Can A Nurse Become A Doctor in the UK?

Can A Nurse Become A Doctor in the UK? I know a lot of people are curious to get the perfect answer to this question.

Nursing is the next big thing in the world of medical sciences. From ward rounds to administering medications and the comforting words and smiles to patients, the nursing profession is without doubt laced with complexities.

As caregivers, passion alone will not suffice. Hence, the prerequisite to becoming a registered nurse requires both practical and theoretical learning.

Good numeracy and literacy skills as well as a certification of a degree in nursing and registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Introduction to Can A Nurse Become A Doctor in the UK?

In the UK, a high school graduate is required to have 5 GCSE and 2 A’ levels, in order to be considered eligible at the entry level for a degree in Nursing.

One budding question now is, did all registered nurses become one by their volition? It is true that passion is indeed fuel and most nurses did most likely, pursue their dreams. But the same cannot be said for others.

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You would agree that for a plethora of reasons childhood dreams looked a lot easier as a thought than it is in reality. The dreamy days began to wear off and the real deal became more lucid.

So the fantasy of running around in a lab coat and a stethoscope hung at the nape, began to unveil its intricacies and many backed out. For some others, it was that they were denied admission into medical school.

Nonetheless, registered nurses can become doctors too. It is only a matter of will, determination, and meeting up with the essentials for medical school.

Great Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), has, however, not deterred medical practitioners in the UK from advancing their medical careers. Even so, it has created a more enabling environment for such developments.

Clearly, Medicine is a delicate course and as such, it is voluminous and requires more time and effort. Invariably, the study of Medicine takes a longer study span. Say, 5,500 hours and a minimum of 5years and more.

How to Go From a Registered Nurse to a Medical Doctor?

The processes involved may be a lot easier because nurses are already healthcare professionals, so adapting to a set of standard training will not be so challenging, after all.
As I mentioned earlier, the study of medicine is a lot more elaborate and challenging.

The first step to becoming a doctor in the UK is to be accepted for a degree in medicine at a University.

Applicants are required to have a very high grade as the prerequisite for acceptance. Medical school takes up to 4 to 7 years and a minimum of 5years for those straight from A’ level study.

An undergraduate degree in medicine is required to be admitted into medical school. However, the medical school has other admission requirements that the applicant should have completed – taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), obtaining letters of recommendation, and completing course requirements.

While undertaking a medical degree, students would have to go on a number of clinical placements in approved medical settings like private hospitals, health centers, and the likes.

In the course of these placements, students will have to engage in some activities which will help them become familiar with the profession.

Some of the activities, include:

• Going on ward rounds with practicing doctors.
• Going on ward rounds with specialist nurses.
• Observing surgical procedures in the operating theatre.
• Attending hospitals or clinics with specialist nurses and healthcare practitioners.
• Going on consultant ward rounds.
• Attending multidisciplinary meetings with other healthcare professionals.

After completing the medical degree, doctors will be required to go for a two-year foundation program. Within this period, they will be expected to choose their area of specialization.

The foundation program combines both training and practical work experience. While undertaking the training, doctors will get paid as it is their first shot after medical school. No one can practice without undergoing the foundation program in the UK.

 The foundation training program ensures that;

• Doctors have been fully and thoroughly trained in basic clinical skills.
• They can manage patients with severe ailments.

Final thoughts on can a nurse become a doctor in the UK?

From what we have discussed so far, I am confident you can proudly tell if a nurse can become a doctor in the United Kingdom.

However, no priority is being given to nurses over other applicants. Sure a nurse can become a doctor in the UK, but all courses must be passed accordingly.

Nurses could have a better edge of excelling in medical school since they already have the basis both clinical and non-clinical.

Since the medical field is a diverse one, you should not be perturbed when you hear about a nurse going back to medical school to obtain a degree in medicine.

As some doctors choose to become nurses, some nurses might equally choose the path of becoming medical doctors.

I know this is an interesting one you would like to contribute, kindly air your view in the comment section below.


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