7 Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana

Troubled children battling with several bad habits require personalized attention to help transform them into better Citizens, to ensure your troubled wards access the best of training, I have compiled some of the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana.

Montana is among the top States in the United States with a vast range of Therapeutic Boarding Schools offering Constructive programs aimed at transforming troubled children into well-behaved individuals.

Environment plays a major role during the upbringing of a child, Research has shown that Children tend to harness some behavioral traits due to their environment.

Troubled children suffering from Substance Abuse and emotional or Psychological challenges are best coached in a transformative Environment that abhors negative vices.


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In the bid to expose your wards to a transformative Environment that Encourages discipline, growth, time management, self-dependence, and networking, I will be reviewing a good Number of Therapeutic Schools in Montana, with standard boarding Facilities to help accommodate students who wish to live in the school premises.

Honestly, Therapeutic Schools with boarding Facilities are preferable for troubled children than those without Boarding Facilities.

This is because Therapeutic Boarding Schools, offer a more inclusive environment that aids troubled children to focus more.

Troubled Kids who reside in Therapeutic Boarding Schools receive more attention and treatment from specialists, than those who attend day schools.

So if you wish to help your Troubled Child regain his or her Sanity Fast and without Delay, You should consider enrolling them in any Therapeutic Boarding school in Montana.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Montana

The List below is a comprehensive list showing some of the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana.

  • Chrysalis Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Evangel House Christian Academy
  • Elevations RTC
  • Stillwater Academy
  • Turning Winds Academy
  • Wingate Academy Montana
  • Building Bridges Academy

1. Chrysalis Therapeutic Boarding School

  • Contact: 406-998-6039
  • Address: 77 Trails End Road, Eureka, Montana

Chrysalis Therapeutic Boarding School comes first on the list of the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana.

This Therapeutic Institution is situated in Eureka, Eureka is a town in the Northwest Region of Montana.

Chrysalis Therapeutic Boarding School has about three(3) boarding Facilities, this Institution admits Troubled teenagers between the ages of thirteen(13) to Eighteen(18).

This Institution has several Experienced Therapists, who work towards making sure students are free from Emotional Trauma, these therapists also help students to establish Healthy relationships, Learn new Habits e.t.c.

Students at this Therapeutic School will be opportune to embark on an International Educational trip, which will expose them to other Cultures. 

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2. Evangel House Christian Academy

  • Contact: 800-924-4012
  • Address: Box 138, Saint Martinville, Louisiana

Evangel House Christian Academy is a Christian School for Troubled Teenage Girls, the School was established in 1995.

Treatment offered to Students at this Institution blends with the Christian belief that teenage Girls at this Institution are well-trained based on Biblical standards.

Evangel House Christian Academy offers specialized treatment to teenage  Girls Suffering From Mood Disorders, Family depression, Defiance, Anger e.t.c.

Notwithstanding this Therapeutic Boarding does not Accept Teenage Girls With critical health or Psychiatric problems.

Academic programs offered at this Institution are under the strict Academic Standards put together by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Aside from receiving Therapeutic Treatment, students at Evangel House Christian Academy engaged in extra-curricular Activities.

Troubled Teenage Girls At this Institution are updated about their progress, they receive structured training from experienced professionals to help guide their Behavior.

Troubled Teenagers at this Institution are privileged to receive Top-notch Counselling Services from Experienced Therapist for Free. Visit The School’s Webpage to know more.

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3. Elevations RTC

  • Contact: 855-290-9681
  • Address: 2550 West 2700 South Syracuse

Elevation RTC also ranks among the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana, this Institution offers Therapeutic services to teenage boys and girls battling with Alcohol addiction, anger, sleep Disorders, anger e.t.c’

This Prestigious institution is situated outside Montana, but it accepts aspiring students from Montana, Elevation RTC currently has two head offices Situated in the City of Syracuse and Utah.

Elevation RTC is Accredited by the Mental Health America(MHA), and the National Alliance on Medical Illness.

Applicants Interested in studying at Elevation RTC, must be between the ages of Thirteen(13) to Eighteen(18).   

Below are some of the therapeutic Services offered at Elevation RTC: 

  • Therapeutic Services    
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Substance Use Treatment   
  • Teenage Care Services                 

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Preteen girl meeting with school counselor or therapist

4. Stillwater Academy

  • Contact: +406-752-4400
  • Address: 255 FFA Drive, Kalispell, Montana

Stillwater Academy is a Christian Therapeutic school for troubled boys and Girls, this institution offers Christ-centered to education, to help transform your Troubled wards into servant leaders who will respond to God’s Call in their Lives.

This Therapeutic School is Accredited by Cognia, the Association of Christian Schools International(ACSI), and the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability(CESA).

Stilwater Christian School is best for international students, because Admits students irrespective of their origin, Sex, and race.

At Stillwater Academy parent can enroll their wards at any level of Education, ranging from preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School up to High school Education.

Students At Stillwater Academy are privileged to Engage in any extracurricular activity that Suits their Interests.

Students at this school can either participate in sport-related Activities, join the School’s Choir, or probably join the league of Students who participate in Visual Arts.

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5. Turning Winds Academy

  • Contact: 800-845-1380
  • Address: 31733 Fork Yeak Road Troy, Montana, USA

Turning Winds Academy is another Outstanding Therapeutic Boading School in the City of Montana.

This Institution offers rehabilitation treatment to Teenagers between the ages of thirteen(13) to Eighteen(18).

Turning Winds Academy is a perfect Therapeutic School for Troubled Teenagers suffering from mental illness and substance or drug abuse.

The Institution has a good number of Licensed Clinicians, Psychiatrists, teachers, and professional nurses that well experienced.

The school works with top insurance companies to offer quality services to students, the school has affiliations with insurance companies like Tricare, Pacific Source Health Plans, Cigna, UMR e.t.c.

Notwithstanding Turning Winds Academy is Accredited by the Joint Commission, NATSAP, Cognia, and the Montana DPHS.

Do well to visit the official webpage of Turing Winds Academy, to know more about the School and the list of Services offered.

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6. Wingate Academy Montana

  • Contact: 844-413-2722
  • Address: 11 Kanab, Utah

Wingate Academy is a Therapeutic Boarding school created for only Troubled Teenage Girls, suffering from addiction, Substance Abuse, and behavioral and mental health issues.

The institution is located in Kanab one of the major cities in Utah, despite the School being situated in Utah the School offers preferential training and treatment to help troubled Girls from Montana regain their freedom from all sorts of Negative Habits.

Teenage Girls from Montana studying at this Institution will not only Experience personalized Treatment, but will also be privileged to access quality Education in a serene and Secured Environment.

However, Wingate Academy partners with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs to offer top-notch Therapeutic Treatment to Troubled Teenage Girls.

Aside from the treatment and Academic programs offered by this School, the School also exposes it’s students to several skill Acquisition schemes, to help equip students with lucrative Skills they could earn from.

The Executive Team at Wingate Academy has Eleven(11)  passionate individuals, comprising of two(2) primary Therapists, one(1) program director and Clinical Director, one(1) Psychiatric nurse and Field Director, including the office manager, and the Administrative Assistant.

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7. Buiding Bridges Academy

  • Contact: 888-853-0156
  • School Address: P.O Box 1310 Thompson Falls, Montana, United States

Building Bridges Academy comes last on our list of the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana.

This Institution is a Therapeutic School for Teenage boys between the Ages of Fourteen(14) to Eighteen(18) battling with mental and behavioral challenges.

Building Bridges Academy is Actually among the Leading Therapeutic High Schools in the City of Montana.

The School offers personalized Treatment concerning each student’s ailments and needs.

So if you have a troubled male child suffering from depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues, Building Bridges Academy will sincerely be suitable for such a Child.

The school makes use of evidence-based therapies and treatments, individual and group therapy, Behavioral therapy, and several other Therapeutic Approaches to help cure it’s students of all sorts of negative Habits.

Below are the list Challenges or Problems that Building Bridges Academy Caters For:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Poor Academic Performance
  • Negative Impact due to Family Relationship
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Anger and Frustration
  • Substance or Drug Abuse

Notwithstanding Building Bridges Academy has the Approval of well-profiled Organisations like Montana DPHS, NATSAP, The Joint Commission National Quality Approval, Cognia, and All Kinds of Therapy.

We encourage you to visit the School’s Official webpages to gain Clarity on the Requirements, and The programs offered at this Therapeutic School in Montana.

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana
Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana

FAQs On The Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana

See below;

How Much Does it Cost To Go To Boarding School In The US?

The Tuition Fees for most boarding Schools located in the United States range from $25,550 to $37,590, although there are some other Boarding Schools that are cheaper.

Is Boarding School Expensive In the USA?

Yes, the USA has the most expensive boarding Schools in the world, Boarding schools in the United States are quite more expensive compared to boarding Schools in other countries.

What Place Is Montana In Education?

Based on the Report From US News Montana Educational System is the 25th best Educational Sector in the United States.

What Are The Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana?

  • Chrysalis Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Evangel House Christian Academy
  • Elevations RTC
  • Stillwater Academy
  • Turning Winds Academy
  • Wingate Academy Montana
  • Building Bridges Academy


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