Best Hospitals in Gloucester UK

The knowledge about the hospitals in Gloucester is worthwhile since these institutions primarily care for the sick, injured, and infirm. 

A hospital is an integral part of a social and medical organization, whose functions include providing complete health care, both curative and preventive, to the population, and whose outpatient services reach out to families and their homes.


Hospitals in Gloucester

The hospital also serves as a center for health worker training and biosocial research. Here are a few hospitals in Gloucester

1.  Wotton Lawn Hospital

Wotton Lawn Hospital, located near the center of Gloucester, is an 88-bed acute mental health hospital that provides inpatient services to the county of Gloucestershire.

There are four admission wards, a nurse-led psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU), and a low secure unit at the hospital (LSU).

A variety of healthcare workers, including nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals such as psychologists, art therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and sports exercise therapists, assist service users.

Address: Horton Rd, Gloucester GL1 3WL, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1452 894500

2. Cygnet Alders Clinic

Cygnet Alders Clinic is a rehabilitation service that assesses, treats, and rehabilitates women who have personality disorders or have complex needs.

The Cygnet Alders Clinic is a specialist service provider on the Welsh Hospital Framework.” The Cygnet Alders Clinic has 20 beds and provides assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for women with personality disorders and complex needs.

They offer a specialist psychologically informed personality disorder pathway at Cygnet Alders Clinic across three living areas: Severn, for assessment and stabilization; Avon, where service users move as they engage in and progress through their treatment pathway; and Coln, which focuses on community transition.

A hospital manager, head of care, psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, nursing, and support workers comprise their substantive multi-disciplinary team (MDT). They collaborate closely with the local community, including dieticians and primary care physicians.

As part of their treatment program, they promote physical health, wellbeing, and meaningful occupation, and they use strong community connections to facilitate individualized wellbeing plans.

Address: 155 Podsmead Rd, Gloucester GL1 5UA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1452 222390

3. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

The Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust manages Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, an acute District General Hospital on the Great Western Road.

A 149-bed infirmary on Great Western Road began to be built in 1912. In 1914, patients were moved to the new structure. The British Red Cross Society took over the east building in 1915 and the west block in 1914 to care for soldiers who had been injured in battle. The structures were finished following the war.

The facility was given to the corporation in 1930 and changed its name to Gloucester City General Hospital. When the National Health Service was established in 1948, it was merged with the Gloucestershire Royal Infirmary, which had previously been located in Southgate Street.

When the hospital was rebuilt in the 1960s, a new 11-story tower was eventually added. Construction on the tower began in 1970 and was finished in 1975. A Private Finance Initiative contract was used to acquire a significant hospital expansion in 2001.

Address: Great Western Rd, Gloucester GL1 3NN, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 300 422 2222

Private Hospitals in Gloucester

Below, you will find the top private hospitals in Gloucester;

  • 1. Winfield Hospital

Winfield Hospital, located on the outskirts of Gloucester, is one of the county’s leading private hospitals. It is located off the Northern Ring Road and has excellent road and rail connections.

The hospital, which opened in 1992, now has 39 beds, including three twin-bedded rooms with en-suite facilities. Winfield Hospital values “The Ramsay Way,” which is as follows: they are caring, progressive, enjoy their work and use a positive attitude to get things done.

They take pride in their work and are always looking for new ways to improve. They place a premium on honesty, credibility, and individual respect. They cultivate positive relationships in order to achieve positive results for everyone. They believe that success stems from recognizing and encouraging the value of people through professional and personal development.

Address: Tewkesbury Rd, Longford, Gloucester GL2 9EE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1452 306009

  • 2. Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital

Nuffield Healthcare Cheltenham Hospital provides cutting-edge medical facilities and technology for the treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Regardless of how long you stay with them, they consider you a guest. You will be looked after by a highly trained, dedicated team who will provide you with the individual care and service you deserve.

They offer a comprehensive range of medical and surgical specialties in cutting-edge clinical facilities, including orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, spinal services, sports injury, ENT, gynecology, urology, and a rapid-access breast clinic.

The hospital combines medical and surgical expertise, allowing you to receive first-rate care with minimal wait times. You can get an immediate assessment and expert advice thanks to the latest diagnostic imaging facilities, including on-site MRI and CT scanning.

Address: Hatherley Ln, Cheltenham GL51 6SY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1242 246500

  • 3. Newmedica Eye Health Clinic & Surgical Centre – Gloucester Aspen

Operating out of the Aspen Medical Center, the Newmedica Gloucester Aspen eye health clinic and surgery center offer services to both NHS and private patients.

Along with operational director Carl Hall, the clinic is run by specialist ophthalmologists Nigel Kirkpatrick, Adam Ross, and Fadi Alkherdahji. A number of treatments offered by Newmedica are centered on the management and treatment of various advanced eye disorders.

These consist of:

For situations that may necessitate more than one of their specialty services, general ophthalmology is recommended.

  1. Cataract surgery, including evaluations before and after the procedure
  2. Management of ocular hypertension and glaucoma
  3. surgery on the tear ducts and eyelids
  4. YAG laser therapy
  5. Services for treating disorders that damage the back of the eye’s retina

Address: Aspen Medical Centre, Horton Rd, Gloucester GL1 3PX, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1452 223334

Conclusion on the Hospitals in Gloucester

Hospitals have cutting-edge facilities and technologies to keep patients alive. This facility not only treats illnesses but also works to improve the community’s health. Many hospitals are developing programs to assist patients who cannot afford to pay for hospital care.

Patients seeking better care and a more homelike environment, on the other hand, prefer private hospitals. Private hospitals entail having your own private space with minimal interruptions. Faster care is one of the many advantages of private hospitals.

In an emergency, quick access to medical personnel can mean the difference between life and death.

Private hospitals can often provide faster service because they have more resources to treat people in emergencies.

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