Fastest growing health tech companies 2022

Today, we will thoroughly look at the Fastest growing health tech companies since Consumers across practically every industry are clamoring for more convenience and flexibility, and the burgeoning “healthcare at home” movement echoes that need.

The emergence of health tech firms will allow the world to maintain people’s health from the comfort of their own homes.

During the coronavirus pandemic, there was a tremendous global demand for health tech solutions, which is a phrase that is most typically used to describe any technology-enabled solution for out-of-hospital/general practice healthcare.

While treating and monitoring COVID-19 and other disorders, remote digital health treatments give a way to stick to social distancing guidelines.

Here, we’ll explore what health tech is exactly and we’ll also look at the top 20  fastest growing health tech companies, ranked in order of investment raised to date.


What is health tech?

Simply speaking, health tech refers to software, data, and other technologically-enabled healthcare solutions.

In the healthcare industry, health tech is the fastest-growing vertical. Except for hospital and practice management software, it encompasses any technology-enabled healthcare product or service that can be provided or consumed outside of a hospital or physician’s office.

“The use of technology (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase the research and commercialization of medicinal products,” according to one helpful definition of health-tech.

What are the fastest growing Health tech companies in 2022?

The list below contains the list of the 30 fastest growing health tech companies;

  • ResMed

Category: Medical Devices

Location: San Diego, California.

Founded by: Michael Farrell

Established in: 1989

Website: visit here

ResMed provides medical equipment for treating, diagnosing, and managing sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders.

The company pioneers innovative solutions that treat and keep people out of the hospital, empowering them to live healthier higher-quality lives.

Its cloud-connected medical devices transform care for people with sleep apnea, COPD, and other chronic diseases. Its comprehensive out-of-hospital software platforms support the professionals and caregivers who help people stay healthy in the home or care to set of their choice.


Category: Biotech

Location: Germany

Founded by: Metin Colpan, Karsten Henco, Jürgen Schumacher

Established in: 1984

Website: click here

QIAGEN is a German provider of sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics, applied testing, academic and pharmaceutical research.

The company is a pioneer in Precision Medicine and the global leader in collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to co-develop companion diagnostics, which detect clinically relevant genetic abnormalities to provide insights that guide clinical decision-making in diseases such as cancer.

  • Meditech

Category: Healthcare Software

Location: Westwood, Massachusetts,

Founded by: Pappalardo and Morton E. Ruderman, Curtis W. Marble, Jerome H. Grossman and Edward B. Roberts.

Established in: 1969

Website: click here

Meditech empowers healthcare organizations to keep their patients and their businesses healthy. The company has driven EHR innovation during every stage of the industry’s evolution.

Today it helps healthcare organizations around the world with MEDITECH Expanse, a web-based EHR that’s setting new standards for usability, efficiency, and clinician satisfaction.

Its software is used in almost every healthcare setting, from acute centers and ambulatory practices to home health and hospice, long-term care facilities, patients’ homes, and beyond.

  • Omnicell

Category: Healthcare Software

Location: United kingdom

Founded by: Randall A. Lipps

Established in: 1992

Website: visit here

Omnicell is a leading provider of automated and business information solutions enabling hospitals and healthcare.

The company is focused on transforming the pharmacy care delivery model to dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs.

  • Adamed Group

Category: Biotech

Location: Europe.

Founded by: Adamed, Pabianickie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa and Adamed Consumer Healthcare

Established in: 2010

Website: visit here

Adamed Pharma is a pharmaceutical and biotechnological company, founded on the basis of its own scientific advances and a patent portfolio. With a dedicated team of over 2200 employees, Adamed engages in the development, licensing, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products into Europe, MENA, Australia, and the Pacific region – more than 70 countries globally, the references include the most renowned pharma corporations.

  • Exos

Category: Medical Devices

Location: California

Founded by: Fariborz Boor

Established in: 2007

Website: Click Here

Exos is a medical device company that develops and commercializes thermoformable external musculoskeletal stabilization systems.

Exos offers a thermoformable bracing system, consisting of a waterproof, removable, adjustable, and reformable solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilization.

The current range includes hand-based devices for finger and hand injuries, forearm-based devices for hand, wrist, and forearm injuries, a humeral fracture brace, and a line of the pediatric wrist and forearm fracture braces.

  • JAZZ Pharmaceuticals

Category: Biotech

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Established in: 2003

Website: click here

Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that identifies, develops, and commercializes innovative treatments for important, underserved markets in neurology and psychiatry.

The company also focuses on identifying, developing, and commercializing products for neurology and psychiatry primarily in the United States.

  • Halodoc

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: Indonesia

Founded by: Jonathan Sudharta

Established in: 2016

Website: visit here

Halodoc is a health-tech platform that connects patients with doctors, insurance, labs, and pharmacies in one simple mobile application.

HaloDoc connects users to a network of 19,000 licensed doctors, 1,000 certified partner pharmacies through medical delivery service ApotikAntar, and licensed medical laboratory services. Users can communicate with these medical professionals through chat, video, and voice calls.

  • Carbon Health

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: California

Founded by: Caesar Djavaherian, Eren Bali, Greg Burrell and Tom Berry

Established in: 2015

Website: Visit

Carbon Health is a tech-enabled healthcare company that delivers virtual care experiences. The company offers primary care services through a mobile app that enables users to follow up on a treatment plan, manage prescriptions, and see lab reports all in one platform.

Patients can also get treated for certain conditions such as poison ivy, cold sores, and eczema by messaging Carbon providers in the app.

  • Village MD

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: United States.

Founded by: Clive Fields, Paul Martino, Tim Barry

Established in: 2013

Website: click here

VillageMD collaborates with primary care physicians to maximize success in a changing health care environment.

VillageMD’s goal is to be the largest, highest-performing primary care-led network in the U.S. The company is a provider of healthcare for organizations moving toward a primary care-led, high-value clinical model.

  • Lyra Health

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location:  California

Founded by: Bob Kocher, David Ebersman, and Dena Bravata. T

Established in: 2015

Website: visit here

Lyra Health helps companies improve access to effective, high-quality mental health care for their employees.

Its matching technology and innovative digital platform connect members to a curated network of top therapists and coaches, which triples the number of people receiving care and increases the chance of better outcomes than traditional plans and EAPs seven-fold.

  • Flatiron Health

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: New York USA

Founded by:  Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg

Established in: 2012

Website: visit

Flatiron Health is a healthcare technology company focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care.

The company’s platform enables cancer researchers and care providers to learn from the experience of every patient.

Its database platform aggregates and transforms clinical and financial data from electronic medical records (EMRs) and billing systems that provide comprehensive support to cancer care providers and life science companies.

  • Alto Pharmacy

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: New York City, San Francisco, California.

Founded by: Jamie Karraker and Mattieu Gamache-Asselin,

Established in: 2015

Website: click here

Alto Pharmacy is an on-demand pharmacy that offers patients free same-day prescription delivery, cost transparency, and pharmacist access.

The San Francisco, California-based company began in a storage closet and has since grown to open eight offices across the US, including locations in New York City, Las Vegas, and Denver.

  • Capsule

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: New York City

Founded by: Eric Kinariwala

Established in: 2016

Website: Click Here

Capsule is a modern way for people to get their prescriptions. The company has completely digitized the pharmacy experience by offering a sleek platform, efficient software, and making prescriptions easier than ever to get filled.

Consumers have the ability to chat or text with their pharmacist about any questions they have, whether it’s about their medications or insurance.

  • AdvancedMD

Category: Healthcare Software

Location: South Jordan

Founded by: AdvanceMD associates

Established in: 1999

Website: click here

AdvancedMD is a healthcare technology company that offers cloud medical office software to ambulatory medical practices.

The company supports independent physicians and their staff with a comprehensive suite of solutions including practice management, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, and business analytics reporting.

AdvancedMD offers a flexible outsourced billing option for practices looking to use a third-party billing company.

  • EverlyWell

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Founded by: Julia Taylor Cheek

Established in: 2015

Website: Visit

EverlyWell is a digital health company that offers consumer testing, virtual care, at-home collection tests, and digital results.

The company connects people to certified labs that offer a suite of validated lab tests including tests for cholesterol, heart health, fertility, STIs, Lyme disease, and more.

EverlyWell also offers FDA-authorized at-home sample collection test kits for COVID-19, and was the first to provide access to at-home sample collection lab tests for fertility, high-risk HPV, and indoor and outdoor allergies.

  • CMR Surgical

Category: Medical Devices

Location: USA

Founded by: Luke Hares, Mark Slack and Martin Frost.

Established in: 2014

Website: Click Here

CMR Surgical is the UK’s leading surgical robotics company, developing the next-generation surgical robotic system for minimal access surgery. CMR works with surgeons and hospitals to provide an optimal tool to make robotic keyhole surgery universally accessible and affordable.

In 2018, the company launched Versius, its next-generation robotic system that has been successfully launched in multiple locations worldwide including across Europe, Australia, India, and the Middle East.

  • Atos Medical

Category: Medical Devices

Location: Sweden

Founded by: Gert and Jan-Ove Persson,

Established in: 1986

Website: click here

Atos Medical is a medical device company that focuses on voice and pulmonary rehabilitation of patients who have undergone a Laryngectomy, the surgical removal of their voice box.

Today, the company serves the needs of more than 100,000 people with neck stomas around the world.

Determined to remain at the forefront of first-rate product development, Atos prioritizes clinical research and education of both professionals and patients as integral parts of our business.

  • Aspen Surgical

Category: Medical Devices

Location: Caledonia, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

Founded by: Daniel Bowen

Established in: 1999

Website: visit here

Aspen Surgical is a worldwide manufacturer of medical disposable products that focuses on efficiency and safety in the hospital and surgical markets.

The company’s extensive portfolio includes Bard-Parker blades and scalpels, Precept personal protective equipment, Protek probe covers and needle guides, surgical marking pens, orthopedic positioners, and Stork obstetric products as well as basic wound care products.

  • Parsley Health

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: Columbia, Los Angeles, NewYork City, and San Francisco.

Founded by: Dr. Robin Berzin, M.D,

Established in: 2016

Website: visit here

Parsley Health is a new kind of healthcare service that integrates technology, nutrition, wellness, and prevention into cutting-edge primary care.

The company is a healthcare membership, where customers are offered a holistic approach to their health by a team of doctors and health coaches, complete with 24/7 unlimited messaging.

Parsley members spend around four hours/year with medical professionals, including five doctor visits a year and five health coach visits.

  • Kindbody

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: New York

Founded by: Joanne Schneider and Gina Bartasi.

Established in: 2018

Website: visit here

Kindbody serves as a one-stop-shop of family-building options, offering everything from egg freezing and IVF, to gynecological care for patients.

Kindbody’s first clinic launched in August of 2018 in New York City, and it has since added clinics in San Francisco and Los Angeles today the company has more than 300 in-person clinics all over the country.

  • Centivo

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Location: Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, and Southern California

Founded by: Alan Cohen, Ashok Subramanian, Boris Khomut, Jordan Silvergleid, Ruth Berkowitz, Stuart Roth, and Tahasin Alam.

Established in: 2017

Website: visit here

Centivo offers a digital health plan aimed at self-funded employers looking to provide employees with quality care they can afford.

An alternative to traditional insurance carriers or third-party administrators, Centivo offers the technology, network, claims processing, customer support, and population health management to fully administer health benefits for all or a portion of an employee population.

The Centivo model emphasizes the partnership between individuals and their primary care team as the proper model to coordinate healthcare needs.

  • Immunex

Category: Biotech

Location: Seattle, Washington

Founded by: James R. Seattle, Washington, and StevenGillis,

Established in: 1981

Website: visit here

Immunex is a leading biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing immune system science to protect human health.

Applying our scientific expertise in the field of immunology, cytokine biology, vascular biology, antibody-based therapeutics, and small molecule research, we work to discover new targets and new therapeutics for treating rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and other inflammatory diseases, as well as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Ardelyx

Category: Biotech

Location: USA

Founded by: Dominique Charmot and Peter G. Schultz

Established in: 2007

Website: visit here

Ardelyx is a biotech company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing medicines to support patients with kidney and cardiorenal diseases.

The company’s molecules are known to target transporters and receptors, modulating the uptake of nutrients or inducing the secretion of key hormones to help patients.

Its lead products include RDX5791, which is being developed both for constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C) and for prevention of excess dietary sodium absorption, a new treatment for high blood pressure.

  • DNA Script

Category: Biotech

Location: Paris, France

Founded by: Sylvain Gariel

Established in: 2015

Website: visit here

DNA Script is a pioneering life sciences technology company developing a faster and more versatile way to design and manufacture nucleic acids.

The company has developed an alternative to traditional DNA synthesis called enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS).

By putting DNA synthesis back in the lab, DNA Script aims to transform life sciences research through innovative technology that gives researchers unprecedented control and autonomy.

  • Syneos Health

Category: Biotech

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina.

Founded by: INC Research and inVentiv Health

Established in: 1985

Website: visit here

Syneos Health is designed to accelerate customer performance to address modern market realities. The company brings together approximately 24,000 clinical and commercial minds with the ability to support customers in more than 110 countries.

Together they share insights, use the latest technologies and apply advanced business practices to speed customers’ delivery of important therapies to patients.

  • Pulse Biosciences

Category: Medical Devices

Location: North California

Founded by: Old Dominion University and the University of Southern California.

Established in: 2014

Website: visit here

Pulse Biosciences is a novel bioelectric medicine company committed to health innovation that has the potential to improve and extend the lives of patients.

The company’s proprietary Nano-Pulse Stimulation™(NPS) technology offers a unique cellular-specific mechanism that has extensive utility across several medical specialties.

  • Alltech

Category: Biotech

Location: Nicholasville, Kentucky

Founded by: Dr. Pearse Lyons

Established in: 1980

Website: visit here

Alltech is a global animal health company providing natural, nutritional supplements for livestock and poultry producers.

Through its innovative study of nutrigenomics, the company’s nutritional technologies help animals maximize the nutrients in their feed for optimal well-being and performance.

Alltech works with producers across the globe to address important animal nutrition issues and helps them to increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability through analytical services.

  • Biocon Biologics

Category: Biotech

Location: India

Founded by: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw,

Established in: 1978

Website: visit here

Biocon Biologics is a fully-integrated pure-play biosimilars organization globally engaged in developing high-quality, affordable biosimilars aimed at expanding patient access to cutting-edge therapies.

It develops and commercializes a differentiated portfolio of novel biologics, biosimilars, and complex small molecule APIs in India and several key global markets, as well as generic formulations in the US and Europe.

  • Neuro42

Category: Medical Devices

Location: The San Francisco, California

Founded by: A team of successful entrepreneurs and healthcare innovators.

Established in: 2020

Website: click here

Neuro42 is a medical technology company focused on diagnostic imaging and image-guided surgical interventions of the brain.

The company is developing and commercializing an intraoperative MRI and robot that allows easy access to screening, diagnosis, and interventions of neurological diseases.

  • Illumina, Inc.

Category: Biotech

Location: San Diego, California

Founded by: David R. Walt, Satnam Alag, Larry Bock, and John Stuelpnagel.

CEO: Francis deSouza

Established in: 1998

Website: Visit

Illumina is a biotech company focused on applying innovative technologies and revolutionary assays to the analysis of genetic variation and function, making studies possible that were not even imaginable just a few years ago.

As a company that places a high value on collaborative interactions, rapid delivery of solutions, and prioritizing the needs of its customers, they strive to meet this challenge.

Illumina’s innovative, array-based solutions for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis serve as tools for disease research, drug development, and the development of molecular tests in the clinic.