15 Best eye hospitals in Asia

Why are these hospitals considered the best eye hospitals in Asia? This article on the best eye hospitals in Asia although is quite complicated to compile we are devoted to providing you with the essential information you seek.

There are many wonderful health institutions that make this list of the best eye hospitals in Asia that are worth knowing.

As we know, Asia is an amazing place to get your first-class medical procedures at affordable rates. Of all organs of the body, the eyes are very delicate and must be cared for at all costs.

This article on the best eye hospitals in Asia is an essential piece for everyone who wishes to take good care of their vision in Asia.

Introduction to the best eye hospitals in Asia

There is a need to know the best eye hospitals in Asia because seeking medical care in Asia comes with many mouthwatering advantages.

best eye hospitals

Although some patients are faced with the language barrier in most Asian eye hospitals the good news is the health establishments listed in this article as the best eye hospitals in Asia are of international standard and have physicians that are willing to hear you out in your own language.

List of the best eye hospitals in Asia

  • Ophthalmological Institute Quironsalud
  • Sourasky Medical Center
  • Medicana Hospitals Group
  • Medipol Mega University Hospital
  • Eye Clinic Singapore International
  • Sikarin Hospital
  • Beijing Aier-Intech Eye Hospital
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital Uae
  • Japan International Eye Hospital
  • Yoshida Eye Hospital
  • Batigoz Eye Hospital In Turkey
  • Gachon University Gil Medical Center
  • Net Göz Eye Surgery Clinic
  • Bgn Eye Clinic

Ophthalmological Institute Quironsalud

In the list of the best eye hospitals in Asia, Ophthalmological Institute Quironsalud in Dubai is a comprehensive ophthalmologic center dedicated to treating different eye conditions and diseases.

They have a team of highly qualified specialists, the most advanced medical technology, and modern and comfortable facilities to provide their patients and their relatives with a unique and totally personalized experience.

best eye hospitals in Asia

All Quirónsalud health centres share the company’s values of clinical excellence, cutting-edge technology, commitment to innovation and research, and personalized treatment for patients and their families.

Address: Villa 1187, 304 Wasl Road, Umm Al Sheif District, Dubai, UAE

Sourasky Medical Center

Sourasky Medical Center commonly referred to as Ichilov Hospital is the main hospital complex serving Tel Aviv, Israel, and its metropolitan area and the second-largest hospital complex in the country.

The complex is spread out over an area of 150,000 m2 and incorporates four hospitals: Ichilov General Hospital and Ida Sourasky Rehabilitation Center, Lis Maternity Hospital, and Dana Children’s Hospital.

The hospital was originally named after the Ichilov family. Ichilov Hospital was founded in 1963 as a one-building facility designed by architect Arieh Sharon. Is no doubt that this hospital is among the best eye hospitals in Asia.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is committed to delivering medical excellence and compassionate care with the most skilled physicians and medical teams, treating each patient equally, integrating excellence in clinical care with academia and research and development for the benefit of Israeli residents and the population worldwide.

Address: Tel Aviv, Israel

Website: click here

Medicana Hospitals Group

International Medical Network Medicana is one of the largest networks of medical institutions in the region.

Medicana hospitals group occupies leading positions among the most high-tech medical centers in Turkey. Quality and safety of services in institutions of Medicana complies with the latest international health standards and the level of centers are compared with the top world leaders in medicine.

The first clinic was founded in 1995, today the Medicana network consists of 9 modern medical centers (two of which are highly advanced Dental centers), specialized institutions, and research departments. The leading clinics of the group are situated in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, and Samsun.

People come to Medicana seeking treatment in fields of ophthalmology, neurosurgery, transplantology, oncology, heart surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and so on.

Address: Beylikdüzü Cd. No: 3, 34520 Beylikdüzü/İstanbul

Medipol Mega University Hospital

Turkey’s largest private healthcare investment Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex, conducted by University Affiliations Medipol result of the Medipol University Hospital giant he took a step in the health sector.

best eye hospitals in Asia

Medipol Mega University Hospital applies the medicine management system Pyxis Automated Dispensing System of such a character in the world. Pyxis Automated Dispensing System offers the complete automated process and safety by the synchronization with the medical data management system, i.e. from the pharmacy up to the medicine delivery to the patient.

This is the first private medical complex in Turkey that specializes in ophthalmology, Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Dental Hospitals with a large health investment performs Medipol Megan Hospital Complex, which also has the highest number of branches in Turkey.

This is among the best eye hospitals in Asia with 515 hospital beds and 126 intensive care units.

Address: TEM Avrupa Otoyolu Göztepe Çıkışı No:, D:1, 34214 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey

Eye Clinic Singapore International

This clinic has been providing private eye care services for its local and international patients since 1994. In 2004, Jurong office commenced service as the first practice providing private specialist eye medical and surgical services to patients in the western region of Singapore.

They provide direct, hassle-free, and easily accessible, comprehensive, and specialized eye medical, laser, and surgical procedures for our local and international patients.

Address: 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, 01-2811, Singapore 560721

Tel: 6734 9766

Fax: 6738 8061

Sikarin Hospital

Sikarin hospital has 235 hospital beds under the management of Sikarin Public Company Limited which was founded on 15th March 1979 under the name Samrong Karnpat Co., Ltd. as a private hospital with a registered initial capital of 16 million baht. It is among the best eye hospitals in Asia.

Construction of the hospital began in 1979 and it has been open for business since 1981. Later in 1985, the company became a public company and entered the stock market under the name Sikarin Public Company Limited.

Address: 976 Lasalle Road, South Bangna Subdistrict, Bangna District, Bangkok 10260

Phone: 1728, 02-366-9900
Fax: 0-2366-9907

Beijing Aier-Intech Eye Hospital

Beijing Aier Intech Eye Hospital is a leading eye hospital founded in 1995. It is one of the 100 fully owned subsidiaries of Aier Eye Hospital Group. The hospital is divided into the public clinic and international clinic.

best eye hospitals in Asia

Patients from the public clinic enjoy the benefit of the social security medical insurance policy, while the hospital is the top eye specialist hospital under this policy in Beijing.

They are equipped with advanced medical equipment and technique, professional medical staff, providing specialist eye diagnosis, treatment, and surgery services to thousands of families.

As a large-scale comprehensive eye hospital, they devote themselves to providing good medical care, high-quality treatment, and good price.

Address: 5th Floor, Panjiayuan Plaza, No.12 Panjiayuan Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100021, P.R.China

Service Center(010)67732700

24HR Hotline(010)87789662

Fax Number(010)67732700

Moorfields Eye Hospital Uae

Moorfields London was founded over 200 years ago and is both the oldest and one of the largest eye hospitals in the world. It is internationally renowned for its comprehensive clinical and research activities.

The hospital is a major international tertiary care and training centre in ophthalmology and over half of all ophthalmologists in the UK have received specialist training at the hospital.

Together with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, which is adjacent to the Hospital, it forms one of the world’s largest sites for eye care, education, and research.

Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai is the first overseas branch of Moorfields. Moorfields Eye Hospital Centre Abu Dhabi, in partnership with United Eastern Medical Services, is the first Joint Venture of Moorfields. Together, they bring over 200 years of excellence in eye care to the Middle East and therefore, one of the best eye hospitals in Asia.

Address: 20 Street Al Razi Building 64, Block E, Floor 3 – Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Japan International Eye Hospital

Japan International Eye Hospital is an advanced medical treatment facility with an extreme focus on clinical expertise, sophisticated diagnosis, and treatment procedures which ranks it among the best Ophthalmology/eye treatment Hospitals in Hanoi, Vietnam, and equally among the best eye hospitals in Asia.

Address: 32 Phó Đức Chính, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Yoshida Eye Hospital

This hospital is equipped with a lot of state-of-the-art inspection equipment and surgical equipment, has a track record of the top class number of cases in cataract surgery, retinal vitreous surgery, glaucoma, etc., and can provide high-quality surgery.

You can also receive the latest treatments such as laser treatment and LASIK.

The hospitalization facility is also a spacious and spacious hospital room, in such a way that even people in wheelchairs can live a hospitalized life with peace of mind.

Address: Japan, 041-0851 Hokkaido, Hakodate, Hondori

Tel: 0138-53-8311

Gachon University Gil Medical Center

This is a multispecialty health institution considered as one of the best in Asia. Initially, the hospital was presented as a gynecological center which later on converted to a multidisciplinary institute.

Ministry of Health of South Korea in 2014 recognized the establishment as the best in research and invention of new technologies in medicine.

The Gil hospital has been accredited by JCI (an international certificate of this kind has been awarded to only 200 clinics around the world).

The clinic is unique as: the first in the country providing service of medical evacuation, the best cancer center and the first regional center of traumatology in Korea. Today the Gil medical center includes 5 hospitals, 6 specialized centers, 2 research institutes and the clinic is still developing its infrastructure.

Address: 21, Namdong-daero 774beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, 21565, South Korea

Tel: 82.32.460.3213(domestic : 032.460.3213)

Fax: 82.32.461.3214(domestic : 032.461.3214)

Email Addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected] (For Russian)

[email protected] (Chinese)

[email protected] (Mongolian)


+82.10.6272.9567(domestic : 010.6272.9567) for English,

+82.10.6800.9074(domestic : 010.6800.9074) for Russian

+82.10.5034.6265(domestic : 010.5034.6265) for Mongolian

+82.10.3370.9069(domestic : 010.3370.9069) for Chinese

Net Göz Eye Surgery Clinic

NET GÖZ EYE SURGERY CLINIC has been designed as a boutique surgery center for the patients and offers healthcare services to the patients from the day of the request until they have no more questions. It is the initial point of personal contact for acquiring medical information, orientation and registration.

Address: Yalı, Caher Dudayev Blv No:67, 35590 Karşıyaka/İzmir, Turkey

Bgn Eye Clinic

BGN Group is among the best eye hospitals in Asia and is equipped with the most advanced technology currently used in laser and cataract surgery (FDA & CE approved).

best eye hospitals in Asia

A combination of their advanced technology and highly skilled professionals employed by their clinic has allowed them to claim over 400 000 successful eyesight correction cases so far.

They ensure that their patients get the best post-operative results by constantly developing new technologies and introducing new equipment.

Address: 465 Gangnam-daero, Seocho 4(sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The list of the best eye hospitals in Asia is for reference purposes kindly, follow the links to the hospitals for your personal research and preference.

Reasons to choose among the best eye hospitals in Asia

The best eye hospitals in Asia are not limited to the ones listed in this article however, all ophthalmology hospitals in our list are worth visiting.

Thousands of patients travel around Asia for effective and outstanding medical attention.

Below are some of the reasons to choose among the best eye hospitals in Asia.

  • First-class medical equipment
  • Welcoming environment and culture
  • Affordable bill
  • Qualified physicians
  • Less hectic to obtain visas for foreign patients

Things to consider before choosing among the best hospitals in Asia

  • Specialists
  • Equipment
  • Accreditation


The success of treatment depends mainly on the qualifications of the physician and specialty. Specialization facilitates the effectiveness of treatment.


Best eye hospitals in Asia are equipped with all necessary technologies for the highest accuracy of treatment and diagnosis.


An important criterion in choosing a medical institution is its compliance with international standards. Appropriate certificates guarantee high-quality treatment and patient care.

It is necessary to find out if the medical center you are interested in, has a license to provide the medical services that you need. Whether you have puffy eyes or swollen eyes, you must get treated by the best eye experts in the healthcare sector.


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