Therapeutic boarding schools in Washington

Therapeutic boarding schools help troubled young people by combining education with therapy. These schools assist teenagers who struggle in regular schools due to emotional issues or narcissistic behavior.

In these schools, teens from Washington get support in a peaceful setting that encourages learning and healing.

The environment in these schools is structured but not overly strict. It prioritizes recovery and treatment. Many adolescents across the country are facing drug addiction and need help. Sadly, lots of them aren’t getting the necessary care.

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Recent studies show that around 30% of teenagers aged 12 to 17 consumed alcohol in the past year, and nearly 20% used illegal drugs in that time frame.

Cigarette use is also common, with about 8.1% smoking in the last month. Having access to a therapeutic boarding school could guide these teens toward recovery and a better future.

This guide aims to assist parents in finding a suitable therapeutic boarding school in Washington for their child or teen.

It provides a list of nearby schools with a brief overview, helping parents find the right school to support their child’s needs and set them on a path to success.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools offer both education and therapy for troubled youth. These schools create an environment that’s more suitable for teenagers with behavioral or mental health challenges compared to traditional schools.

Placing teenagers in these schools helps them become comfortable interacting with people of all genders, fostering a healthier learning atmosphere and preparing them for life beyond school.

Psychologists suggest that teenagers in a single-sex environment might struggle more to relate to the opposite sex compared to those in a co-ed educational setting.

While this might affect boys more than girls, the primary concern remains the same. Advocates for single-sex schools argue they boost academic performance, but research indicates that this doesn’t necessarily hold true.

The difference in academic impact between single-sex and co-ed schools is minimal and sometimes non-existent.

Therapeutic schools in Washington

Therapeutic boarding schools in Washington cater to teens dealing with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges, aiming to help them regain both emotional stability and academic progress.

These schools are becoming more prevalent nationwide as the stigma surrounding therapy diminishes.

Various children can benefit from these schools, including those with ADD/ADHD, learning differences, defiance, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, anxiety, depression, OCD, anger issues, and substance abuse problems.

Parents often inquire about the effectiveness of these schools. They work effectively because they merge traditional boarding school education with intense psychotherapy. These schools offer a highly structured environment, guided by trained staff experienced in assisting troubled teens.

Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School in Washington

Teens who require focused therapy often thrive in therapeutic boarding schools, benefiting from a supportive and secure environment.

This setting allows them the time to boost their self-esteem and develop a better understanding of themselves before navigating the world beyond school and home.

Leading therapeutic boarding schools in Washington adopt a clinically driven, personalized therapeutic approach.

A licensed professional clinical team evaluates each student, collaborates with the student and their family, and identifies areas of concern. They develop individualized goals to guide the change and personal growth process.

The therapeutic process includes weekly individualized therapy sessions with a licensed professional counselor, focusing on the child’s emotional growth and achieving clinical goals.

List of Therapeutic boarding schools in Washington

Here is a list of therapeutic boarding schools in Washington.

  • Academy at Sisters
  • Elevations RTC
  • Evoke Therapy Programs
  • Excelsior Integrated Care Center in Spokane
  • The Family Foundation School
  • Jackson-Feild Home for Girls
  • The Lindner Center of HOPE
  • Monarch Center Youth Wilderness Programs
  • Penrith Farms in Newport
  • Second Nature Wilderness Program
  • Secret Harbor in Burlington
  • Woodhouse Academy

Academy at Sisters

Address: PO Box 5986, Bend OR 97708-5986

County: USA

School District: Bend La Pine, Oregon

Phone Number: 800-910-0412

Fax Number: 541-389-2897

Email: [email protected]

The Academy is a small therapeutic boarding school catering to troubled girls aged 13 to 18. Each girl receives personalized treatment plans with a dedicated Case Manager. Dr. Julie Schneider leads the Clinical Treatment Team overseeing their progress.

Elevations RTC

Address: 2650 West 2700 South Syracuse, UT 84075

Phone: (855) 290-9681

Website: Click here 

Elevation RTC is an outstanding, fully accredited program that combines education and therapy for adolescents from Washington dealing with alcohol or pain medication addiction issues.

The Therapeutic Boarding School is specifically designed for teens exhibiting challenges like poor choice of friends, addiction, self-harm, anger, sleep issues, academic struggles, family conflicts, and more.

As both a Residential Treatment Center and a fully accredited on-campus school, Elevations RTC provides real-school academic programs.

This approach helps students develop the skills necessary for mental health and stable recovery during their residential treatment program.

Evoke Therapy Programs

Address: 2711 Santa Clara Dr. Santa Clara, UT 84765

Phone Number: 8664116600

Email: [email protected]

Evoke Therapy Programs offers tailored support for individuals facing mental health issues, addiction, common life challenges, and family conflicts.

Their comprehensive approach aims to help participants learn, grow, and tap into their inner wisdom.

Evoke operates as a close-knit community of service-oriented individuals with diverse backgrounds, working together to assist youth, young adults, and families in reconnecting with their healthier, authentic selves.

Specializing in Wilderness Therapy, a well-researched and highly effective method for treating teens and young adults, Evoke provides extensive family support. With a strong clinical focus, we offer personalized services to each individual and their family.

Every activity and interaction is purposeful, aiming to provide insight, and awareness, and guide participants towards making healthy, long-term choices.

Through individualized therapy and hands-on learning experiences, the school aims to enhance awareness, highlight choices, and showcase consequences. This process assists participants in setting and achieving meaningful, long-lasting goals.

Excelsior Integrated Care Center in Spokane

Phone: 509-559-3100

Website: Click here

The Excelsior Integrated Care Center, a part of Excelsior Wellness, offers various programs for kids and teens, including the LifePoint coeducational program for those aged 17-21.

This program helps young adults journey toward wellness and independent living in the community. LifePoint includes fun activities like movie outings and arcade visits, along with various amenities.

The Family Foundation School

Address: 431 Chapel Hill Road Hancock, NY 13783

Phone Number: 845-887-5213, ext 499

Fax Number: (845) 887-6150

Email: [email protected]

The Family Foundation School is a private therapeutic boarding school that helps intelligent and talented teens facing behavioral or emotional challenges.

Their program combines tough academics, daily counseling, and character education based on the 12-step principles.

They focus on promoting academic success, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. The school offers tutoring, college-level courses, and exceptional programs in journalism, art, photography, music, dance, and drama. They foster a supportive environment where peers uplift each other positively.

Jackson-Feild Home for Girls

Address: 546 Walnut Grove Dr., Jarratt, Va. 23867

Phone Number: 434-634-3217(3034)

Fax Number: 434-634-9847

Website – Click Here!

Established in 1855 as an Episcopal orphanage for girls, this institution evolved into a group home for girls in the late 1900s.

In 1994, a school named Gwaltney School was added to the campus programs. Since June 1998, the school has been graduating students with various diplomas.

Gwaltney School, part of Jackson-Feild Homes, focuses on educating troubled young ladies residing at its Jarratt, Virginia facility.

The school specializes in working with regular students as well as those with classifications like ED, LD, OHI, ADHD, or ADD.

The Lindner Center of HOPE

Address: 4075 Old Western Row Road, Mason, OH 45040

Phone Number: (513) 285-9082 or 888-536-4673

Website – Click Here!

The Lindner Center of HOPE is a non-profit mental health center with a diverse team dedicated to offering hope to people facing mental illness. Their focus is on patients and families, placing them at the core of our treatment, education, and research efforts.

Established in 2008, the Lindner Center of HOPE is a privately run, non-profit mental health facility in North America.

They specialize in providing extensive, scientifically based care for mood and other psychiatric disorders across all ages.

Their services cater to clients locally, nationally, and internationally, offering various treatment options and settings.

Monarch Center Youth Wilderness Programs

Address: P.O. Box 797 , Georgetown CO 80444

Phone Number: 303-569-0767

Fax Number: 303-569-0120

The Monarch Center focuses on helping families reconnect and navigate through challenging situations that have caused stress and dysfunction.

They particularly specialize in assisting parents and adolescents who are struggling in their relationships. Their approach combines wilderness and relationship-based therapies in an intensive way to address issues like conflicts with authority, delinquent behavior, substance misuse, academic difficulties, emotional challenges, and peer conflicts.

They offer various services, including short and long-term wilderness-based programs for adolescents, intensive sessions for single or multiple families, support groups for parents, crisis interventions, family-oriented wilderness programs, community-based services, and ongoing support after programs.

The goal at The Monarch Center is to support families dealing with crises by addressing the root causes of problems within the family system.

Instead of isolating the child from their home environment for a long time, they focus on changing destructive patterns. They aim to help families achieve better communication, deeper connections, and greater authenticity.

Penrith Farms in Newport

Phone: 509-447-0665

Website: Click here

Penrith Farms is a program for young adults, both male and female, who are going through challenges in transitioning to adulthood.

Situated on 320 acres of timber and farmland in Eastern Washington, the program focuses on helping students learn essential adult life skills by living and working together in a community with their peers.

The main objectives include improving communication, fostering cooperation, and achieving personal goals.

Second Nature Wilderness Program

Address: CASCADES / 20332 Empire Ave F-7 / Bend / OR / 97701

Phone Number: 866-205-2500

Email: [email protected]

Licensed in Washington, The Second Nature is affiliated with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.

They specialize in providing professional behavioral and emotional treatment for adolescents, addressing concerns such as depression, learning differences, oppositional defiance, attention deficit, attachment issues, substance abuse, and more.

Secret Harbor in Burlington

Phone: 360-755-5700

Website: Click here

Secret Harbor offers assistance to children and families through various support services like aid for foster families, in-home support, and a residential program.

The residential treatment specifically caters to young boys and men who have faced serious trauma due to abuse or neglect and have been in several unsuccessful placements.

The program aims to work with these individuals, helping them develop strategies and interventions that they can use in their homes, schools, and communities.

Woodhouse Academy

Address: 4 Oxford Road Building F Milford, CT 06460

Phone Number: 203 877-9121

Fax Number: 203 877-4453

Website – Click Here!

Email: [email protected]

Woodhouse Academy is a special private day school created to help kids in Grades 7 to 12 who are smart but face challenges in learning.

These are students who might have struggled or failed in other schools despite being bright.

The program at Woodhouse is for kids dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, school worries, autism-related disorders, trauma, and other problems. These students might also face difficulties in social skills, confidence, and how they learn. These challenges often get in the way of their school success.

They provide a safe, caring, and structured learning environment. Their focus is not just on teaching subjects but also on helping students with the social skills they need. The school also works on its learning plans (IEP).

Therapeutic boarding schools in Washington
Therapeutic boarding schools in Washington

Concluding Remark on the therapeutic boarding schools in Washington

Therapeutic boarding schools in Washington offer a unique and effective approach to support teenagers facing emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges.

These schools provide a structured and nurturing environment where students receive both academic education and therapeutic support.

By integrating clinical therapy, psycho-educational activities, and group therapy, these schools aim to address various issues such as low self-worth, behavioral problems, academic struggles, and mental health disorders.

The emphasis on individualized care, involvement of licensed professionals, and a balanced schedule of academic and recreational activities sets therapeutic boarding schools apart.


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