Nursing Jobs in USA without NCLEX

In view of the many inquiries, we have been getting on how to get Nursing Jobs in the US. Our team has compiled a list of Nursing Jobs in USA without NCLEX.

Our list is based on the search queries bordering on Jobs that take Nurses without Licenses and Nursing Jobs in the USA for foreigners.

A good number of vacancies can be applied for foreigners without the need to pass the NCLEX exams or get an NCLEX licensing.

We shall also detail other key areas that deal with finding Nursing Jobs in the United States.

What is NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Exam or NCLEX-RN is a licensing exam that determines your eligibility to work as an entry-level Nurse in the United States.

They deploy more critical thinking and analysis in the exams than the regular licensing exam.

NCLEX is among the licenses you need to become an entry-level nurse. But, with our update today we can show you some open vacancies in the US that don’t require an NCLEX exam.

Nursing Jobs in USA without NCLEX

With the help of our research associates and industry experts, we were able to enlist some websites and platforms where you can get a Nursing Job in the States without NCLEX.

A good number of them will require you to have some nursing licenses and educational background but not necessarily an NCLEX licensure.

Some of them might not also be as high paying as the NCLEX licensed jobs but it is a good place to start. Especially as a foreigner coming to work in the United States for the first time.

Nursing Care Partner

The Children Hospital of the Kings and daughters are currently recruiting Nurses. The Nursing care partner will work hand in hand with the resident Nurse in delivering value and sound care services to the patients.


  • Nursing certifications.
  • Sound understanding of the Job.
  • NCLEX License is not mandatory

Apply here

Student Nurse Program

The vacancy is for student nurses wishing to earn as patient care technicians while studying. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of clinical experience


  • Must be a student nurse
  • NCLEX is not mandatory

Apply Here

Patient Care Technician

Garnet hospital is looking for a nurse with the patient care technical abilities to work in their hospital.


  • Good length of experience doing similar nursing jobs in the USA.
  • This is a nursing job in the USA without NCLEX.
  • Life support course completion card.

Apply Here 

Public Health Nurse

Virginia department of health is currently looking for an individual who is passionate about helping in driving positive health outcomes in patients.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • NCLEX is only required from you within 90 days after getting employed.
  • Good length of experience doing similar jobs.

Websites You Can Find Nursing Jobs in USA without NCLEX

Indeed: We have narrowed the searches for Nursing Jobs in USA without NCLEX. Visit indeed and apply for the large pool of nursing jobs in the USA for foreigners without NCLEX.

Simplyhired: Visit simplyhired and apply for the wide variety of nursing jobs that don’t require NCLEX licensure in the States. is popular for the array of recruitment resources it provides for foreign nurses in the US. You can equally apply for nursing jobs in the USA without NCLEX there.

How to Get a Nursing Job in the USA 

Nursing is currently one of the most lucrative jobs in the United States. Though it can be quite demanding the government compensates Nurses enough for their time and service to the nation.

If you are an immigrant coming for the first time to the states and looking at starting off as a nurse.

There are a couple of entry nursing programs available for you in addition to some of the Nursing Jobs without NCLEX.

Nonetheless, with the help of our research associates and industry experts, we have listed how best to get a Nursing Job in the US with or without NCLEX.

Meet the Educational Requirements: 

Just like many other countries, for you to be legally permitted to work as a nurse in the United States, you must meet some basic educational requirements.

Licenses you got outside the US are valid but you will need to prove that you are not just parading licenses but also have the skill and knowledge of the profession.

You will need an Associate degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in addition to being a Registered Nurse.

The United States does not accept Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) as valid qualifications.

Complete a Foreign Educated Nurses (FEN) Course:

In addition to having an AND (Associate Nursing Degree) or in Nursing, a good number of the states in the United States will also require you to complete a Foreign Educated Nurses program. This is to certify your ability to work in the best standards peculiar to that state.

The course is a 120 hours classroom and 120 hours clinical practical lessons. The interesting part is that you might secure a nursing job in the USA without NCLEX with this certificate.

Pass the Proficiency Test for the English Language

Similar to other international exams for a study in the US, one needs to also sit and pass IELTS/TOEFL test to determine how effective he or she can communicate in the English Language.

This actually varies based on the country of origin. Countries like Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland are among those that are exempted from writing an IELTS/TOEFL.

Write and Pass the NCLEX-RN Examination

Having met all the previous requirements, applicants will have to sit and pass the NCLEX-RN exam in the United States. Registration for the exam is $200 in addition to other foreign fees in the country.  The exam can be registered with NCLEX test preparatory platforms in the US.

Obtain the CGFNS or have other Recognized Organizations evaluate your Credentials

The Commission on Graduates of Foreign NursingSchools (CGFNS) is an organization established by the US government to certify the readiness of foreign applicants who wants to take NCLEX exam. The core mission of the commission is to ensure sound health care for Americans and stop the exploitation of foreign nursing graduates in America.

They have three main credentialing reports.

  • Credentials Evaluation Service Professionals report
  • CGFNs Certification Program
  • 3 Visa Credentials Assessment.

Just like we stated earlier, there are some nursing jobs in the US without NCLEX where you might not be necessarily required to bring an NCLEX license.

However, for the sake of this content, we will go ahead to highlight in detail three main credentialing reports in CGFN.

Credentials Evaluation Service Professionals Report

The report provides some statutory information for the state board of Nursing with quite a good number of states accepting it.


  • Proficiency in English
  • Secondary School Documents.
  • Certificates of license from the home country in addition to Nursing education documents from your home country.
  • $350 fee

CGFN Certification Program

The certification shares similarities with the one mentioned earlier. It requires a $445 fee to register. CGFN like we said earlier, is the qualification exam that determines how suitable one is to take care of patients in America.

The exam is conducted three times a year in over 40 centers across the globe.

Visa Credentials Assessment

Visa credentials assessment is almost the same with CGFN. Just that this is the phase where the individual qualifies for a Work Visa upon successful completion of NCLEX.

It costs $540 fee to enroll in for Visa Credentials Assessment. A couple of other credentialing services can be cheaper and also accepted by the United States Board of Nursing.

However, it remains most imperative you consult with State Board before you make a decision on that.

Find a Nursing Sponsorship or Recruiting Agency based in the US

Experts and industry top analysts always recommend foreign nurses identify with recruiting agencies than engaging directly with hospitals. Engaging the services of the agencies brightens your chances more.

They assist in ensuring the paperwork and all needed are in place for the individual while preparing the Job.

Obtain your work or Nursing employment Visa

There are different types of visas with different attributes to them.  Each of them has a feature peculiar to it.

Before you get a nursing job in the USA without NCLEX or even with NCLEX you must have obtained either of these Visas.

Mexican and Canadian Nurses – TN Visa

It is peculiar to Mexican and Canadian citizens. Mexican and Canadian Nurses can work in the US with a TN Visa.

However, you must have obtained a license in your home country and also passed the NCLEX exam before you can be accepted to practice in the United States.

HI-1B Temporary Work Visa

If you have a 4-year degree in Nursing, you can apply for a HI-1B temporary visa. After you have obtained your temporary visa you can proceed to get a green card once stateside.

It is equally important you know that there is a limited number of temporary work visas for nurses desiring to work in hospitals especially those in underserved regions.

Permanent Work Visa

This is actually the most sought-after and is targeted at those looking at relocating permanently to the United States.

The application will have to be filled and stamped in your home country before you can be allowed a permanent stay in America.

With a permanent work visa, it tends to be even easier to find a nursing job in America without NCLEX.

Like we said earlier, your nursing employment visa to the United States is best done with reputable agencies and recruiting firms.

Find a Registered Nursing Job in America

Career experts advise nurses, especially those migrating to the US for the first time to conduct targeted searches.

If you are yet to obtain an NCLEX license, you can narrow your search to ‘nursing jobs in the US without NCLEX’ or if you are a specialist in cardiology nursing, you can equally narrow your search to cardiology nursing jobs in the US.

The purpose is to make it more specific and channel your search to your area of interest or specialization. You can visit and apply for the many vacancies for foreign nurses in the United States.

Non-Eligible Nurses for Nursing Jobs in the United States

We have discussed extensively, how to work and get a nursing job in USA without NCLEX as well as how to get an NCLEX license and obtain a nursing job in the States. However, not all foreign-educated nurses can work in the United States.

The following are not eligible to work in the US as Nurses.

  • Nurses with experience of fewer than 2 years.
  • Individuals with a proven criminal background.
  • Nurses without a 4-year nursing degree.
  • Nurses without sponsorship from a recognized and reputable nursing agency.


All the states in the United States do not work with the same regulatory standards when it comes to nursing jobs.

Nonetheless, the need for a visa applies to all nurses seeking to work in the United States. On the other hand, non-NCLEX nursing jobs in the USA can be seen in any clinic.

Ensure you at least have a sound background in nursing while applying.

When you have obtained a job and started working. We advise you to endeavor to register and obtain an NCLEX license because without it you will not go far in your nursing career in the USA.


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