Top 5 Special needs schools in Palm Beach County

Let us take a look at the top Special needs schools in Palm Beach County that everyone ought to know.

One of the foremost things parents with special needs kids think of is how to support such kids with the best education by looking out for reputable special needs schools in the vicinity where they live.

Are you one of those parents looking for special needs schools where you can enroll your kids in Palm Beach County?

Special needs schools are carefully founded to support students with learning disabilities in their quest to get a quality education.

Students with special needs require special attention with regard to their education as they often suffer from proper communication and comprehension.

Also, these students exhibit behavioral, physical, and emotional disorders, making it difficult for traditional schools to provide them with the necessary attention and education.

Special needs schools in Palm Beach County

In this article, we’ve compiled a few special needs schools in Palm Beach County. Ready to find out more? Let’s get into the details:

  • American Academy, Palm Beach Campus


Phone: (561) 495-7272

Website: click here

American Academy is one of the foremost schools that has been seeing the needs of special students for 55 years.

The school has a special reputation for well-structured programs, which integrate academics, fine arts, and athletics to make learning a fun-fulfilling experience for the learners generally.

What American Academy does is discover each student’s hidden talents and help them maximize them to the fullest.

With unlimited testimonials from past students and their parents, the school prides itself in its abilities to nurture any special students to be the best they can be.

  • Atlantis Academy Schools

Address: Prairie Road Palm Beach, FL 33406

Phone: (561) 562-4129

Fax: (561) 969-1950

website: visit here

If you’re looking for a unique and safe school where you can enroll your special kid, then Atlantis Academy is one of the schools you can enroll him at.

This school with highly personalized programs to help students with autism spectrum disorders or any other related needs.

The school’s programs help students who may be struggling in their previous schools adapt and improve their learning.

There’s a high level of support from the staff, coupled with the availability of specialized instructions to aid learning.

In addition, there’s a high level of personalization in terms of programs and class sizes. The students are always bound to get the best from this institute.

  • Coat Learning Center

Address: 1897 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Suite 218, Palm Beach, Florida 33409, United States

Phone No: 561-689-2323

Email: [email protected]

With a perfect curriculum designed for every special student at Coat Learning Center, it’s just one of the best special needs schools in Palm Beach County to take your child to.

The school takes a very careful look at the strength of the students.

With a strong belief in the participation of students in the planning and selection of studies, Coat Learning Center ensures students get the best from their professional staff and a conducive learning environment. Courses at this institute are selected based on students’ needs.

Your kids are given optimum attention to assist them in their education and ensure a positive learning experience.

Your kids will also be taken on an outing to ensure they build important social and life skills to complement their learning objectives.

The mission of this outstanding school is to promote multisensorily individualized and innovative programs, which will help special students make the most of their experience at the school.

This also positively transforms developmentally disabled children to post-school adult living. Students are furnished with the knowledge, skills, and ethics required to succeed in life at this great citadel of learning.

  • Mountaineers School of Autism

Address: 1340 Kenwood Road, Palm Beach, FL 33401

Email: [email protected]

Call: 561-932-3938, 561-530-3532

Website: visit here

Mountaineers School of Autism is one of the best special needs schools you can enroll your kid at in Palm Beach County.

The school focuses on recognizing each student’s unique characteristics and designs a well-personalized curriculum to fit such learners.

The ratio of teacher to student is perfect at Mountaineers School of Autism to give room for effective teaching and learning. The educators at this great citadel of learning are qualified and with adequate experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This means the students will learn from the cream of the crops at the school.

Are you worrying your kid may not get adequate attention at Mountaineers School of Autism? Far from it! The school operates one-on-one instruction, small groups, and sometimes, within the community as the case may require.

If you’d like to reserve additional time and services with a Speech Therapist or Behavior Therapist, the option is available at this institute.

  • Open Doorway school Inc 
Address1480 S Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33415, United States
Phone+1 561-434-2788
Website: visit

Palm Beach County that tick boxes of taking excellent care of special needs students, then Open Doorway School Inc is your best shot.

This is a school that provides intense learning methodologies to engage the special needs of children with conditions such as autism, bipolar disorders, speech impairment, and William’s syndrome.

The school offers a special and unique educational experience through a highly specialized individualized curriculum and one-on-one instruction.

With carefully designed small classes, your kid is sure of getting the best of attention and support at this great institute of learning.

The teacher to students ratio at Open Doorway is perfect as children get to make the most of their study time at the institute.

This also ensures the student’s academic goals are well-tailored, individualized, and well-executed.

Final thoughts 

Special needs schools are very crucial in assisting children with some learning disabilities. Having such schools around parents’ vicinity help in taking off the burden associated with a group-learning environment in traditional schools.

Access to special needs schools helps these students revisit challenging themes, use new techniques for accurately conceptualizing and comprehending these topics, and prepare them for more advanced materials.

Also, these schools help children with learning disabilities to face their fears head-on and be the best they can.

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