List of Best hospitals in the Bahamas

There are different hospitals in the Bahamas that work towards creating a healthy living for the Bahamians.

The National Health Insurance Bahamas (NHI Bahamas) program was launched in 2016 and offers Bahamian residents access to primary health care, free at the point of service.

The cost of insurance plans in the Bahamas comes in a wide range that depends on your need and level of the desired cover.

Introduction to hospitals in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has excellent health and medical facilities with devoted healthcare providers that work vehemently in making sure that indeed efficient and effective healthcare services are offered.

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) was founded in 1998 and it manages the three (3) government-owned hospitals and Agencies as outlined below;

  • The Princess Margaret Hospital,
  • Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and
  • The Rand Memorial Hospital, as well as all other health care services in Grand Bahama.
  • The National Drug Agency (BNDA)
  • The Materials Management Directorale (MMD)
  • The National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS)

List of hospitals in the Bahamas

Below is the list of top hospitals in the Bahamas everyone ought to know. This list is essential for easy access to these awesome hospitals.

Adolescent Health Center     

Address: School Ln., Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-328-3248

Antonio guerrero

Address: Village Rd, Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamas Heart Institute

Phone: 242-362-4400

FAX: 242-362-4493

About Bahamas heart institute:

The Pavilion started as The Bahamas Centre for Heart Disease, Ltd. (BCHDL), doing business as The Bahamas Heart Centre in the summer of 1990 as envisioned by Doctor Brown.

In 1993, having seen the need to expand cardiac services to combat heart-related illnesses, Dr. Brown decided to build a facility that would allow for the development of comprehensive ambulatory cardiac services, thus the birth of The Bahamas Heart Centre.

Bahamas Physio

Address: Western Rd, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-362-4400

Care Bahamas Limited

Address: Shirley Street & Hawkins Hill, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: 242-322-5530

FAX: 242-325-0575

About care Bahamas limited:

Care Bahamas’ mission is to provide quality health care in an environment of cost containment.

The delivery of health care is now rapidly changing in the Bahamas. Significant changes are also occurring in the way services are reimbursed to professionals. Traditional indemnity insurance is sharing the market with managed care plans.

Centreville Medical Centre Ltd

Address: Sixth Terrace, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-326-1929

Coconut Grove Clinic

Address: 3M43+2XJ, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-325-4013

Doctors Hospital

Address: 147 Shirley Street and Collins Avenue PO Box N-3018 Nassau Bahamas

Telephone: + 1 242 322 8411

Fax: + 1 242 322 3284

Website: visit here

Eight Mile Rock Clinic

Address: G6M4+GJF, Bain Town, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-348-2227

Website: visit here

Eleuthera Medical Center

Eleuthera medical center north paletto point: 2423320224

Bahamas wellness center eleuthera(palmetto point):2423320224/0225

Family medicine center rock sound: 2423342500

Website: visit here

Exuma Community Mini-Hospital

Address: G679+556, George Town, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-336-2088

Fleming St Clinic

Address: Fleming St, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-322-6748

Fax: 242-322-6719

Lucayan Medical Centre

Address: East Sunrise Highway, Freeport, Bahamas

Phone: 242-373-7400

FAX: 242-373-7367

WEBSITE: visit

About lucayan medical center:

Lucayan Medical Centre started in 1968 through the efforts of Dr. Robert Forsyth. The Centre was established to deliver high-quality health care to all the residents of Grand Bahama and the people of the Northern Bahamas.

In 2018 Lucayan Medical Centre celebrates 50 years of quality service to Grand Bahama and the Northern Bahamas.

Encouraging patients to become pro-active in their own health as they journey towards optimal wellness, the Lucayan Medical Centre promotes lifestyle changes with the introduction of the Personalized Nutrition and Wellness program to their high-quality health care services.

Lyford Cay Hospital

Address: P.O. Box. N-7776 Nassau Bahamas

Tel: + 1 242 362 4025

Fax: + 1 242 362 449

Nicholls Town Clinic

Address: 4XW3+WCW, Nicholls Town, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-329-2055

Outpatient Specialty Clinic

Address: Coral Rd, Freeport, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-350-6769

Princess Margaret Hospital

Address: P.O. Box N-3730 Nassau Bahamas

Tel: + 1 242 322 3117

Fax: + 1 242 326 8804

Rand Memorial Hospital

Address: E Mall, Freeport, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-350-6700

Rand Memorial Hospital (Grand Bahama Health Services)

Address: GRAND CAY CLINIC, Freeport, Bahamas

Phone: 242-353-1244

FAX: 242-352-6791

Address 2: East Atlantic Dr, Freeport, Bahamas

Phone: 242-352-6735


Phone: 242-352-7722

Rocksound Clinic

Address: VR9R+H6G, Rock Sound, Bahamas

Samaritans Purse Emergency Field Hospital

Address: PO Box 3000 Boone, NC 28607 828.262.1980.

Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre

Address: Fox Hill Road, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: 242-324-1246

FAX: 242-324-3922

The Medical Pavilion Bahamas

Address: 72 Collins Ave, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: +1 242-356-6666

The New Sunrise Medical Centre & Hospital

Address: East Sunrise Hwy, Freeport, Bahamas

Phone: 242-373-3333

FAX: 242-373-3342

Conclusion on the hospitals in the Bahamas

The list of the top hospitals in the Bahamas is essential for easy access to these awesome health institutions since good health is what everyone desires.

Among the ways to care for your health is having access to a good hospital thus one of the essences of this write-up.

It is equally important to note that the hospitals above are in no order of ranking. All health facilities as outlined above with their contact addresses have the necessary operational licenses and accreditations.

Your opinion counts, kindly air your view in the comment box below.


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