting parents in strengthening relationships with their children. She is a Licensed Professional with a private practice in Mesa, Arizona.

Address: 2633 N Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States

Contact: +1 480-232-4302

  • 4. The Phoenix Counseling Collective

They are a group of therapists and consultants based in Phoenix who is dedicated to providing a welcoming, safe environment for people from all walks of life to grow. They are committed to exploring your story with you and providing practical tools to help you on your journey.

Also, they would consider it an honor to accompany you on your journey. They want to serve you, your significant other, and your entire family. The therapists at The Phoenix Counseling Collective are experienced in working with a wide range of individuals, couples, and families experiencing a variety of difficulties.

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Those who visit The Phoenix Counseling Collective benefit from an individualized team approach to caring for themselves and those they care about.

Their therapists are here to help you through the process of self-discovery so that you can start growing and living more freely.

Elisa co-founded The Phoenix Counseling Collective after working in various therapeutic settings for over a decade, including inpatient and residential facilities focused on eating disorders and dual diagnosis, a counseling center focusing on relationships, spiritual issues, and addictions, and private practice with adolescents, adults, and couples.

Elisa considers it an honor to accompany clients as they gain insight, awareness, and experience growth.

Address: 531 E Lynwood St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States

Contact: +1 623-295-9448

  • 5. Pathways Counseling Services

Pathways Counseling Services is a Scottsdale counseling and therapy practice that takes a comprehensive approach to counseling by incorporating various treatment modalities into the counseling process.

Their expert staff views the counseling relationship as a partnership, collaborating with the client as well as other healthcare professionals such as physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists as needed to benefit the client and assist them in reaching their goals.

As a result, clients receive the most comprehensive treatment possible, taking into account all aspects of their health. Pathways Counseling Services’ founder, Stephanie Levitt, MA, LPC, NCC, earned a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in Phoenix, Arizona.

She is also a Nationally Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Arizona.

Following the completion of her Master’s Degree in Counseling, She traveled to Southeast Asia, where she volunteered her time helping children in Thai orphanages.

When she returned to the United States, she was accepted into a three-year clinical residency program at the prestigious Phoenix Interfaith Counseling in Arizona.

She received extensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness during her time there.

Address: 8414 E Shea Blvd Suite #101, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States

Contact: +1 480-680-0412

  • 6. Desert View Counseling and Consulting

Its mission is to assist individuals and families in dealing with everyday stressors and conflicts. They want to assist people in successfully changing bad habits.

You will take an active role in your treatment, collaborating with your therapist to establish treatment goals and track your progress. They believe that people can recover from adversity and/or trauma.

Desert View Counseling, they have over 25 therapists with extensive experience in a variety of fields. They are therapists and counselors. The Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners has licensed each of them.

They strive to provide you and your family with the best possible care. They believe that one of the most important aspects of effective counseling is assisting clients in finding someone with whom they can connect.

Their team is made up of people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.  LPC Lauren Donley, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR Therapists.

In 2003, she began working in the field of counseling. For six years, beginning in 2005, she provided intensive in-home family counseling through Multisystemic Treatment (MST), an evidence-based program for at-risk adolescents and families.

She currently works with children and adolescents aged 5 and up, and she specializes in helping adolescents, families, and individuals overcome issues such as family relational problems, life stress issues, childhood abuse, trauma-related issues, behavioral problems, ADHD, and mood concerns.

In her practice, she primarily uses Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, but she also uses Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

She is currently a Certified EMDR Therapist and an Approved Consultant with the EMDR International Association

Address: 13260 N 94th Dr #100, Peoria, AZ 85381, United States

Contact: +1 623-487-7763

  • 7. Mindful Wellness of Arizona

Mindful Wellness of Arizona was established in 2017 with the goal of developing a solution-focused and person-centered natural and holistic approach to therapy.

They are committed to forming meaningful relationships with individuals and families in order to provide a personalized path to emotional wellness. They at Mindful Wellness of Arizona are passionate about collaborating with the community and other professionals to promote growth and maximize personal potential.

Jessica Sisson, MA, LPC, DBTC, NCC is an Independently Licensed Professional Counselor with the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.

She has a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University in Arizona and is National Board of Certified Counselors certified (NBCC).

Jessica is trained and experienced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP). Jessica founded Mindful Wellness of Arizona out of a desire to provide individuals with high-quality, client-centered, and holistic counseling in a compassionate and integrative setting.

Address: 4111 East Valley Auto Drive #4 Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85206, United States

Contact: +1 480-666-5502

  • 8. My Phoenix Therapist

Her story begins in the Midwestern United States, where she was born and raised. She always wanted to help people when she was younger. She volunteered at a domestic violence shelter for several years, listening to people’s stories.

She discovered her passion for connecting with others and walking alongside them through difficult transitions and growth here.

This discovery prompted her to return to school, where she earned a master’s degree in 2005 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. That same year, she relocated to Phoenix to embark on a new adventure.

She is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with over 15 years of mental health experience. My Phoenix Therapist has been in her private practice for the past several years.

In this capacity, she assists couples in developing more fulfilling relationships and individuals in healing from traumas or difficult life experiences.

She has received extensive training in some of the most empirically supported treatments, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She has obtained EFT certification, demonstrating proficiency in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Address: 34975 N North Valley Pkwy suite 152 building 8, Phoenix, AZ 85086, United States

Contact: +1 602-492-1886

  • 9. Arizona Center for Marriage Counseling, Dr. Eileen Borris, Psychologist

Dr. Eileen Borris, a licensed psychologist in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been helping her clients learn how to live their best lives through a variety of counseling techniques since the 1980s.

She assists individuals and couples in overcoming personal obstacles through both brief counseling and long-term depth psychotherapy.

Dr. Borris treats the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Individuals suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, emotional and verbal abuse, betrayal, infidelity, or facing decisions about divorce, relationship difficulties, or grief can contact Dr. Borris for assistance in working through these or other issues. Dr. Borris teaches her clients about the importance of forgiveness and how they can let go of their emotional burdens and heal during therapy, as appropriate.

Address: 6450 E Hummingbird Ln, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253, United States

Contact: +1 480-951-0544

Conclusion on the Therapists in Arizona

If you believe that something is preventing you from living your ideal life, therapy can assist you in addressing this.

When you’re not sure what’s holding you back from making a change, therapy can help you figure it out.

If you’re not sure what your goals are, therapy can help you define them and create a plan to achieve them.

Therapists will listen to your story and assist you in making connections. If you are lost, they may offer advice or recommendations.

Therapy can give you the confidence to act on your own. The American Psychological Association recommends seeing a therapist when something causes distress and interferes with some aspect of your life, particularly when: thinking about or coping with the issue consumes at least 50% of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there adequate mental health care in Arizona?

According to Mental Health America, Arizona ranks 50th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in terms of access to mental health services.

  1. How much does a therapist in Arizona cost?

Individual appointments typically cost $120. The average price per couple is $157.50. Clients are expected to pay for their first and subsequent appointments.

  1. How much does therapy cost in Phoenix?

Most private practice therapists charge $150 to $200 per session or more, and finding in-network therapists can be difficult: health insurance websites are frequently outdated and inaccurate, and those who are in-network are frequently at capacity due to high demand.


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