Fast growing 20 Health Tech startups in Uk

Over the past year, health tech startups have surged to the forefront, and this trend is expected to continue dominating public interest for the foreseeable future.

They are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in health and technology, and many of them are doing incredible work to assist people who are in the greatest need.

Aside from the obvious problem that will arise about health in 2020/21, there are a great number of additional concerns that, if it were not for these companies, may have been pushed to the background or otherwise overlooked.

To draw attention to the vital contributions they are making, we have conducted an up-to-date analysis of the activities being carried out in the various healthcare markets.

Health Tech startups

Our ranking of the Top 20 Healthtech startups includes each of these incredible companies, and they all made the cut.

  • BenevolentAI

Founded in 2013 in London, United Kingdom

BenevolentAI uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in conjunction with the most recent developments in scientific methodology to unravel the intricacies of disease biology, produce novel discoveries, and locate more effective treatments.

It is one-of-a-kind computational R&D platform that encompasses the entirety of the drug discovery process and is responsible for powering an internal pipeline consisting of over 25 therapeutic programs that range from the early discovery phases through the clinical phases. Also, it stands among the healthcare technology startups.

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  • Birdie

Founded in 2017 in London, United Kingdom

Birdie is a digital care tech startup with a primary focus on providing in-home care for seniors. Birdie’s mission is to empower seniors to confidently age in the comfort of their own homes by providing comprehensive and individualized preventive care.

Digital patient planning, monitoring, and assessment are all made easier with the support of Birdie’s platform.

In addition to cutting down on administrative expenses, Birdie makes it possible for caregivers to check in and send notifications relating to medications.

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  • Cera

Cera was established in 2016 in London, United Kingdom.

Cera is a company that develops professional home care services together with a digital platform to accompany them to provide care that is open, consistent, and effective. Cera is a pioneer in the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics technologies to transform the healthcare industry.

The company’s products enable users to live longer, healthier, and better lives at home by assisting care workers and predicting changes in the users’ health at a rate that is significantly faster than with traditional methods.

Cera is now one of the largest home care companies in the UK after seeing tremendous expansion in recent years.

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  • DoctorLink

Founded in 2016 in London, United Kingdom

Andrew Gardner

DoctorLink was developed to assist individuals in enhancing their experience with their primary care physician (GP) and to assist GP practices in reducing the ever-increasing levels of demand placed on them.

In addition, DoctorLink incorporates a clinically validated Symptom Assessment instrument and communicates with the information technology systems used by doctors’ practices to provide patients with individualized medical guidance that is tailored to meet their unique needs.

Additionally, DoctorLink assists in the scheduling of appointments with general practitioners and other NHS services.

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  • Huma

Founded in 2011 in London, United Kingdom

The international health technology business Huma is developing a scalable platform to facilitate the operation of digital “hospitals at home” for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. To go forward with its predictive care and research aims, Huma’s platform integrates predictive algorithms, digital biomarkers, and data from the real world.

Through the use of remote patient monitoring solutions, such as wearable technology, Huma collects digital biomarkers from patients in their natural environments. This then enables Huma’s partners to personalize and market digital health solutions according to their specific needs.

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  • Babylon Health

Founded in 2013 in London, United Kingdom

Ali Parsa

Babylon is a supplier of digital health services that integrates artificial intelligence technology with the clinical knowledge and experience of actual people.

At any time that is convenient for them, people can get individualized evaluations of their health, recommendations about how best to address their condition, and appointments with doctors. Patients can have a conversation with a doctor in a matter of minutes via phone or video call when using the Babylon app.

Alternatively, patients can use the text service to ask straightforward medical questions or monitor their health using the all-encompassing tracking system.

  • LabGenius

Founded in 2012 in Oxford, United Kingdom.

LabGenius is a biopharmaceutical firm that is in the process of producing protein medicines by utilizing an evolution engine that is powered by machine learning. This is also among the top health tech startups in the UK.

Its protein engineering platform incorporates several technologies from the disciplines of synthetic biology, machine learning, and robotics.

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  • Lantum

Founded in 2012 in London, United Kingdom

Lantum is a web-based platform that gives healthcare providers the ability to manage their clinical workforce effectively. It is one of the healthcare technology startups.

Clinics use Lantum to manage its independent physicians and to search for new physicians to hire using the platform’s marketplace of screened and experienced medical professionals.

In addition, Lantum makes it possible for clinics to conduct compliance checks on physicians, rate them, and speedily pay them.

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  • LloydsDirect

Echo was established in 2015 in London, United Kingdom.

Patients can have their repeat prescriptions sent directly to their homes by using the LloydsDirect app, which is a free prescription management program. After becoming a member of the Lloyds Pharmacy group in July 2021, the company, which was formerly known as Echo, changed its name to reflect its new affiliation.

After you tell LloydsDirect your prescription and the name of your neighborhood general practitioner, the app works together with NHS Digital to verify the information you provided and then sends your prescription to you through first-class Royal Mail at no additional cost.

The application will remind you to reorder your medication and schedule an appointment with your primary care physician at the appropriate times.

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  • Lumeon

Founded in 2013 in London, United Kingdom

Lumeon is a digital healthcare business that pioneered the Care Pathway Management sector (CPM). Lumeon corrects the problems that are present in the healthcare system and contributes to the enhancement of all stages of the CPM, from scheduling and revenue management to clinical reporting and aftercare.

Customers such as BUPA, Nuffield Health, Alliance Medical, HCA, Optegra, and Newmedica are among the impressive names in the sphere of healthcare supply that Lumeon counts among its clientele.

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  • LumiraDx

Founded in 2014 in London, United Kingdom

With smarter connected diagnostics and diagnostic-led care solutions, LumiraDx simplifies and expands access to diagnostic-led care.

This enables better outcomes in terms of health care, social care, and financial outcome. It provides tried and true solutions to assist patients in achieving health care transformation goals dependably and cost-effectively.

All of the company’s customers provide care that is coordinated, centered on the patient, and based on accurate information.

  • Medloop

Founded in 2019 in London, United Kingdom

It is the mission of Medloop to provide connected healthcare by completing the feedback loop between patients and medical professionals.

This allows physicians to have a real-time overview of their patients and gives people improved access to medical services.

To accomplish this, Medloop builds a sophisticated rule-engine and predictive analytics system by utilizing their partner’s best preventive practices and millions of patient years of data.

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  • NeuroFlow

Founded in 2017 – in Philadelphia, United States of America.

The platform known as NeuroFlow was developed to assist medical professionals in their efforts to give patients better care.

Also, the cloud-based platform from NeuroFlow that complies with HIPAA standards makes it easier for medical professionals to track, evaluate, and engage patients with the help of evidence-based procedures that are intended to improve their mental health.

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  • Oviva

Oviva was established in 2013 in London, United Kingdom.

Oviva is a digital health platform that provides dietetic services that are supported by technology. The mission of Oviva is to assist individuals in living lives that are both happier and healthier. Oviva has been a pioneer in the development of innovative, individualized behavior change programs that are delivered through a smartphone app and a learning portal.

These programs are designed to support dietitian-led behavior change for conditions such as type 2 diabetes and complex obesity.

Oviva makes it easier for patients to achieve improved health outcomes, and it does so without requiring them to make in-person appointments.

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  • Oxehealth

Established in 2015 and based in Oxford, UK

Oxehealth has been at the forefront of establishing the world’s first medical device certification for software that enables a digital video camera to remotely detect a patient’s pulse and breathing rate.

The ability to remotely monitor elderly and fragile persons is one of the most game-changing aspects of this technology. The Oxehealth Digital Care Helper is the ideal answer for situations in which a real-life assistant is unable to be present at all times.

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  • Pando

Founded in 2016 in London, United Kingdom

Pando, which was formerly known as forwarding Health, is a company that pioneered an app that is now being used by more than 25,000 professionals in 200 hospitals that are part of the NHS to facilitate more productive work. Pando Health is a messaging app that provides a confidential channel for communication between medical professionals.

The platform also includes a task management feature that enables users to create patient lists and tasks that can be shared with the team and updated as new developments occur.

This functionality is available at no additional cost. The software also serves as a wellness tool, which enhances both the quality of care provided to patients and the satisfaction of employees in the workplace.

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  • PatientPop

2014, Santa Monica, California, USA, is where it all began.

PatientPop is a solution for practice expansion that is giving healthcare professionals the ability to succeed in the digital era.

Also, PatientPop is an app that improves patient healthcare by enhancing each touchpoint along the patient journey. Some of these touchpoints include digital booking and post-appointment follow-ups.

PatientPop then makes it easier for physicians to automate their front office operations, attract new patients, manage their online reputation, and modernize the patient experience.

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  • Thriva

Founded in 2015 in London, United Kingdom

Thriva provides individuals with the ability to effortlessly track and improve their health through the use of a tailored finger-prick blood test that can be performed at home.

The Thriva tests are analyzed by their partner laboratories, and the results are then reviewed by a general practitioner.

Finally, the individual will receive their results in their Thriva dashboard along with health insights and actionable steps in the form of personalized health plans.

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  • Unmind

Founded in 2016 in London, United Kingdom

Unmind is a business-to-business (B2B) mental health platform that provides clinically-supported tools and training to help organizations become healthier, happier, and more human.

The core of the Unmind platform is an optimistic and preventative approach to mental health care that is designed to benefit everyone.

Their online platform offers learning and development, as well as tools and training, assessments and insights, assistance and signposting, and more.

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  • Vinehealth

Founded in 2018 in London, United Kingdom

Vinehealth is artificial intelligence (AI)-a driven platform that offers intelligent technological support to cancer patients in the hopes of improving both their quality of life and their survival rate.

The application of behavioral science in conjunction with artificial intelligence helps patients undergoing cancer treatment better manage their care.

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  • Zava

Zava was established in 2010 in London, United Kingdom.

It is an online medical service provider that eliminates the need for patients to go to a physical location for consultations, tests, and medicines by providing these services.

As a result, Zava enables actual general practitioners to remotely administer actual medications in real-time. As a result, obtaining medical treatment through an online doctor service is not only more convenient but also more discrete.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Tech startups

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the health tech startups;

  • What exactly is a health-tech firm?

HealthTech is a group of companies that caters to the software and service requirements of healthcare organizations.

The objective of HealthTech is to manage technology firms that add value to the healthcare industry.

  • What is the significance of healthcare start-ups?

Startups in the healthcare industry provide higher-quality services.

As a result, private organizations are attempting to establish resources that will be able to meet such demands. With a potential future in healthcare businesses, funds and investments are easier to come by.

  • Why is healthcare classified as a business?

In the United States, healthcare has become purely a business phrase. Hospitals, clinics, health insurance, the pharmaceutical business, and medical device makers organize doctors and patients into a system where that relationship may be monetarily abused and as much money taken as possible.

  • What does business-to-business mean in the healthcare industry?

B2B is a business-to-business method in which one company transacts with another, such as a telemonitoring equipment manufacturer with a hospital.

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