Electric toothbrush advantages and disadvantages

What do you know about Electric toothbrush advantages and disadvantages?  This article focuses on the pros and cons of using an electric toothbrush.

As technology keeps advancing, the world keeps enjoying the various advantages, and in some cases, depletion.

Introduction to electric toothbrush advantages and disadvantages

The process of brushing the teeth isn’t left out. In the Stone Age, cavemen weren’t even aware of keeping their teeth clean, most did unconsciously through the consumption of fibrous food.

As time went by, it developed into using chewing sticks from the bark of trees and stems. While some use herbs to cure tooth diseases. It developed into the usage of manual toothbrushes, and now, we have the electric toothbrush.

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This electric toothbrush as the name insinuates can only be used through Electrical energy. The electric device assists in brushing the teeth without effort from your elbow, rather, the energy is from electricity and batteries, all you have to do is apply the toothpaste on the bristles of the brush, place them on your teeth, turn on the device and then move it around your teeth according to the quadrants in your mouth.

Just like the manual toothbrushes, it has plastic bristles and handles, just that it has a power button and the mini circuit connection it has to enable its functioning.

There are majorly two types; the rotating and Sonic electric toothbrush. While the rotating one moves circularly to clean the teeth, the sonic vibrates speedily and washes both the outer and inner space of the crown of the teeth.

The electric brush is automated in such a way that it can notify you of time spent on brushing and how coarse one is brushing the teeth.

Some dentists have said this brush washes out particles that the eye cannot see because the vibration allows the bristles of the brush to enter into the space of the teeth the manual brush might not have touched.

There are different reasons people use the electric toothbrush, even though it is not as ubiquitous as the manual brushes, for some, it is based on their preference and exposure to the ease of technology, for some, it is based on the dentist’s instruction.

For whatever reason you are using it, it should be used appropriately to maintain your good oral hygiene and keep you free from tooth diseases.

Not just that, it should be approved according to the standardization of the quality control unit of dental products in your region; it should satisfy you.

Top Electric toothbrush advantages and disadvantages

Technology advancements were made in the first place to make life easier and better.

The following are the benefits of using an electric Toothbrush:

Ease of Tooth Brushing

While using the manual toothbrush, you require some effort especially from your elbow and finger region to move the toothbrush around your teeth to scrub the tartar formed away, this time around when using an electric toothbrush, the only effort required of you is to hold the brush on your teeth and allow it washes away bacteria and food particles away.

So doing, hidden food particles that cannot be seen will be washed away.

Amazing for people with body Movement issues

Some people cannot move their body properly, probably as a result of arthritis, partial stroke, stunted body development, such mobility issues can prevent one from brushing appropriately; this can lead to other teeth diseases.

To prevent this problem is where the electric toothbrush comes in to give ease to users with body movement issues; it bridges the gap of their body movement.

Cleans Better

According to a study completed in 2019, electric brushes clean better than a normal toothbrush, it took researchers 11 years to complete the survey; they found out that users of electric toothbrushes rarely had a cavity unlike the users of a manual brush.

This is so because of the vibration penetrating areas the manual brush wouldn’t have ordinarily touched. This means the better it cleans, the less likelihood of having cavities and other gum diseases.

Tooth diseases will likely be reduced when the electric toothbrush is appropriately used; using the right way will make cavities, gingivitis, and other tooth diseases flee from you.  It also improves the psychology of cleaner teeth.

Best for Braces

Dentists also recommend people with orthodontic appliances such as braces to use electric toothbrushes, this is because, the bristles are usually soft and can penetrate the corners of the teeth, and orthodontic appliances would have restricted cleaning when using a manual brush. Therefore, if you are using braces, you can try an electric toothbrush today.

Waste Reduction

We are in the era of global warming, and recycling is paramount. The electric toothbrush is held reduces as only the head of the brush is changed.

A different view of waste reduction is time. You don’t get to waste time in the sense that the brush allows you to brush all parts of your teeth appropriately through the timer on the electric toothbrush.

This way, it means, you are not just wasting your toothpaste and time as when you brush with a manual toothbrush; the electric toothbrush is automated for proper use.

Unique Automation

Electric appliances have this robotic nature, so also is the electric toothbrush. It has a timer that gives you a chance to brush each quadrant of your teeth for 30 seconds; this will make you brush for exactly two minutes, in fact, it allows you to focus on all areas of your teeth.

In addition, the majority of electric toothbrushes also have a pressure sensor that notifies you when you are brushing too hard; it stops automatically.

These amazing features make using an electric toothbrush worthwhile.

The above points make using an electric toothbrush attractive to use. Although these advantages are great, it will be nice to balance the scale by checking out the demerits.

The following are the demerits of using an Electric Toothbrush:

  • It is More Expensive

The electric toothbrush is not as cost-effective as the manual toothbrush. This factor discourages a lot of people from using an electric toothbrush.

It’s either you totally dispose of the brush or you change the head of the electric brush, whichever way, it cost more than the manual brush that you buy at a very low cost.

Hence, it is sometimes sidelined for people with higher income and the ability to purchase luxury.

  • It is not ubiquitous

The electric toothbrush can sometimes be scarce, it is not everywhere. Whereas, the manual brush can be found in your local store easily.

Most times, the electric brush is usually gotten online. This can be quite restrictive as you most likely cannot get it as easy as the manual toothbrush.

  • It depends on Electricity

The brush can only be used when connected with a source of power, this can disallow use for dwellers in areas where there is no constant electricity if there is no backup of the manual brush and then a user who has no access to electricity most likely will be unable to maintain oral hygiene consistently.

  • It restricts people who are not technology inclined

Only folks who are comfortable with technological devices are opportune to use them. This cuts out the population of people who are yet to fully acclimatize themselves with technological facilities.

Can Cause Receding Gums: Receding gum occurs when the process of brushing the teeth is too coarse. When you brush coarsely, you gradually wear out your gums, and the strength of your enamel; using an electric toothbrush and brushing coarsely is even worse and occurs faster.

This results in sensitivity and an irreversible condition of receding gum.

Take note that receding gum isn’t healthy for anybody, especially for diabetic patients. So if you don’t use it appropriately and brush your teeth gently, there is a high tendency of having the disease of receding gum.

  • Not Convenient for travelers

The electric toothbrush has to be plugged into a source of power, most times, it is better to use it in your house.

When traveling, the assurance of getting a source of power to brush your teeth is a probability, in order to be on the safe side, you should go with a manual toothbrush that is handy, can be used anywhere with ease, and takes little or no space to reduce the weight of your luggage.

If you love to travel, the electric toothbrush might not be the most convenient for you.

  • Whether to Use an Electric Brush or Not

Many resources, situations, and even people come with pros and cons; all you have to do is to pick which one suits you most.

When faced with the option of whether or not to use an electric toothbrush, consider your preference, stability, and comfort always.

The basis of brushing your teeth is to maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid tooth cavities and other related diseases, so consider your options and go for what suits you better.

Also, when picking an electric brush, remember that it must be according to the standards of the quality control unit of your region.


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