Best 4 Pharmacy Schools in Canada for international students

Are you a Canadian or an international student who’s interested in studying Pharmacy at the graduate or undergraduate level? No worries, as there are a ton of best pharmacy schools in Canada, you can enroll to build your career in this field of study.

One of the perks of these schools is that you’re sure of getting every support as an aspiring pharmacist to succeed through the provision of state-of-the-art equipment while also being taught by highly renowned scientists in the field of Pharmacy.

Suppose you’d like to become a licensed pharmacist. In that case, you’d need to follow this program by attending one of these Canadian pharmacy schools, passing the national board exam designed by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada while also completing an internship program.

We’ve compiled a couple of pharmacy schools in Canada you can attend as an international student to follow an undergraduate or a postgraduate program in Pharmacy. Let’s check them out!

Pharmacy Schools in Canada for International Students

Below are some of the pharmacy schools you can opt for as an international student who wishes to study Pharmacy in Canada:

University of Waterloo 

Address: 10 Victoria Street S Kitchener Ontario N2G 1C5 519-888-4499

Website: visit

The University of Waterloo is a great choice for any international student who wants to study Pharmacy in Canada because this institution is very conducive to learning. You’ll gain a thorough and holistic view of healthcare generally.

Do you want to be a well-rounded healthcare personnel? Get into the University of Waterloo as you’re sure to be trained on both theoretical and practical aspects of Pharmacy.

All you need to get into this great citadel of learning for your bachelor’s program is your subjects and non-academic requirements. You’ll also be required to meet the English language proficiency before you finally graduate from school.

Rest assured, you’ll get the necessary assistance to be an expert in the pharmacy field and networks you can leverage in the future when you start practicing.

University of Toronto 

Address: 144 College Street Toronto, Ontario M5S 3M2 416-978-2889

Website: visit

Here’s another nice school you can go to for your undergraduate pharmacy program. The Leslie Dan Faculty is a renowned college at the university saddled with the responsibility of providing excellent education and training to prospective pharmacists for almost a century and a half now.

The school welcomes more than 240 students annually for its undergraduate program, which means if you’re an international student, the University of Toronto is one of your best bets to achieve your aspiration of being a highly regarded pharmacist in the world.

If you’d like to advance your career in Pharmacy, the institution has your back already. The types of equipment at the University of Toronto are highly sophisticated and latest, which helps keep you abreast of the new developments in the field.

Aside from the Bachelor of Science program in Pharmacy, there are pharmaceutical chemistry, doctor of Pharmacy, and various residency programs you can enroll in as a student.

Memorial University 

Address: St. John’s, NL A1C 5S7 709-737-8000

Website: visit

Memorial University is one of the institutions where you can be sure of being exposed to personal and hands-on experience in the field of Pharmacy.

Despite the reduced intake at this great citadel of learning, it’s still one of the best pharmacy schools in Canada for any international student.

The school recruits not more than 40 persons annually, which means there’s always a closer student-lecturer interaction. The program prepares students for careers in healthcare and to work within different settings such as in a research team, organization, and government.

Alberta University 

Address: 2-55 Medical Sciences Building Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H1

Tel: 780 492-3362

Website: click here

The University of Alberta is one of the highly-ranked public institutions located in the province of Edmonton, Canada.

This university has a faculty of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, which offers both a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Master of Science in pharmacology.

The research-based institution offers one of the best campuses for both indigenes and international students.

As a foreign student at this university, you’ll get to learn more about Canadian culture and lifestyles.

You can be sure of excelling at this university as a Pharmacy student and developing wonderful networks from class interactions with other students from all over the world.

With more than 40,061 students from 156 countries around the world, you can rest assured of enjoying every of your stay in this great citadel of learning.

Why Should You Study Pharmacy in Canada?

Below are some of the reasons you should consider a Canadian school to follow your Pharmacy course:

Future prospects

Suppose you follow a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in a Canadian university, which is one of the best schools in the world.

In that case, you can always proceed with your postgraduate education in any country in the world.

This means you’d have gained the prerequisite knowledge needed to further your studies anywhere around the world without hassles.

And also, rest assured, getting one of the best jobs that pay quite well after completing your studies in one of these schools.

Academic Excellence 

One of the top perks of studying Pharmacy in any of the Canadian schools is that you get to learn the theoretical part of the field and have the hands-on experience that will consequently make you a sought-after pharmacist in the world.

The state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with the highly experienced teachers in these universities, will make learning very interesting and rewarding to any international student.

With the world in need of professionals with key skills in the pharmaceutical sector, you’ll be an excellent choice for many organizations you eventually find yourself in after following this course in a Canadian university.

Globally Renowned Education 

Canada boost highly ranked universities globally, which means if you have the opportunity to study at one of the schools as an international, you’ll be highly respected in whatever organization you find yourself.

When seeking a job after completing your studies, the certificate will give you a vast edge and a competitive advantage over other candidates. You’ve got every advantage as well to proceed with your postgraduate studies abroad.

Concluding thoughts 

You can attend many pharmacy schools in Canada if you’re looking for the best pharmacy school. These schools provide adequate knowledge about medicinal substances and their application for therapeutic uses.

So you should consider one of the above-mentioned schools if you’d like to be an expert pharmacist known globally.

As an international student, you don’t have to worry as choosing a school out of the discussed schools in this article means you’ll get a conducive environment that’ll provide you with every support to be the best in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pharmacy Schools in Canada 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about studying in a pharmacy school n Canada:

Is pharmacy school hard in Canada?

Here’s one of the most asked questions by prospective pharmacy students looking to advance their studies in Canada.

The truth is, it’s hard getting into Pharmacy in Canada, especially for international students, but if you put in the right passion and the work, you’ll find the process pretty easy.

You should reach out to as many pharmacists to seek advice as they’ve got the experience to share with you.

This way, you get to have more concrete information on what and what not to do to get into your school without or with fewer hassles.

Why should I choose pharmacy school?

You should consider pharmacy school because there’s a variety of job roles you’d better fit in for in the future.

You can choose to be a pharmacist, and you can also use the acquired knowledge and experience while working as a research scientist, pharmacologist, toxicologist, and a host of professions.

How do I prepare for a pharmacy school interview?  

As with all other interviews, you’ve got to have a clear mind and demonstrate a strong passion for wanting to get into the program.

Get on the school website and the faculty to furnish your knowledge with the school information such as ranking and what research is presently going on at the department.

You also want to be as audible as possible when responding to the questions of the admission committee. Also, be original in thoughts, and don’t be overly technical with your choice of words.


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