Best Massage Therapy Programs in Oregon

Massage therapy’s goal is to help people improve their physical health and overall quality of life. Massage therapy programs in Oregon can lead to a rewarding career that is gaining popularity and professional respect.

Oregon massage schools offer high-quality training to help students develop personal and technical skills while also meeting the state’s licensing requirements. Earning a living as a licensed massage practitioner in Oregon may allow you to help people relieve stress and pain while also increasing their sense of health and well-being.

Massage schools in Oregon can provide you with the fundamental tools, knowledge, behaviors, and ethical guidance you need to succeed as a massage therapist in a variety of work settings. You can also learn in-depth skills to expand your knowledge and use specialized massage techniques to serve your clients.

Massage Therapy Programs in Oregon

If becoming a massage therapist appeals to you, look into one of these Oregon massage therapy schools to help you get started.

1. Carrington College

Carrington College can help you get started in a career in health care. Their goal is to help you improve your life through education.

That is more than just their goal; it is their promise to you. Carrington offers a quality college education at all of its locations in eight western states. You can earn an associate degree or a certificate-level education in some of today’s fastest-growing fields.

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You can rely on them to help you learn about educational funding options such as loans, grants, scholarships, and other sources. You can have a small college experience and get the attention you deserve. Your instructor will not only know your name here, but they will also get to know you as a person.

Because many of their instructors bring practical working experience from their field into the classroom, you will know what to expect from your career in the real world. Their program is designed to provide you with “hands-on” training that uses industry-standard technologies and processes, allowing you to build confidence while “learning by doing” as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

To help you make the most of your college experience, you will have access to services such as tutorial assistance and advising. Through clinical rotations or externships, their program is designed to connect you with the health care community.

Their program is designed to connect you with the health care community through clinical rotations or externships with local medical professionals while you are still in school.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Carrington College provides a high-quality education. Carrington College is, in fact, accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. Carrington’s Oregon location is a great fit for many students, whether they are starting a new career in dental or medical assisting or looking for other opportunities in medical or veterinary offices.

Carrington College in Oregon offers a top-tier education for students who want to enter the workforce quickly. Carrington College is proud to provide hands-on massage therapy training at six locations across the country. Carrington’s Massage Therapy program prepares graduates for entry-level massage therapy jobs and/or private practice.

Massage therapists aid in the relief of physical aches and pains, the improvement of circulation, and the relaxation of their clients.  A career as a licensed massage therapist may be right for you if you want to work in a field that helps people and are interested in anatomy.

Address: 2004 Lloyd Center, 3rd Floor, Portland, OR 97232

Contact: +15032074092

2. East West College of the Healing Arts

East West College has been launching successful massage careers for nearly 50 years. Their intensive 800-hour program combines rigorous science academics with practical, hands-on experience. East West College prepares students for their Oregon massage license while also allowing them to tailor their education with their selection of elective massage classes. East West College has been preparing graduates for successful massage careers since 1972.

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They provide students with extensive knowledge of the art and science of massage. East West College alumni, faculty, and students work together to promote health through their graduates’ private practices, their Massage Clinic, and outreach events. They also offer a wide range of continuing education workshops to licensed massage therapists.

East West College provides students with a rigorous and well-rounded massage education, emphasizing excellence in all aspects of massage.

Their COMTA-accredited program combines a strong foundation in human anatomy with the ability to design effective, personalized treatments. This technical knowledge is supplemented by instruction in ethical practices, effective communication skills, and business strategies to help students achieve their personal objectives.

Address: East West College in Portland, OR, USA, 1515 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97201, United States

Contact: +1 503-233-6500

3. Sage School of Massage & Esthetics

Sage School of Massage & Esthetics makes a difference by teaching students the Art & Science of Holistic Massage Therapy & Esthetics.

They concentrate on health and wellness by balancing reasoning and intuition. Students graduate prepared for careers in medical and clinical settings, spas, the travel industry, and rehabilitation centers.

Massage Therapy Program of 740 Hours,

Massage therapists are experts in the palpation of human muscles and tissues. Practitioners are passionate about touch and assisting their clients in healing.

Students in this program learn Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascia techniques, assessment and treatment, and a variety of other clinical massage techniques for treating chronic pain, injuries, and sports injuries. Graduates are job ready for a wide range of career opportunities as a result of the business development courses and personal growth experiences that prepare them to be successful professionals in the industry.

Advanced Massage Therapy Program of 900 Hours

Students interested in a more in-depth clinical approach to massage therapy should enroll in the 900 Hour Advanced Massage Program. There will be discussions about chronic pain, repetitive strain patterns, sports injuries, and various soft tissue conditions.

Following completion of the 740 hour massage program courses, students proceed to an additional 160 hours of clinical assessment and treatment procedures. Each section of the body will receive a thorough review of anatomy and physiology. Some overlap between courses will occur due to the structural/muscular connections of the body.

Note: Licensed Massage Therapists may take any of the following courses individually for lifetime learning or a continuing education credit.

Students will be able to do the following after the program:

  • Understand the structure and function of the body, as well as the physiological systems of the body.
  • Use clinical reasoning skills based on scientific principles.
  • As they integrate the art and science of massage and esthetics, they will develop their individual intuitive skills.
  • To ensure success in the industry, prioritize personal well-being and professional development.
  • As they practice massage or esthetics, they should integrate their head, hands, and heart.
  • Determine treatment protocols or refer to a healthcare provider after identifying pathological conditions.
  • Understand the physiological mechanisms and effects of various techniques and choose the best one for you.
  • Learn how to be “client-centered” and professional in clinical practice.
  • Personal communication and ethical boundaries should be practiced, as well as when working with clients.
  • Volunteer their touch at various community events.
  • In a world of health and wellness, you can have a dynamic and rewarding career.

Address: 2855 NW Crossing Dr #201, Bend, OR 97703, United States

Contact: +1 541-383-2122

Conclusion on the Massage Therapy Programs in Oregon

The Oregon Board of Massage Therapists regulates the practice of massage therapy in this state. In order to become a licensed massage therapist in Oregon, candidates must complete at least 500 hours of training at an approved massage therapy school. T

his requirement includes 200 hours in health sciences such as anatomy and physiology, pathology, and kinesiology, as well as 300 hours in massage theory and application, business development, ethics, sanitation, and hands-on practice.

Applicants must then pass the Oregon Practical Exam, as well as a national certification written exam, administered by the Board. The MBLEx, NCETM, and FSMTMB exams are accepted by the Board.

Also accepted is the CESI – Certification Examination for Structural Integration. There is also a 25-question open-book written jurisprudence exam covering the laws and regulations that apply to massage.

According to the 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, licensed massage therapists in Oregon earn an annual average salary of $60,360 before tips. When compared to other states, his state sets records for employment and salary. Oregon has the fifth highest concentration of massage jobs and work locations in the country.

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