Top 40 Medical device companies in Kentucky

To name a few examples, outstanding developments in the medical device companies in Kentucky have resulted in heart-lung machines, artificial joints, and the ability to perform advanced brain surgery.

Medical technology (the use of medical devices) in Kentucky, which dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, has only recently taken off in earnest.

Medical device companies in Kentucky have quickly become an essential component of health care, as well as a critical component of the numerous activities carried out by healthcare providers in their efforts to diagnose and treat people with medical conditions, as well as to alleviate the problems faced by people with functional disabilities.

Overview of Medical device companies in Kentucky

People have benefited from a slew of discoveries and developments that have improved health for centuries, mostly in high-resource settings. Examples include the construction of sewage and clean water systems, the discovery of pathogens and antibiotics, and the eradication of smallpox.

Kentucky’s health improvements are associated with an improved ability to predict, prevent, diagnose, and cure many illnesses, as well as alleviate functioning problems using treatments and technologies that could hardly have been imagined a few decades ago.

Medical devices are the most abundant, diverse, and widely used medical products commonly used in health care, such as medicines, vaccines, and medical devices. There are no reliable figures, but widely accepted estimates place the number of different main categories of medical devices available in Kentucky today somewhere around 10,000.

Adding the numerous variants brings the total to around 90 000, with some estimates putting the total as high as 1.5 million.

Research in the development of sophisticated medical technologies such as genetic testing, genetic manipulation of living tissue, robotic surgery, and remote patient management is advancing rapidly. Despite this advancement, the majority of the world’s population has limited or no access to many of these innovations.


As the global fight against COVID-19 continues, Kentucky’s health care technology, service, and product manufacturing industries not only combat the pandemic’s spread but also create high-wage, meaningful jobs for thousands of Kentuckians.

With Avante serving more than 150 countries, the organization’s goal became more critical in the midst of the pandemic.

The Eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia received 12 ventilators from Avante, including one donated by the company, and the Bahamas installed Avante hospital beds specifically for patients with suspected COVID-19 and showing mild to moderate symptoms.

Avante is one of more than 200 medical technology, service, and manufacturing operations in Kentucky, an industry that employs more than 37,000 full-time Kentucky residents. Among those operations are six headquarters of top medical equipment, medical device manufacturers, and a number of health care product distributors.

Since 2014, medical device companies in Kentucky have announced approximately 100 new or expanded projects totaling over $645 million in investment and nearly 6,900 new jobs.

This year, about 100 Kentucky manufacturing facilities used their expertise to produce personal protective equipment (PPE), which is in high demand due to the pandemic. Some were new to the health care industry, such as more than a dozen distilleries.

These businesses manufacture barriers, masks, gowns, disinfectants, face shields, intubation boxes, ventilator components, and, of course, hand sanitizer. Kentucky is a leader in the production of medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

While the industry is currently in the spotlight, Kentucky has long supported a diverse health care sector that is poised for future growth. Kentucky has an available skilled workforce, a key geographic location for distributing products in the United States and globally, and a variety of office, manufacturing, and Build-Ready sites.

Kentucky also excels in the manufacturing of medical equipment and supplies, which contributes more than $530 million to the state’s economy each year.

“Kentucky’s manufacturing prowess, logistics leadership, and strong R&D capabilities through its robust university systems are just a few of the unique assets that make it an ideal location for health care companies,” Taylor said. “This industry provides a wealth of economic opportunity, and we are leveraging our commonwealth’s advantages to support its continued growth.”

The state’s unequaled provision capabilities, as Taylor mentioned, create tremendous distribution blessings for businesses.

Kentucky’s top-notch transportation infrastructure and its standing as the sole U.S. state with 3 major air shipment shipping hubs – operated by UPS, DHL, and Amazon – allows businesses within the commonwealth to quickly and expeditiously ship merchandise across the country and around the globe. For corporations addressing merchandise that saves lives, that capability is crucial.

Gravity Diagnostics, the largest COVID-19 test processor in Kentucky, is based in Covington and is expanding to a second location. Gravity collaborated with the state of Kentucky and Kroger Health to provide drive-through testing results in 2020.

It offers tests to colleges and nursing homes across the country. Newport-based Ethos Laboratories has developed a test to identify biomarkers in the chemistry of chronic pain so that people suffering from chronic pain can be treated with alternatives to opiates, potentially lowering addiction rates.

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services, a global, privately held, full-service contract research organization (CRO) headquartered in Covington, was recently named the world’s best CRO for quality at the 2020 CRO Leadership Awards. CTI oversees over 40 active COVID-19 trials for treatment and prevention.

Medical device companies in Kentucky

Here’s a list of some of the medical device companies in Kentucky

  • AdaptivEndo

Website: Click here

Address: 900 East Main Street Suite 300 Louisville KY 40206

Phone: +1 800.968.4089

Email: [email protected]

  • Advanced Genomic Technology

Address: 5100 US Highway 42 APT 433 Louisville, KY, 40241-6052 United States

Phone: (502) 228-5438

Revenue: $157,672

Year Started: 2007

  • Advanced solutions in life sciences

Website: Click here

Address: 1901 Nelson Miller Parkway Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: 1-877-GET-ASI1 (1-877-438-2741)

  • AeroCare Home Medical Equipment

Address: 2006 Corporate Drive, Suite 3 Richmond, KY 40475

Phone: (859) 623-5028

Fax: (888) 678-7195

  • Amgen

Address: 12000 Plantside Dr. Louisville, KY, 40299-6305 United States

Phone: (502) 266-2700

  • Aptis Medical

Website: Click here

Phone: 502-523-6738

Fax: 502-425-7422

Address: 3602 Glenview Avenue Glenview, KY 40025

  • Avante Health Solutions Louisville

Website: Click here

Toll-free:(800) 462-8195

Local:(502) 244-4444

International:(502) 244-6333

Address: 2601 Stanley Gault Parkway, Suite 101 Louisville, KY 40223

  • BioTest4U

Address: 632 Russell Street Covington, KY 41011

Tel: 513-808-3076

  • Burlington Health Care

Address: 5555 North Bend Road Suite A Burlington, KY 41005

Phone: 859.586.6700

  • CherriCare

Website: Click here

Phone: (270) 926-2252

Email: [email protected]

Address: 401 Bolivar Street Owensboro, KY 42303

  • Cpap Central – Louisville

Address: 12406 LaGrange Road, Suite 103 Louisville, KY 40245

Phone: (502) 890-8466

Fax: (502) 371-4755

Email: [email protected]

  • Cobra Introducer

Website: Click here

Address: 1044 East Chestnut Street Louisville KY 40204

Phone: 502-515-1100/860-559-2415

Email: [email protected]

  • Cognision

Address: 1044 East Chestnut Street Louisville, Kentucky 40204

Phone: (502) 561-9040

  • Critical Care Marketing LLC

Serves Edgewood

Website: Click here

Phone: (859) 331-2020

Email: [email protected]

  • Dasco Home Medical Equipment – Louisville

Address: 11534 Commonwealth Drive Louisville KY 40299

Phone: 502-473-6287

Fax: 502-473-6289

  • EMI Medical Products

Website: Click here

Address: 1890 Star Shoot Parkway, Suite 170 PMB 373, Lexington, Kentucky 40509, United States

Phone: (859) 543 – 9536

  • Ethos Holding Corp

Address: 29 E 6TH St Newport, KY, 41071-1803 United States

Phone: (877) 496-2570

Website: Click here

Revenue: $8.36 million

Year Started: 2010

Incorporated: 2010

  • Eurofins Genomics

Address: 12701 Plantside Dr. Louisville, KY, 40299-6388 United States

Phone: (800) 688-2248

Revenue: $23.49 million

Year Started: 2004

  • Flottman Company

Website: Click here

Address: 720 Centre View Boulevard Crestview Hills, KY 41017

PHONE: 859.331.6636

FAX: 859.344.7085

EMAIL: [email protected]

  • Fresh Start Mobility and Lifts, LLC

Email: [email protected]

Address: Louisville, Kentucky 7043

Phone: (931) 320-1787

  • Gismo Therapeutics

Address: 145 Graham Ave A253 Astecc Build Lexington, KY, 40506-0001 United States

Phone: (347) 251-7342

Revenue: $240,823

Year Started: 2011

  • Global Medical Devices, INC.

Address: 13427 Pike Rd Suite 100 Missouri City Tx

Phone: (619) 938-2540

Email: [email protected]

  • Greene Respiratory Services

Address: 921 Beasley St. Suite 110 Lexington, KY 40509

Phone: (859) 294-0231

Phone: (502) 272-4744

  • Hardin Scientific

Phone: +1.951.216.0298

Address: 33960 Harwest Way, Wildomar, CA 92565

Manufacturing office: Industrial Park No 2, Greensburg, KY 42743

  • Heartland Medical Sales & Services, LLC

Website: Click here

Address: 2601 Holloway Road Louisville, KY 40299

Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-866-467-5580

Local Phone Number: 502-671-1014

  • Hera BioLabs

Address: 2277 Thunderstick Dr. Ste 500 Lexington, KY, 40505-4879 United States

Phone: (859) 303-9444

Revenue: $1.06 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Innovative Neurophysiology

Address: 755 Bethel Church Rd Mount Washington, KY, 40047-7423 United States

Phone: (502) 428-1164

Revenue: $150,036

Year Started: 2004

Incorporated: 2004

  • Liberate Medical

Address: 6400 Westwind Way, Suite A Crestwood, KY 40014

Phone: +1 (833) 203-4663

Email: [email protected]

  • Lifelines Neuro

Address: 900 E Main St Ste 300 Louisville, KY, 40206-1626 United States

Phone: (618) 667-6445

Website: Click here

Revenue: $7.77 million

Year Started: 2019

  • MedEquip

Address: 800 Park Street Bowling Green, KY 42101

Phone: (270) 745-1000

Corporate Office: (270) 745-1500

  • MEMStim

Address: 1205 E Washington St Ste 115 Louisville, KY, 40206-1881 United States

Phone: (410) 375-6073

Revenue: $347,743

Year Started: 2011

Email: [email protected]

  • New Source Medical

Website: Click here

Address: 9913 Shelbyville Rd, Suite 203, Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: 1-800-859-5512

  • Orthopeutics

Address: 1501 BULL LEA RD STE 102B LEXINGTON, KY 40511

Website: Click here

Phone: (859) 225-5002

Founded: 2010

  • Patient Aids

Address: 100 Crossing Dr., Wilder, KY 41076

Phone: (859) 441-8876

Fax: (859) 441-5850

  • ParaTechs

Address: 1122 Oak Hill Dr. Lexington, KY, 40505-3322 United States

Phone: (859) 317-9213

Website: Click here

Revenue: $790,873

Year Started: 2004

Incorporated: 2004

  • Right now mobility stairswell

Address: 9850 Von Allmen Ct #201, Louisville, KY 40241, United States

Phone: 888-381-5820

  • RS Synthesis

Website: Click here

Address: P.O. Box 70301 Louisville, KY 40270

Tel: 502-614-5920

Fax: 801-780-2235

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

  • Summit Biosciences

Address: Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Website: Click here

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (859)254-0180

  • Talaris Therapeutics

Address: 570 S. Preston St., Suite 400 Louisville, KY 40202

Tel: (502) 398-9250

Email: [email protected]

  • Vivitide

Website: Click here

Address: 11621 Electron Drive Louisville, KY 40299

Phone: 1-502-266-8787

Toll-Free: 1-800-777-4779

Email: marketing@vivitide.

FAQs about the Medical device companies in Kentucky

Below, you will find the answers to the most-asked questions about Medical device companies in Kentucky;

  • What are the top medical device companies in Kentucky?

Here are the top five medical device companies in Kentucky:

  1. Lincare
  2. Hamilton Tim Dr
  3. Mobility Plus Florence
  4. Coulter Diagnostics
  5. Advance Technologies
  • How many medical device companies are in Kentucky?

There are over 200 medical device companies in Kentucky.

  • What’s the employment rate of the medical device industry?

Since 2014, medical device companies in Kentucky have announced approximately 100 new or expanded projects totaling over $645 million in investment and nearly 6,900 new jobs.

  • How many medical devices have been manufactured in Kentucky?

There are no reliable figures, but widely accepted estimates place the number of different main categories of medical devices available in Kentucky today somewhere around 10,000.

Conclusion on the Medical device companies in Kentucky

Kentucky is home to manufacturers and distribution centers in the medical device industries, in addition to a variety of CLIA-certified laboratories, cancer research, drug trial management companies, and bio manufacturers.

Kentucky is heavily dependent on the medical device companies in the state. These companies are providing nations around the world with the tools they need to combat this global pandemic, all while providing high-paying, rewarding jobs for Kentuckians.

Whether it’s providing devices, services, therapies, manufacturing personal protective equipment, or providing medical equipment, the medical device companies in Kentucky are improving global health while helping to build a better Kentucky.

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