7 Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska

Do you have a troubled child battling with emotional issues, Behavioral disorders, or Substance Abuse? If yes, then the Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska will be a perfect option for such a child.

The City of Nebraska is an Ideal destination for parents searching for good Schools to enroll their troubled children.

Nebraska has several modern Therapeutic Schools, providing well-structured training and Support to help eliminate destructive and Bad Habits in Children.

We understand how challenging it is to scout for the best schools to enroll your troubled wards, reason why we took time to compile a comprehensive list of top Therapeutic schools in the City of Nebraska.

These Therapeutic schools will not only help eliminate bad habits in children but also transform them into well-behaved Citizens with outstanding Character.

Notwithstanding our primary Focus In this Article are Not just Ordinary Therapeutic Schools, but Therapeutic schools offering Boarding Services to Students.

Therapeutic Boarding schools are best because they provide a more inclusive Education and also help your wards become Free from Bad Habits easily.

Students who study at Therapeutic schools with boarding Facilities are well-nurtured and monitored, they receive more personalized attention from their tutors compared to Day students.

For Your Sole Benefit, I will get to review some of the Finest Therapeutic Boarding Schools That Are Located in the City of Nebraska.

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What Is A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic Boarding Schools are Boarding Schools offering Well Structured training and Therapies to help reform troubled Children.

Such Types of Institutions are sincerely preferable to conventional day-to-day Therapeutic schools because they have an Immersive learning environment that propels positive Transformation in students.

Students enrolled in Therapeutic boarding Schools are Well-disciplined and free from all sorts of Distractions from the public because they Live on Campus.

Choosing the Right Therapeutic Schools

Parents In search of the right Therapeutic Schools to enroll their Wards must Consider some Important Factors, before Considering any School.

Below are some of the important factors that will Determine if a particular Therapeutic School is suitable for your Children.

1. Accreditation and Licensing

Before Enrolling your Kids in any Therapeutic Institution, you should confirm if such a school has the licensing and Accreditation of relevant Educational Authorities.

Parents should also confirm if the supposed school has Experienced and Licensed Specialists and Staff who are capable of handling their kids effectively 

2. Therapeutic Approach

Also, Parents should also confirm the Therapeutic Approaches used by each Therapeutic school, to see which institution meets the Preference of their Child.

3. Class Size

Before enrolling your Kids into any Therapeutic School, you should consider the class size of each school, Institutions with small Class Size are best for your Kids, to aid easy assimilation during Learning.

4. School Facility and Curriculum

You are advised to inspect the Quality of Facilities in a school before enrolling your wards and also have a clear view of Their Curriculum to see if it is suitable for your Wards.

5. School’s Reputation

Do well to verify the Reputation of each Therapeutic School before enrolling your wards, you could also check their Reviews online.

Parents are advised to ask questions to see if the supposed school has records of helping Troubled kids regain Their decency.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Nebraska

Welcome Back, This Article promises to be informative and Expository, because I will be showing you some of the Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools Nebraska, Highlighting their strength and Facilities.

I got you covered, Sit Tight and Read Through.

  • Shepherd’s Hill Academy
  • EvangelHouse Christian Academy
  • Resolution Ranch Academy Nebraska
  • Havenwood Academy Nebraska
  • Master Ranch Academy
  • Clearview Girls Academy
  • Asheville Academy

1. Shepherd’s Hill Academy

  • Contact:706-703-4188
  • Address:2200 Price Road Martin, Georgia

Shepherd’s Hill Academy Comes first in our List of The Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska, This Institution was established in 1994.

The Institution is part of the Leading Christian schools In Nebraska where parents can Enroll their Troubled Kids.

Enrolling your Wards into this Therapeutic School will help them have an In-depth Knowledge about God, while they undergo several therapies procured by the School’s specialist.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a Mixed Therapeutic School, this Simply means the Institution is a perfect choice for both Boys and Girls suffering from Emotional disorders, bad habits, substance Abuse e.t.c.

This Institution has an Outstanding Record in helping Troubled Boys and Girls In the United States to Regain Their Decency.

The Institution offers Boarding Services to Students, Boarding students at this school won’t be able to watch TV or use Phones, to avoid distraction.

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2. EvangelHouse Christian Academy

  • Contact:800-924-4012,1-800-924-4012
  • Address: P.O Box 139 Saint Martinville, Louisiana, Nebraska

Next on the List of the Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska is the one and only EvangelHouse Christian Academy.

Just like Shepherd’s Hill Academy, this Institution is also a Christian Faith Therapeutic Boarding school.

EvangelHouse Christian Academy is a Therapeutic Boarding School, specifically for Girls Suffering from Emotional Trauma, anxiety, depression, Substance Abuse e.t.c.

EvangelHouse Christian Academy was Established in 1995, this institution offers Therapeutic Values, with Christian and Biblical Values.

Aside from The Therapeutic Services Offered at this Institution, Students also participate in social and Academic Activities.

The Institution has several licensed teachers with advanced Degrees, and the school’s curriculum has the Vetting of the Louisiana Department of Education.

Surprisingly boarding students at this Therapeutic school is privileged to go for outings during weekends, they tend to visit Restaurants, Movie Theatres e.t.c.

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3. Resolution Ranch Academy Nebraska

  • Contact:254-718-3364
  • Address: LP, Cameron, Texas

Resolution Ranch Academy Nebraska is an all-boys Therapeutic Boarding In the City of Nebraska.

This Therapeutic boarding school is specifically for Troubled boys between the ages of thirteen(13) and seventeen(17).

Resolution Ranch Academy was Established in 2004, the institution has its boarding Facility located in Cameron, Texas.

This Therapeutic is perfect for teen boys battling with character disorder, anger, Depression, poor Grades, destructive behavior e.t.c.

Boarding Students at this School spend Close to six(6) to Nine months on it Campus in Cameron, before going home.

To help eliminate bad habits in its Students are allowed, to Through the School’s R.A.N.C.H process, which stands for Recovery and Academies through Nature, Counselling, and Healing.

The Curriculum of this Institution encompasses Equine Therapy, Clinical Therapy, Academics, and boarding Altogether.

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4. Havenwood Academy Nebraska

  • Contact:435-586-2500,877-830-7012
  • Address: 246 E Fiddlers Canyon Road, Cedar City

Another Top Therapeutic Boarding School in Nebraska is Havenwood Academy, this Therapeutic School is Specifically for Girls.

Havenwood Academy Nebraska offers specialized training and support to teen girls battling with Emotional trauma, or Trauma as a result of teenage pregnancy, abuse, neglect e.t.c.

Surprisingly Havenwood Academy Accepts pregnant Teenagers into its Institution, pregnant teens are housed in its Boarding house, although not every one of its boarding Facility Accepts teenagers who are pregnant.

The Institution has Several Full-time nurses and specialists to help and Guide pregnant teens throughout their Pregnancy period.

Havenwood Academy makes use of proven therapies to help treat girls suffering from Emotional Traumas.

the list of therapies adopted at this Institution in treating Troubled Girls includes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR), Dialectic Behavioral Therapy(DBT), and Brainspotting e.t.c.

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5. Master Ranch Academy

  • Contact:417-938-4711
  • Address:287 Country Road 275, MYRTLE, Bellevue, Nebraska

Master Ranch Academy is another modern Therapeutic School in the City of Nebraska, specifically for only Boys.

This Institution is a Christian Therapeutic School and it is Situated in the City of Bellevue In Nebraska.

Master Ranch Academy has existed for over twenty years and has made remarkable footprints, transforming the lives of boys in the City of Bellevue and beyond.

Boys who study at this Institution are been trained on a working Farm, where they tend to learn how to take care of Pigs, Cattle, and Dogs and also learn some Vocational Skills.

Students at Master Ranch Academy are equipped with several vocational skills like welding, culinary Arts, Electrical Construction, metal work e.t.c.

Surprisingly boys at this Therapeutic School are allowed to earn with their acquired skills while they pursue their Academic careers.

Enrolling your wards in Master Ranch Academy provides them the opportunity to obtain a driver’s License and hunter;’s Safety permit, after the driver’s Education program offered at this Institution.

The School uses the military-style approach to discipline and orientate its students, the boys are classed and given responsibility based on their rank.

Notwithstanding Students At This Therapeutic School also engage in extra-curricular activities like Fishing, swimming, Football, Basketball, roping, Hiking, hunting e.t.c.

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6. Clearview Girls Academy

  • Contact:888-416-3029
  • Address:20 Bare Foot Lane, Montana, Nebraska

Clearview Girls Academy is another Therapeutic School for Troubled girls living in the city of Nebraska.

This Institution offers All-round treatment and Therapy for Troubled teenage Girls, the institution accepts Teenage girls from twelve(12) to seventeen years of Age.

Clearview Girls Academy also offers Counselling services to embattled teenagers, irrespective of whether they attend the institution or not.

This institution honestly has a world-class boarding facility where it fixes the mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges faced by teenage girls.

The Boarding Facility at Clearview Girl Academy has the Capacity to Accommodate sixty-five troubled Girls.

The Institution has the Accreditation of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities(CARF) and the Joint Commission.

Clearview Girl Academy has a psychiatric specialist, a Primary care physician, a dentist, a licensed Psychotherapist, teachers, mentors, and boarding staff.

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7. Asheville Academy

  • Contact:1-800-264-8709
  • Address:126m, Camp Elliot Road, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Ashville Academy comes last on our list of the best Therapeutic Schools in Nebraska, the institution is a Therapeutic school for troubled Children between the Age of ten(10) to Fourteen(14).

Asheville Academy is Licensed and Certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities(CARF) as a modern Therapeutic school for both boys and Girls.

However, the Tuition fees at Ashville Academy is quite expensive, compared to other therapeutic Schools, because it is a privately owned Therapeutic School led by Cat Jennings, who is the school’s Executive director.

Asheville Academy currently has three(3) Therapist, one clinical director, and Supervisor, one Equine Specialist, one Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and also one consulting Psychiatrist.

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska
Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

See below;

Are Therapeutic Boarding Schools Effective?

Therapeutic boarding schools are often considered effective because they provide a structured and supportive environment for adolescents facing emotional, behavioral, or academic challenges.

The combination of academics, therapy, and a residential setting aims to address various aspects of a student’s life simultaneously.

What Are the Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

  • Shepherd’s Hill Academy
  • EvangelHouse Christian Academy
  • Resolution Ranch Academy Nebraska
  • Havenwood Academy Nebraska
  • Master Ranch Academy
  • Clearview Girls Academy
  • Asheville Academy


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