Cheapest Places to get Glasses without Insurance

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Are you forward to getting glasses but worried about the hundreds of dollars you may spend due to a lack of vision insurance? Then worry no more as there are many places you get your glasses without having vision insurance.

Cheapest Places to get Glasses without Insurance

In this article, you’ll discover places where you can get eyeglasses without having insurance. Though many of these plugs accept vision insurance, even if you don’t have it, you’re still good to go when you opt for any of the places mentioned below:

  • Costco Optical
Address: 25 Wayne Squibb Blvd, Fredericton, NB E3C 0G8, Canada
Phone: +1 506-460-4100

This is one of the places where you can rest assured of getting quality glasses for your troubled eyes. Unlike some optical stores, Costco Optical offers cheap eyeglasses and sunglasses for people without any vision insurance.

Another perk about Costco Optical is that you get to select brands and styles you prefer from other brands that are available. It stands among the Cheapest Places to get Glasses without Insurance.

You’ll also get a medical assessment from experts who are not only highly trained but with the required experience to give an accurate prescription.

If you desire the newest options such as the polarized, blue anti-reflective, and multi-functional lenses, you’re sure to get them at Costco Optical. One good thing about these lenses is that you can build the perfect lenses for your eyes while using new frames to hold the lenses.


Note that you’re at liberty to choose what style of lenses you’d prefer at Costco Optical and you also need not worry if you do not have vision insurance because this brand gets you covered.

  • Sam’s Club optical

Another optical that’s reliable with regards to the affordability of its eyeglasses is the Sam’s Club Optical.

The store offers cheap eyeglasses coupled with professional opticians to guide you through the process of selecting lens style, materials, and any necessary add-on options to make your experience great.

Once you’re a member of the Sam’s Club Optical, you’ll have access to exclusive shopping at a members-only eye center. You also get to have a one-on-one section with a trained and experienced optician who will help with the correct prescription.

Sam’s Club Optical also has a fast turnaround compared to many optical plugs out there today, thus making your quest of building a custom of glasses easy and faster. Are you also interested in a designer frame for your lenses? Sam’s Club Optical gets you covered.

Walmart Vision Center

If you’re looking for the most available and affordable center where you can get your eyeglasses and sunglasses, Walmart Vision Center is your next stop.

Walmart is the largest retail store in the US, you’re sure of the many networks of its optical centers around.

You don’t necessarily need vision insurance before you could walk into any of Walmart’s vision centers for your eyeglasses. The idea of the whole company rests solidly on offering affordable and high-quality eyeglasses for people who need them.

You’ll also get to meet an optometrist who l be able to share with you a better understanding of the type of glasses that fit your eye condition. This way the advisory services help to keep your eyes healthy and in full recovery mode, unlike those brands that offer the products only without giving any advice on how to use them.

Like a few other optical centers, you can get your eyeglasses here without any membership or insurance coverage. This means you don’t have to know anyone or have any privileges before you attend Walmart Vision Center.

  • Eyeconic

Eyeconic is another optical center you can be sure of getting different types of eyeglasses without having any insurance. Glasses from this optical center are trusted and proven as the enterprise has many professional doctors who take their time to test whatever glasses you’re opting for.

At Eyeconic, you’re sure of getting perfect-for-you eyeglasses that are of quality materials and of course sleek.

With or without vision insurance, Eyeconic cares less about that. All you need to do is walk into their store, and take advantage of personalized assistance and eye examination by meeting the in-house optometrist. This way you’re sure that the eyeglasses you’re getting are what fit your needs and requirements.

  • Warby Parker

Another popularly known eyewear company is the Warby Parker. The enterprise was created by Warby and Parker who were students at the time.

One of them lost his eyewear and because of that, he created Warby Parker in partnership with his friend to cater to the people’s eyeglasses without having to spend more.

Being a popular company, you can always find Warby Parker in almost every city in the US. This means you won’t have to travel to another city before getting your eyeglasses. You won’t have to break the bank when you choose Warby Parker for your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Another perk of choosing Warby Parker is that there is a try-on-at-home program that the enterprise offers, which is rare with any optical ventures today. With the company’s buy a pair, give a pair program as well, you can support a needy person by buying pairs of eyeglasses without having to own vision insurance.

  • GlassesShop

An optical center that has delivered millions of eyeglasses since its inception is GlassesShop. This is due to the high level of quality the enterprise has maintained over the years. The American-owned and operated organization boosts unbeatable customer services and an affordable pricing structure.

GlassesShop is one of the reputable online optical center where you’re sure of getting high-quality eyeglasses at affordable prices, most times lower than what you get at any brick and mortal shop. You’ll also have the chance of experiencing amazing customer support if you opt for this optical plug.

Although some people might have an issue that GlassesShop doesn’t offer contact lenses, overall, you’re sure of getting the best of eyeglasses at this plug. If you’re someone who would like to seek information about the best eyeglasses for your eyes, GlassesShop can provide this assistance as well.

The low prices from shipping directly from the manufacturer allow to offer affordable eyeglasses for those with and without insurance.

If you need to get more information about the best types of glasses for you, check out the tips and guide section to learn more from the eye experts at GlassesShop.

Final thoughts on the Cheapest Places to get Glasses without Insurance

If you’re looking for proven places where you can buy or replace eyeglasses without possessing vision insurance, the list above will surely make the difference.

For many people, getting a new pair of eyeglasses seems like rocket science because they believe it’s a must to have vision insurance to be able to buy one.

To lay it bare again, there are a ton of places where you can get cheap eyeglasses without having insurance. So no worries about the monetary aspect of vision insurance again, as you’ve got to do is visit one of the places mentioned in this article and get your high-quality eyeglasses.

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