Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network

The Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network has been a leading drug distribution channel to Canadian hospitals, offering a strategic alternative to traditional and more expensive middlemen, since 1995.

They serve about 1,100 Hospitals in Canada and over 40 leading manufacturers.

The simple, consolidated, straightforward, and economical solution from CPDN maximizes value at the lowest cost.

Introduction to the Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network

CPDN works closely with its member firms to lower the total cost of healthcare in Canada by meeting the continuing distribution needs of hospitals, patients, payers, and the industry.

Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network is a privately held company currently specializing in pharmaceuticals and personal services, headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, CA.

The number of employees in the Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network ranges from 100 to 250.

Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network annual sales vary between 5.0M and 25M. Their unique offering enables each member to maintain customer relationships and inventory controls using our integrated sales and technical services.

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Phone Number: 19058471273, +1 800-680-3839

Address: 6755 Mississauga Rd #104, Mississauga, ON L5N 7Y2, Canada

Employee Size: 110

Employees Specialty: Consolidation Hospitals, GPOs, Pharmaceuticals

SIC Code: 7200

Established: 1995

Estimated Annual Sales: $5.0M -25M

Operating Status: Independent Company

Services Rendered By The Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network

  1. They offer fast and reliable pharma distribution.
  2. This pharmaceutical network is beneficial to hospitals in terms of acquiring consolidated pharmaceutical medications from several leading independent drug manufacturers.
  3. They also assist hospitals in receiving shipments and in the payment of invoices. This increases efficiency and improves patient care.
  4.  They also provide better service that will help grow your company”s sales. Better Service Helps You Grow Your Sales
  5.  Cost efficiency through outsourcing sales and receivables
  6.  Reduce risks and increase your security of supply

Other value-added services rendered include:

  1. Batch traceability: Complete visibility and control of your inventory reduces risks, effort, and costs in the unfortunate event of a product recall
  2. Daily data reports: Detailed analysis of each account, on-demand reports, and a powerful business intelligence platform for insight into the time flow
  3. Demand planning: Take advantage of our built-in planning tools that analyze historical sales and provide timely notifications to replenish your inventory
  4. Paperless Narcotics Ordering: Electronic end-to-end process so licensed pharmacists can easily and securely purchase narcotics and controlled substances online
  5. Direct Channel: A direct connection from the manufacturer to his customers and the possibility to react quickly to changing questions or needs.

Advantages of the CPDN to manufacturers

  1. Inventory shipping model, not wholesale industry.
  2. Unique tool for drug scarcity allocation.
  3. Flexible, activity-based model.
  4. Advanced plug-and-play solution for online order management from cold chain to narcotics
  5. GMP certified

With CPDN, ​​hospitals can focus on patient care as they help out with the following:


Fast and Easy Online Ordering

Worry-Free One-Click Returns

Superior Customer Service


One Shipment

One Payment


Leading Manufacturer

Countrywide overnight delivery

Delivery security


Lowest operating costs, guaranteed

No additional costs or fees

Leading Executives of The Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network

Here are three of the leading executives of CPDN from the chairman to the director of customer services:

Sav DiPasquale (Chairman)

Sav is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and transportation industries. As President, he is responsible for overall operations, including developing and executing strategies to expand the membership of the organization and expand its unique service offering.

 Scott Gibson (Vice President of Operations)

Scott has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, retail, and service industries. As vice president, he is responsible for all sales, technology, and management operations that drive excellence and improve business performance.

 Linda Jutras (Director of Customer Service)

Linda is responsible for overseeing the various customer service functions and works closely with CPDN’s technology and logistics partners. Linda works closely with CPDN member firms and hospital pharmacy buyers to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network

  • What is CPDN?

The Canadian Pharmaceutical Product Distribution Network is a program that enables hospitals to consolidate orders and shipments of pharmaceutical products from multiple independent drug companies and make a single payment for those products. The CPDN program offers its member pharmaceutical companies a sales service through an external logistics service provider.

  • Does a hospital need to contract with CPDN?

No, the business relationship is maintained between the member companies and their customers.

  • How much does it cost?

CPDN member companies pay an annual entry fee. All services coordinated by CPDN are provided by our external logistics and technology providers.

  • Is CPDN the same as a wholesaler?

No. A wholesaler buys and sells products and makes a profit through price and distribution margins. CPDN is a service provider for independent drug manufacturers. All products are sold by their respective manufacturers/distributors.

CPDN does not buy or sell any products. Customers enjoy the prices for contracts with individual member companies and there are no customer service fees.

  • Who is the CPDN Owner?

CPDN is a company incorporated under the  Business Corporations Act of Canada. CPDN shareholders are GlaxoSmithKline Inc., AstraZeneca Canada Inc., Pfizer Canada ULC, Hoffmann La Roche Limited, and Janssen Inc.

  • Which services does CPDN offer exactly?

The CPDN program was designed to allow hospitals to pool orders and shipments of medicines from multiple independent drug companies and issue a one-time payment for those products.

The CPDN program enables member companies, through a licensed third-party logistics service provider,  to ship their products directly to the logistics service provider, who will ship the company’s products from the hospitals upon receipt of the company’s consolidated orders from the hospital.

Hospitals receive a consolidated invoice through the logistics provider and make a one-off payment for products purchased from member companies. Members of the CPDN program receive hospital payments that are collected by the logistics service provider directly from the logistics service provider.

  • How much do hospitals pay for the service?

There are no direct costs to hospitals, nor are there reimbursement programs that need to be managed. The hospital only benefits from the savings from the CPDN Direct Consolidation Program, which ensures that each hospital purchases directly from each independent drug manufacturer at the current contract price for each item ordered.


CPDN is an independent drug manufacturer comprising 19 of the major pharmaceutical companies serving the Canadian hospital market.

Approximately 80 percent of Canadian hospitals that have accounts with pharmaceutical companies use the CPDN program to consolidate orders and shipments of pharmaceutical products from independent pharmaceutical companies.

With CPDN’s web browser-based OMS  ordering system, participating hospital pharmacies can place a single order for products from multiple manufacturers, receive products in a single shipment, and make a single invoice payment.


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