22 best Rehabilitation centers in Dubai

Are there rehabilitation centers in Dubai? While living in a society that uses the death penalty, it is crucial to remember that addiction can afflict anyone. Whatever your background, chronic drug and alcohol use can develop dependency.

During this difficult time, it is critical that you focus on your personal healing while avoiding embarrassing or regretful feelings.

If you are unable to locate a local rehab clinic that can assist them in overcoming the stigma, relocating for a period of therapy is advised.

Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction can be challenging no matter where you reside. Please bear in mind, however, that addiction can be addressed with the correct help.

The rehabilitation institutes in Dubai have years of experience in assisting people from all walks of life to overcome addiction and mental health difficulties.

Rehabilitation centers in Dubai

Below is the comprehensive list of the rehabilitation centers in Dubai;

  • Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

Address: 29 B Street, Sheik Zayed Rd, Exit No 45, Al Safa 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 800 342

Website: Click here


Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center (DPRC) is an interdisciplinary outpatient medical rehabilitation facility for adults, children, and adolescents – which facilitates the provision of specialized rehabilitation and social integration services. DPRC stands among the top rehabilitation centers in Dubai.

It is the first rehabilitation center to be accredited in the Middle East and UAE by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

  • Zorbacare – Rehabilitation Center

Address: Bur Dubai, Post Box No 63235 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:  Opens 10AM

Phone: +91 86695 67929


Zorba is a luxurious and private retreat for people who seek confidentiality and comfort. Their facility is designed on the lines of the world’s best, where a person lacks for nothing. It is one of the top rehabilitation centers in Dubai everyone ought to know.

They work hard to provide the best services simply because, after the pain and misery of abuse and detox, their client deserves the best.

Theirs is a 3-month program because they don’t believe in confining a person for months on end. Secondly, ours is a “Voluntary” and open program at no point in time is a client confined under lock and key. They use an individualized case management process for each client.

  • Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare – Deira

Address: Behind Dubai Women’s Association، Villa 13 – 5 A St – Abu Hail – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 269 1090

Website: Visit here


Established in 2006, Emirates Hospitals Rehabilitation and Homecare Services (ERHC) was the first private post-acute inpatient rehabilitation facility in Dubai.

They offer the entire continuum of post-acute rehabilitation care with a largely singular focus: total dedication to high-quality, patient-centric care.

  • Korehab Clinic, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center in Dubai

Address: Building 64 – Ground Floor, F Block – Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:  Opens 9AM

Phone: +971 4 243 3145

Website: Click here


Korehab Clinic Dubai specializes in neuro-rehabilitation and pain management. They provide a comprehensive range of rehabilitation programs, which are developed for restoring physiological function in patients suffering from neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Erada Center For Treatment and rehab in Dubai

Address: Wadi Al Amardi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 239 9992


Erada Center for Treatment and Rehab was established based on the vision of His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the initiative of His Highness Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

It aims to combat the spread of substance use disorder and addictive behavior which result in negative psychological, economic, social, and physical impacts.

Erada is an independent center committed to offering treatment and rehabilitation services, increasing awareness about this disease, and contributing to scientific research in the field of addiction.

  • Provita

Address: 664V+GPR – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Website: Click here


NMC ProVita International Medical Center LTD, is the UAE’s largest provider of post-acute care and rehabilitation services.

Covering patients of all ages, it provides Long Term Care, Post-acute Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Home Hemodialysis & Home Health Services.

  • Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare- Jumeirah

Address: 54 8 A St – Al Safa – Al Safa 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:   Opens 8:30 AM Fri

Phone: +971 800 73422

  • Majdi El Halik Pediatric Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Center

Address: Bldg #64 Al Razi Medical Complex Ground Floor Block E. Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 439 2339


The success of Dr. Majdi El Halik Pediatric Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Center is dependent on their ability:

  1. To improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities.
  2. To foster teams of uniquely talented individuals dedicated to their proud tradition of community service.
  3. To promote a culture of individual pride in delivering service excellence to each patient visiting the Center.
  4. To promote excellence through education, research, advocacy, and service innovation.
  5. To maintain a quality environment for both patients and staff.
  6. To continuously redefine their approach to service delivery in order to meet the challenges of change in the external environmental
  • Veda Rehabilitation 

Address: Downtown – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Veda has its own proprietary program which has Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Matrix Model Therapy, and Self-help group at its core with a major influence from world-renowned nutritionists and specialists in Ayurvedic healing and Yoga.

They restrict their clientele to a very small single number per center. Their doctor/counselor ratio to a client is 1:1 which is unheard of in India.

  • Dynamic Rehabilitation Center LLC

Address: Nasmah Tower – Al Nahda – Al Nahda 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:   Opens 9AM Fri

Phone: +971 4 250 5502

  • Galinus Center for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Address: 32nd St – Muhaisnah – Muhaisnah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 227 7700


Their Mission

To provide the highest quality rehabilitation services to ensure that each patient achieves the maximum functional recovery from disabilities, independence, and quality of life.

  • Heal Hub Rehabilitation Center

Address: 8B – 3 10 A St – Umm Suqeim – Jumeirah 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:  Opens 8AM

Phone: +971 4 546 6152


Heal Hub is here to provide a new wave of treatments and services, used together like never seen before. Heal Hub is on a mission to empower as many individuals as possible with a holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual they’ll-being.

The general approach to health is divided into singular segmented strata of specialties. In truth, the body is a multi-faceted and interconnected they b of fluctuating variants, and so should be treated as such.

  • Mirdif Center for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Address: Algeria st, Uptown Mirdif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Opens 8AM

Phone: +971 4 255 9297


Mirdif Center for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation has been established to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation services to clients in Dubai.

It is based in UPTOWN Mirdif Mall. The center is established and run by a group of local physiotherapists who are pioneers in the field and have been involved in the development of the physiotherapy profession in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center Dubai

Address: First Floor Unit 1015، Building 64, 2D – Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 557 0326

Website: Visit here


Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center is a pediatric neurology clinic and one of the best pediatric rehabilitation centers in Dubai.

They are the first stand-alone pediatric neuroscience center with a focus on child neurology and child rehabilitation center managed and directed by an American Board Consultant Child Neurologist, Dr. Hamza Alsayouf, MD.

  • High Hopes Dubai – Pediatric Therapy Center

Address: 31 13th St – Al Safa – Al Safa 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:  Opens 8AM

Phone: +971 4 333 3508


Every Super Special child who walks into High Hopes will benefit from a highly personalized program created exclusively around his or her needs.

Also, their team of highly qualified therapists specializes in Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision Intervention, and Hydrotherapy Intensives.

Their interdisciplinary therapy programs involve therapists sharing information and working together towards a common goal for each individual child.

  • Ownak Social Rehabilitation Center

Address: 6GC4+6JW – Al Khawaneej – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 800 2121

  • NAQAWA Center for Speech & Language & Rehabilitation – NCSLR.

Address: Unit # G 24, The Curve Building, Sheik Zayed Road, Al Quoz 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:  Opens 9AM

Phone: +971 4 338 0032


Speech and Language disorders are the most common childhood disabilities, these include a wide variety of conditions that affect communication.

The NAQAWA Center for Speech & Language & Rehabilitation-NCSLR provides specialized Speech-Language Pathology services that include assessment, therapy, and parent training for the following disorders:

  • Ayurvedic Rehabilitation Center

Address: 250 Damascus Street – Al Qusais – Al Qusais 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours:   Opens 8:30 AM

Phone: +971 4 263 3646

  • Heroin Rehab Center

Address: Prism tower floor 2, office 05 – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +971 54 766 6995

  • Takarub Center for Rehabilitation of People With Disabilities

Address: Al Wuheida St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +971 4 266 3634


What is the most significant thing in your life? Of course, it is your health. Physicians in Taqarrub Center for Rehabilitation of  People with disabilities understand how the physical state bears on the quality of life.

In this place, you can:

  1. make a preventive examination of the whole body
  2. ask for recommendations on how to improve the physical state

Physicians work on precluding the beginning and development of chronic illnesses. During the first appointment, the physician will ask for necessary data about your physical state and then propose a basic treatment.

  • Get On Track Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center

Address: 94 15 C St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Opens 8AM

Phone: +971 4 380 5569


The ‘Get On Track’ Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center has been functioning since mid-2010. Their philosophy (mission) is to employ the best evidence-based management of your injuries available anywhere in the world.

  • Bridges Speech Center

Address: Aspin Commercial Tower – Aspin Commercial Tower 106 – 803 Sheik Zayed Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 50 522 6054


Despite the challenges posed by the covid pandemic, Bridges speech center has slowly, steadily grown and achieved an impressive reputation.

Within a span of 2 years, Bridges has served more than 500 clients and supported more than 1000 families through various online support programs.

Bridges have successfully collaborated with more than 10 leading Indian and international curriculum-based schools.

Such expeditious achievement has been possible due to the dedication and hard work put in by each and every therapist and non-clinical staff of Bridges speech center.

  • Ramadi Physio Clinic

Address: INDIGO ICON, OFFICE 2908 – Cluster F – Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 50 338 8983

Website: Click here


Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center, looks for the best Rehabilitation professionals to offer a premium service to their exclusive clients.

They are a Complete Team to address any type of therapy and rehabilitation process you need. Among their top-ranked professionals, you will have these professionals at your disposal.

  • Core Basics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Address: Block A First Floor – The Sustainable City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 AM Sat

Phone: +971 4 324 2004


Core basics Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is an Internationally-recognized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation practice located in The Sustainable City, Dubai.

It is the largest private rehabilitation center in the local region – where luxury meets rehabilitation.

  • Anatomy Rehab: Physiotherapy Dubai Clinic

Address: Golden Mile 1 – Office M30 Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Phone: +971 55 686 1886


Anatomy Rehab is a revolutionary concept where their team of professionals will use a combination of specialties to help you enhance your health and bring it to its maximum potential.

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