7 Top Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas

In this article, we will be discussing the top-rated therapeutic boarding schools in Texas. So you don’t need to bother about spending hours searching for these institutions scattered around Texas.

The goal of every parent is to ensure their children succeed in every aspect of their life and in behavior too.

This is why this article is recommended for parents and individuals who are looking for the best therapeutic schools in Texas for troubled teenagers.

Therapeutic boarding schools are boarding schools/treatment centers that provide college-prep academics, advanced therapy, and extracurricular activities to disturbed youths.

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People might be asking what exactly therapeutic boarding schools are for, before we dive into the Top-rated therapeutic boarding schools in Texas let’s explain what these boarding schools are meant for.

Therapeutic boarding schools

Therapeutic boarding schools offer students a secure and supportive environment, as well as the time they need to make positive changes in their lives. 

Individual, group, family, and experiential therapy is provided in schools and is integrated throughout the day alongside academics and extracurricular activities.

This well-structured, healthy environment encourages both healing and intellectual accomplishment. Therapeutic boarding schools are open year-round and accept students all year.

These boarding schools provide 24/7 student safety in a caring, holistic setting where troubled teenagers can heal while developing healthy emotional and behavioral patterns.

Although it may seem paradoxical to send a struggling teenager away, therapeutic boarding schools provide the necessary treatment to help them turn their lives around. Many problematic kids who attend therapeutic boarding schools or other therapeutic programs, such as wilderness therapy, do not need rigorous treatment in the future.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas

1. New Hope Boys Home

2. Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

3. Still creek ranch

4. Heartlight Ministries

5. New Horizons Academy

6. The Monarch School and Institute

7. Resolution Ranch Academy

1. New Hope Boys Home

First on the list is the New Hope Boys Home design as a Christian therapeutic boarding school for problematic boys aged 14 to 17, who are dealing with life-altering behaviors or attitudes.

Every boy at New Hope Boys Home has the opportunity to reach his full potential as God intended.

Their boarding school and therapeutic program contain a variety of training and counseling components aimed at preparing boys to effectively transition into adulthood, whether that be through college or a career.

New Hope Boys Home helps teen boys overcome life-controlling challenges and restores their academic performance.

Students also concentrate on their education and catch up at their accredited private school under the supervision of a certified teacher.

Address: 107 Longhorn St, Bastrop, TX 78602, United States

Contact: +1 830-257-5714

2. Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

Thrive Girls Ranch & Home, the second on the list, is a year-round Christian therapeutic boarding school for girls aged 12 to 17 who are misbehaving and exhibiting self-destructive or harmful behaviors.

They assist girls in developing into mature, responsible, and courteous young women. Teen Challenge Biblical advisors and mentors are present at the therapeutic residential program in central Texas, as is a concentration on academics and a milieu of therapeutic activities, including equestrian therapy.

Among their activities are physical education, mission trip, recreation and adventure, monitoring, special outing, vocational training and spiritual guidance.

Girls also benefit from vocational training and mentoring, which are all meant to assist them move into a successful life.

Address: Po Box 1054 hutto, Texas 78634

Contact: +1 512-545-2226

3. Still creek ranch

While Still Creek has been filling a void in the therapeutic school system by offering a loving family and a safe home for vulnerable children.

Over the last 30 years, Still Creek has developed a unique approach to restoring children, developing individuals who have good relationships, are self-sufficient, and seek God in everything they do.

It is also customary in their culture to introduce youngsters to a saving understanding of Christianity, resulting in long-lasting and true transformations.

As a therapeutic school, they provide an education that will lead to future opportunities.  They break the generational cycle of homelessness and criminality by providing opportunities for college, trade school, and professional advancement.

Address: 6055 Hearne Rd, Bryan, TX 77808, United States

Contact: +1 979-589-3206

4. Heartlight Ministries

Located on 150 acres of gorgeous piney forests west of Longview, Texas.

Heartlight ministries boarding program does not only change behavior, but also strives to provide a unique, transformative journey through a relational experience that includes counseling, small group therapy, academics, and activities.

At Heartlight ministries, their boutique approach fosters a warm and friendly environment that provides hope to the hopeless, assistance to the discouraged, and new life to those who fear theirs will be lost.

Parents are an essential part of the Heartlight experience. Their involvement through phone calls, attendance at retreats, and commitment to seeing their child complete the program all contribute to a successful return home.

Address: 7345 E, US-80, Hallsville, TX 75650, United States

Contact: +1 903-668-2173

5. New Horizons Academy

The New Horizons Academy is a year-round residential school for ethical teenagers in Marble Falls, Texas.

Their mission is to put students in a position to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

This entails learning all of the academic courses required to get into the best colleges.

They offer remedial tutoring up to the appropriate grade level.

New Horizons Academy provides pupils with a high school diploma and/or prepares them for the college of their choosing.

Address: 516 Camp Ridge Rd, Marble Falls, TX 78654, United States

Contact: +1 760-954-9197

6. The Monarch School and Institute

The Monarch School admits all qualified students to the benefits, programs, and activities provided to the student population.

Their therapeutic school provides each student with a curriculum that combines psychology and education to provide a highly tailored program that meets the child’s emotional, social, and intellectual needs.

Also All of their teachers have degrees, and many have advanced degrees in subjects such as education, special education, and psychology.

All have prior expertise in child development and teaching children with a variety of learning difficulties.

They do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, gender, or national origin when administering their admissions or financial aid programs, and they follow the policies outlined in the policy handbook.

Students with Autism, ADHD, or other developmental issues that affect planning, motivation, social/emotional development, and information processing are eligible to apply to this school.

Address: 2815 Rosefield Dr, Houston, TX 77080, United States

Contact: +1 713-479-0800

7. Resolution Ranch Academy

Last but not the list is the Resolution Ranch Academy. At Resolution Ranch Academy, troubled teen boys are guided back to their genuine selves and a brighter future.

They are a small therapeutic boarding school located on a beautiful, rustic Texas ranch that aims to inspire growth and thankfulness through family values, personal responsibility, and academic support.

Their treatment program is designed exclusively for disturbed teenage boys. They provide therapeutic support for a wide range of concerns, including depression, out-of-control teen behavior, and potential drug addiction.

They claim their approach is a more effective alternative to teen boot camps.

Their concept is founded on a dedication to human development via the teaching of values, responsibility, and respect.

They apply this idea to all aspects of their program, which blends Equine Therapy, Clinical Therapy, and Academics in a boarding school atmosphere.

Address: 2274 County Rd 203 Loop, Cameron, TX 76520, United States

Contact: +1 254-718-3364

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas
Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas

My final thought on the Therapeutic boarding schools in Texas

Before choosing a therapeutic boarding school, talk with a mental health expert or an educational consultant to identify your teen’s specific needs.

There are many factors to consider, and you must be certain that you are making the best decision for your family’s condition.

Many therapeutic consultants have helped families all around the world identify therapeutic boarding schools and programs for their troublesome teenagers.


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