List of addiction treatment centers in Calgary

The availability of several addiction treatment centers in Calgary has enabled individuals to be able to have access to world-class treatment and ensure that they can get the treatment they need.

The previous shame in substance addiction is being replaced with the attention to healthcare treatment by sensitizing the importance and use of treatment centers all around the world.

Treatment centers offer an opportunity for addicts to seek treatment, therefore, having fewer chances to relapse or fall back into old behaviors.

How to choose the right addiction treatment centers in Calgary

When looking for the right rehab center in Calgary, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you choose the best possible services and get the best treatment center available.

Finding the right addiction center is crucial in being able to identify different components and amenities in each center, which will help an individual, heal and get the required treatment they need.

  • Licensing and certification

All detox and residential addiction centers are required to have proper certification and licensing under the Mental Health Services Protection Act. Most centers are required by law to display their licensing certificate on their site for potential clients to check when viewing their site.

  • Accessibility

The right addiction center needs to be easily accessible. It is paramount to consider one which is within your area to save on logistics costs especially if it’s outpatient services.

Treatment centers that are far from your local area of residence may also cost considerably more on services.

  • Discrete

Addiction treatment centers should also be discreet and private. This ensures that the patient can focus on the recovery process without any distractions. Private centers offer discreetness and ensure the patient is able to have their personal space devoid of the constant hustle available in public centers.

  • Length of treatment

One should also consider the duration of the treatment when choosing a treatment facility. Milder addiction cases require a shorter cycle, with most treatment centers providing a minimum of thirty days. However, others can expand to a 90-day cycle, and more if the addiction was severe.

  • Type of treatment center

The type of treatment center hugely affects the addiction center you might choose to go with. Different centers have different amenities and cost plans that are designed to target specific individuals who can incorporate them into their budgets.

For instance, public treatment centers are state-owned and offer treatment services to individuals based on the standard time frame of thirty days. Due to the backlog in registration and high demand, individuals with severe cases are often discharged faster before they can have full round treatment.

Private treatment centers offer customized treatment plans designed to suit each individual. There are also additional amenities that offer luxurious and more comfortable stays. However, you should consider your budget and costs when choosing private centers.

Addiction treatment centers in Calgary

Calgary is home to various licensed addiction centers, which offer specialized and professional services to their patients.

With diverse teams of medical experts available, these centers are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to enable a seamless and successful treatment experience.

Below Are Some Addiction Treatment Centers Found In Calgary:

  1. Inspire Change Wellness

This is a men-only rehab center that aims to help patients move from the detox program to long-term treatment facilities. The detox program is a requirement for patients seeking to enroll in the center and only after completion is they able to get into the transitional program. This program gives the patient a transitional bed as they await enrollment from a long-term facility.

  1. Fresh Start Recovery Center

This recovery helps individuals and families have a fresh start in addiction recovery by providing treatment in the best professional way possible.

Having accreditation from Accreditation Canada, Fresh Start recovery aims in providing community, continued recovery, and housing.

A community approach is essential in ensuring that the patient can have an all-rounded approach to adapting to life after treatment.

  1. Sunrise Healing Lodge Society

Sunrise Healing Lodge specialized in using the 12 step program to help patients go through the treatment process seamlessly while incorporating cultural needs and spirituality.

This society offers both inpatient and outpatient facilities to prospective clients. The center aims in incorporating medical and holistic treatments to all patients of different backgrounds and identities.

  1. Recovery Acres Calgary Society

This treatment facility offers treatment options in residential treatment. Having a gender-specific model in place, both men and women have different housing facilities which aim in making them comfortable and able to accomplish their treatment needs.

The center is open to binary individuals who enroll at whichever center they feel they resonate with.

  1. Calgary Dream Center

Calgary Dream Center is an avenue for individuals who battle homelessness and addiction. The site aims to provide individuals with the necessary tools and information to start their journey toward recovery. By providing housing facilities to both men and women struggling with addiction, the center offers professional counseling that aims to change your life for the better.

  1. Renfrew Recovery Center

This center is part of Alberta Health Services and aims to offer inpatient treatment to individuals battling drug and substance addiction.

This center offers short-term options to patients seeking detox and counseling services for addiction treatment.

  1. Simon House Recovery Center

This center specializes in long-term recovery using treatment options such as the 12-step program, and multi-disciplinary techniques and practices that ensure the journey towards recovery embrace compassion and empathy.

Residential treatment and therapy are available in Simon House and offer medically assisted treatment to individuals who have an opioid dependency.

Last but not least

Addiction treatment in Canada can be a seamless process that ensures the patient can get professional and prompt treatment with the best physicians and professionals around.

When looking for the ideal treatment center in Calgary, the best place to begin is by checking out a directory that lists accredited and licensed centers.

For instance, Canada Drug Rehab Directory offers such choices from treatment to intervention.

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