Best Rehabilitation centers in Hampshire

The knowledge about the Rehabilitation centers in Hampshire is worthwhile and cannot be overstressed. If you’re confused about the next step to take to beat your addiction to drugs and alcohol, help is available. 

If you’re based in Hampshire and have been finding it hard to put an end to your substance misuse, treatment options are available to help you through the worst of this turbulent phase. Withdrawal symptoms can make recovery unbearable and seem almost impossible, but these can be managed appropriately. Overall, you should have peace of mind that addiction is treatable.

There are rehabilitation centers in Hampshire that can help you break free from the hold of substance abuse.

You should weigh up your options properly to find a program that is well-equipped to tackle your situation. With that being said, here are the 50 best rehabilitation centers in Hampshire you can attend.

Rehabilitation centers in Hampshire

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction involves curbing physical and psychological dependence while resolving addictive behavioral issues. Trying to quit drugs without professional guidance/help can be remarkably difficult -and at times dangerous – especially where physical dependence has developed over time.

Alcoholism or other forms of drug addiction impact physical and mental health—and it’s often the behavioral aspects of addiction that are most apparent and troubling to friends and family. For the rehab process to be successful, significant behavioral changes are needed whilst in treatment.

The recovery success rates depend entirely on the individual’s willingness for change and commitment to those changes long-term.

Rehabilitation centers in Hampshire should provide a bespoke treatment program and a comprehensive screening process.

The treatment plan should be tailored to fulfill the requirements of the individual, and their progress should be regularly monitored throughout the program.

List of Rehabilitation centers in Hampshire

Below are the top rehab centers in Hampshire everyone ought to know;

  • 1. ARC – Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Address: 54 Northern Rd, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6 3DP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9237 8726

  • 2. Hobbs Rehabilitation South East, Liss, Hampshire

Address: Brows Farm Business Park, 1 Farnham Rd, Liss GU33 6JG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1730 890072


  • 3. Manor Clinic

Address: Mansbridge Rd, Southampton SO18 3HW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 8046 4721


  • 4. Hollybank

Address: 10 Lavant Dr, Havant PO9 2AW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9268 2800

  • 5. Hobbs Rehabilitation at Bramshott Grange, Liphook

Address: Bramshott Grange, Connaught Drive, Liphook GU30 7GZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1962 779796


  • 6. Priory Group

Address: 14 Rowner Rd, Gosport PO13 0EW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9251 3882


  • 7. ANA Treatment Centre

Address: Fleming House, Waterworks Rd, Farlington, Portsmouth PO6 1NJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9237 3433


  • 8. Adus Healthcare

Address: 5 Orchard Rd, Winchester SO21 3EX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7811 606606

  • 9. Hobbs Rehabilitation Winchester

Address: Bridgetts Ln, Martyr Worthy, Winchester SO21 1AR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1962 779796

  • 10. Medicess

Address: Riverview House, London Rd, Old Basing, Basingstoke RG24 7JL, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1256 341660


  • 11. Recovered 4 Life

Address: 8 Edelvale Rd, Southampton SO18 5PR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7736 167600


  • 12. Blueskies Recovery – Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Surrey ���

Address: 50 South St, Farnham GU9 7RN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 3151 7811


  • 14. Push Recovery Community

Address: Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth PO1 2DX, United Kingdom

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9284 1384


  • 15. The Victory Unit

Address: Wyllie Rd, Hilsea, Portsmouth PO2 9NA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9238 3021

  • 16. The MiNT Academy

Address: Bridgetts Ln, Martyr Worthy, Winchester SO21 1AR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1962 779796


  • 17. Mildmay Oaks

Address: Bridgetts Ln, Martyr Worthy, Winchester SO21 1AR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1252 845826


  • 18. Inclusion

Address: 41 High St, Eastleigh SO50 5LG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 300 124 0103


  • 19. SoPhysical

Address: 13, Faraday court, Rankine Rd, Basingstoke RG24 8PF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1256 212540


  • 20. Nirvana Health

Address: Mole Rd, Sindlesham, Wokingham RG41 5DJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 118 989 7500

  • 21. Equine Aqua Power – Hampshire

Address: Lyss Place, Highbrook Stables, Hawkley Rd, West Liss, Hampshire GU33 6JP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7771 908816

  • 22. SDR Strength Ltd

Address: Workshops, Unit 25 Hassocks, Stroudley Rd, Basingstoke RG24 8UQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1256 541940


  • 23. Nodwood House Equine

Address: Nodwood House Equine, Churt Rd, Churt, Farnham GU10 2QS, United Kingdom

Phone:· +44 7887 514203


  • 24. ANA Treatment Centre

Address: Fleming House, Waterworks Rd, Farlington, Portsmouth PO6 1NJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9237 3433


  • 25. Clarence Unit at Woodcot Lodge

Address: 12 Rowner Rd, Gosport PO13 0EW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9260 1402


  • 26. Richmond Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Address: 69 Brook Ln, Warsash, Southampton SO31 9FF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7747 846383

  • 27. Ascot Rehab at Bagshot

Address: 28, 32 London Rd, Bagshot GU19 5HN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1276 450820


  • 28. Change Grow Live

Address: 50, 52 London Rd, Southampton SO15 2AH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 8071 7171


  • 29. Bridge House Rehabilitation Centre for Elderly (Inpatient Physiotherapy)

Address: 64 High St, Twyford, Reading RG10 9AQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 118 907 6345


  • 30. The Recovery Lighthouse – Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

Address: 18 Winchester Rd, Worthing BN11 4DJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 3733 9983

  • 31. The Providence Projects Rehab: UK

Address: 17 Carysfort Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4EJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 800 955 0945


  • 32. Corrective Kinesiology

Address: The Clinic, 4 Crossland Cl, Gosport PO12 2BP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7786 334567


  • 33. The Clavadel

Address: 1 Pit Farm Rd, Guildford GU1 2JH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1483 561944

  • 34. Headley Court – Seacole Centre

Address: Headley Court, Epsom KT18 6JW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1372 735611

  • 35. New Forest K9 Hydrotherapy

Address: Hazeldene, School Rd, Lover, Salisbury SP5 2PW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7485 000682


  • 36. Hampshire Wellbeing Centre

Address: Botley Rd, West End, Southampton SO30 3XH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 8047 5637

  • 37. Primrose Lodge – Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Surrey ���

Address: Perry Hill, Worplesdon, Guildford GU3 3RF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 3553 9263


  • 38. Lynden Hill Clinic Ltd

Address: Linden Hill Ln, Kiln Green, Reading RG10 9XP, United Kingdom

Reading, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 118 940 1234

  • 39. Lifeline Rehab – Surrey

Address: Osbrooks Cottage, Horsham Rd, Capel, Dorking RH5 5JN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 3137 6818


  • 40. Surrey Hills Rehab

Address: Osbrooks Cottage, Horsham Rd, Capel, Dorking RH5 5JN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7456 641356


  • 41. LV Rehabilitation

Address: Unit 1, Keynor Barns, Keynor Ln, Sidlesham, Chichester PO20 7NG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1243 943023

  • 42. Restoring Balance

Address: Staunton Ave, Hayling Island PO11 0EN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7846 288909


  • 43. Kerwin Court

Address: Kerwin Court, Five Oaks Rd, Horsham RH13 0TP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1403 799160


  • 44. Dolphin Care

Address: Kingfisher Court, Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley, Southampton SO52 9LP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 8073 9006

  • 45. Yeldall Manor

Address: Blakes Ln, Hare Hatch, Reading RG10 9XR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 118 940 4411


  • 46. Orchard House Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

Address: Orchard House, High St, Harwell, Didcot OX11 0EX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1235 834704


  • 47. Grosvenor Clinic

Address: Grosvenor Clinic, Hambledon Rd, Denmead, Waterlooville PO7 6NU, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 9223 3288


  • 48. Inspire Therapy and Pilates

Address: Unit 3, Pylewell Rd, Hythe, Southampton SO45 6AP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 8178 8731


  • 49. Therapeutics Southampton Ltd

Address: Stoneham Ln., Eastleigh SO50 9HT, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 23 8065 3707

  • 50. Priory Hospital Woking

Address: Chobham Rd, Knaphill, Woking GU21 2QF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1483 489211


Benefits of Rehabilitation Centers In Hampshire

There are numerous benefits to attending rehabilitation centers in Hampshire, these include

Peer Support

Long-term recovery depends on connecting with other people who truly understand how you feel.  At rehabilitation centers in Hampshire, you will begin to participate in group support meetings with other people who are also learning what it takes to live a sober life.

Together, you will share your experiences and challenges, and you will share what works and what doesn’t.

Participating in peer support programs can help you to feel less alone and strengthen your ability to relate to other people.

You will learn the importance of building a support network that can continue to be part of your long-term recovery journey.

It’s important to stay committed to treatment, both during your time in rehab and after you leave. With that commitment, a drug rehab program can give you the foundation to live your best life without reliance on substances.

Focus on Recovery

At rehabilitation centers in Hampshire, you will be able to completely focus on recovery. While you are in treatment, you will be separated from people and places that may have tempted or encouraged you to use, and from people who may try to tell you that they don’t believe you can recover. You won’t have to deal with the stressors of day-to-day life while you put all your effort and energy into what it takes to live a drug-free life.

During your time in treatment, you’ll learn much more about addiction, including what may trigger the urge to use in the future and what you can do when you experience cravings. Your days will be structured, leaving you with little or no downtime for thinking about wanting to use.

Safe Environment for Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Habitual drug use triggers intense cravings to continue to take drugs. While you might have believed you could stop taking drugs anytime you wanted to, stopping cold turkey can cause unpleasant and possibly even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Going to drug rehabilitation centers in Hampshire allows you to go through detoxification in a safe environment where you can receive professional medical treatment and care during withdrawal. You may be able to receive medications that reduce the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, you may receive prescription medication that helps to reduce cravings.

Exploring Underlying Issues

While you are in rehabilitation centers in Hampshire, you will have the opportunity to explore any underlying issues you may have. Some people struggle with co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety, and using drugs was a way to self-medicate and relieve symptoms of hopelessness or anxiousness.

Counselors on staff at drug rehabilitation centers in Hampshire have received specialized training for helping you dig into problems that you may be trying to avoid dealing with. They can help you look at your problems and teach you new coping skills for dealing with them that don’t involve turning to substances.

FAQs about the rehabilitation centers in Hampshire

Below are the answers to the questions about the rehabilitation centers in Hampshire;

  • What are the 3 types of rehab?

The three main types of rehabilitation therapy are occupational, physical, and speech. Each form of rehabilitation serves a unique purpose in helping a person reach full recovery, but all share the ultimate goal of helping the patient return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • What does a rehabilitation center do?

Good rehabs use evidence-based practice and customize treatment and services to individual client needs. Diverse centers use different methods, the basics of which include: Behavioral Healing, Educational Gatherings, Group Settings, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Psychological Counselling & Support Group Attendance.

  • What are the types of rehabilitation centers in Hampshire?
  1. Preventative Rehabilitation
  2. Restorative Rehabilitation
  3. Supportive Rehabilitation
  4. Palliative Rehabilitation
  • What is the difference between rehab and physical therapy?

Rehabilitation is the process that assists a person in recovering from a serious injury, while physical therapy will help with strength, mobility, and fitness.