12 Top rated Therapists in Delaware

Do you have the impression that your life is currently off track? Perhaps you’ve been dealing with some personal issues, or perhaps you’re just in a “funk”? The therapists in Delaware can help out.

In any case, it may be prudent to seek assistance from an experienced professional who can assist you in overcoming these obstacles.


Therapists in Delaware

Here are a few Therapists in Delaware;

  • 1. Rising Hope Therapy, LLC

Rising Hope Therapy employs effective psychotherapy methods to assist clients in developing self-awareness and encouraging them to explore new attitudes and feelings toward life situations.

It is critical to remember that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: it is a healing process that requires participation and investment from both the client and the therapist.

The goal is to assist the client in making small changes to self-defeating behavior and negative self-talk while also learning coping mechanisms to deal with cognitive, behavioral, or simply life struggles. This shift can have far-reaching consequences.

Rising Hope Therapy’s founder and CEO is Christina Emmanuel-De Luna. She is a committed mental health professional who is passionate about therapy and the healing it can provide. Christina offers counseling to adolescents, adults, and couples.

Her primary focus is on assisting clients in changing unhealthy thoughts and patterns in order to overcome life challenges, as well as encouraging and empowering clients to make meaningful changes.

Christina works with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. She works with clients from all walks of life who are dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, women’s issues, grief, conflict resolution, LGBTQ issues, college adjustment, and other life transitions (career, premarital/marriage, divorce, etc.).

Contact: +1 302-273-3194

Address: 260 Chapman Rd #103, Newark, DE 19702, United States

  • 2. Delaware Family Center

Delaware Family Center is a group of psychologists and social workers who believe in every person’s inherent worth.

Their responsibility is to facilitate personal growth and relationship enhancement for their clients and their loved ones by providing a confidential, therapeutic, and otherwise supportive environment. They believe that access to accurate relevant information, adequate emotional support, competent therapeutic intervention, and the opportunity to develop life skills can all benefit an individual.

Delaware Family Center strongly believes that all staff members owe clients competent, ethical, confidential, and respectful treatment.

Dr. Diana Terrell is a psychologist and one of the Delaware Family Center’s founders. She earned her B.A. and an M.Ed. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Delaware and her doctorate in counseling psychology from Temple University.

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Dr. Terrell has primarily worked with children and families dealing with health, learning, and behavioral issues in her clinical practice. She offers custody evaluations for use in Delaware’s Family Court to facilitate legal solutions, co-parent counseling to help parents learn how to work successfully with their ex-spouses, and family counseling to help blended families improve relationships.

Contact:+1 302-995-9600

Address: 3608 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States

  • 3. Delaware Center for Counseling and Wellness

Sunyana earned her Master’s degree at the University of New England and her Bachelor’s degree at Temple University.

She has prior experience working in an intensive outpatient therapy setting and specializes in working with children and families.

Sunyana has worked with children and adolescents with a variety of diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD), attention deficit disorder (ADHD), and trauma.

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Sunyana is well-versed in a variety of Art Therapy techniques for engaging children at their level of readiness.

She employs evidence-based techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Approach, and Play Therapy. Sunyana is also a military spouse, so she understands and supports the military lifestyle, which can lead to difficulties transitioning in new settings.

Contact: +1 302-292-1334

Address: 256 Chapman Rd #201, Newark, DE 19702, United States

  • 4. Suzanne Messina

Suzanne Messina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Guidance Counselor, Certified Clinicial Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner in the states of Delaware and Florida. Level 1 Gottman Method for Couples training is also available.

Individual, couple, and family counseling, adolescents/children, and parenting skills training are all areas of expertise.

With over 15 years of experience as a mental health therapist and a graduate of Nova Southeastern University specializing in cognitive/behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, she is currently working as a private practitioner with a diverse range of clients in schools and private practice.

Improving coping skills, eliminating anxiety/panic attacks, increasing self-esteem, confidence, and assertiveness to improve mood, career and education planning, social skills training, improving family relationships, and parenting skills training are among her areas of expertise. Suzanne is a solution-focused, interactive therapist.

Her therapeutic approach is to provide clients with support and practical feedback to assist them in effectively dealing with personal life challenges.

She combines complementary methodologies and techniques to provide a highly personalized, client-specific approach. She works with each individual with compassion and understanding to help them build on their strengths and achieve the personal growth they desire.

Contact: +1 302-604-2118

Address: 113 Union St, Milton, DE 19968, United States

  • 5. Alliance Counseling

Alliance Counseling is a network of six experienced psychologists and counselors who offer a variety of services to children, adolescents, adults of all ages, couples, and families.

They offer individual and group counseling, workshops, and consultation to businesses and organizations. Their goal is to provide personalized services in a private and respectful setting. Licensed Psychologist Kris Bronson, Ph.D. provides individual and group counseling and psychotherapy in her practice, as well as workshops on stress reduction, mindfulness, and career planning.

Her therapeutic approach incorporates both support and cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and mindfulness techniques. Her approach is friendly, genuine, and collaborative. A strong working relationship between therapist and client, in her opinion, is essential. Her clients frequently express gratitude for her assistance in identifying and maintaining focus on treatment objectives.

Also, her career counseling practice distinguishes her from many other therapists. Career counseling assists people in finding a fulfilling and rewarding career that matches their interests and talents. Individual career counseling is collaborative, tailored to the needs and goals of the client, and may include testing, such as an interest assessment.

In addition, having worked on college campuses, he is skilled at dealing with college students’ personal, educational, and career concerns.

She assists students in navigating life transitions such as adjusting to college or graduate school, changing majors, graduating, and entering the workforce. She also work with recent graduates and young adults who are feeling stuck or underachieving.

Contact: +1 302-477-0708

Address: 3411 Silverside Rd., Weldin, Ste 100, Wilmington, DE 19810, United States

  • 6. Linda E. Santoro, RN

Licensed Psychologist Linda Santoro, R.N., Ph.D.

Has specialized EMDR training to assist people in recovering from trauma and loss. Eating disorders, reproductive health issues (infertility and pregnancy loss), and coping with chronic and terminal illness are some of her other areas of interest and expertise. She approach healing holistically, drawing on my clinical experience as a nurse.

Individuals and families are encouraged to mobilize their personal, spiritual, interpersonal, and environmental resources in order to cope more adaptively with life’s challenges and, as a result, have a healthier relationship with themselves and others.

Contact: +1 302-454-8010

Address: 500 Creek View Rd, Newark, DE 19711, United States

  • 7. Play Therapy Delaware

Dr. Bouzoukis specializes in creative psychotherapy for children, both individually and in groups. Dr. Bouzoukis is a well-known author around the world. Her first book, Pediatric Dramatherapy:

They Couldn’t Run, So They Learned To Fly, focuses on the treatment of chronically ill children. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd. published it, and it is available on Amazon.com. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers published her second book, Encouraging Your Child’s Imagination.

The latter book focuses on Delaware children and Delaware schools as they create original and improvised plays. Dr. Bouzoukis holds a doctorate in Child Dramatherapy from New York University and a Master of Fine Arts in Child Drama from The University of North Carolina – Greensboro.

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Since 1987, she has worked as a Nationally Registered Drama Therapist. Dr. Bouzoukis is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Play Therapy. Dr. Bouzoukis has also served on the New Castle County Community Services Advisory Board.

Contact: +1 302-777-1110

Address: 4001 Kennett Pike Ste 244, Greenville, DE 19807, United States

  • 8. Blue Sky Psychological Services LLC

Withrow, Samantha worked with a variety of non-profit organizations, hospitals, medical and nursing organizations, state-based agencies, in-patient psychiatric settings, and police and law enforcement agencies over the last ten years.

She has been fortunate to receive this training in multiple states along the east coast, and she has returned home to Delaware to begin providing outpatient mental health therapy and forensic counseling services to those in need she is a Delaware Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and she currently own and operate Blue Sky Psychological Services, LLC.

Also, she works with Cecil County, Maryland to provide court-ordered forensic services to individuals who require them as a result of high-conflict family disputes.

​Contact: +1 302-498-9441

Address: 250 E Camden Wyoming Ave, Camden, DE 19934, United States

  • 9. Lauren Hubbard, LCSW, CAADC, CCDP D, CPS

She has worked hard to ensure that her education (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate) and experiences are diverse and relevant, so that she can be truly effective when treating patients. She is a Delaware Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with Masters Level experience working with adults, couples, families, adolescents, and children.

Also, She has worked with patients at People’s Place, Psychotherapeutic Services, Catholic Charities, Alpha Behavior Health, A Center for Mental Wellness, and Mental Edge Counseling in Delaware.

She is also a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional (CCDP-D), and Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS), and she has worked with many people to help them recover from mental illness and substance abuse.

In addition, the EMDR International Association has certified her in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) (EMDRIA). In terms of Advanced Resolution Therapy (ART) training, she is a Basic ART Therapist.

Her experience ranges from routine outpatient therapy to Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), which served people with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

She has also gained valuable experience and perspective from working as a Residential Counselor, Case Manager, Assessor, Team Leader, Psychotherapist, and CADC Trainer in the mental health field.

Contact: +1 302-865-8098

Address: 818 Williamsville Rd, Houston, DE 19954, United States

  • 10. Milestones Consultants, LLC

Milestones is a counseling practice in southern and central Delaware that provides individual, group, and family therapy to men, women, and adolescents.

They have more than 20 years of experience in counseling, supervising, and consulting!! Rhonda Bailey graduated from Wilmington University with a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and post-Certificates Master’s in Child and Family and Mental Health Counseling.

Rhonda has been working with children and their families in Delaware for over 15 years. She is a trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapist with certification. Rhonda treats the people she works with using evidence-based approaches. Rhonda has worked with domestic violence, as well as abuse and neglect.

Contact: +1 302-990-2414

Address: 1330 Middleford Rd Suite 303, Seaford, DE 19973, United States

  • 11. Mel Strunk

Mel Strunk is  a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Whether you have an eating disorder, a negative body image, depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, she will work with you to help you manage the stress that is interfering with your daily activities.

She has  discovered that incorporating coping skills and challenging negative thoughts can make life more manageable.

As a therapist, she believes that complete recovery from an eating disorder is possible. She works with each client to combat the black and white thinking patterns that are common in people suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. She prefers to collaborate with her clients to set goals that they can achieve.

Contact: +1 610-772-0365

Address: 19606 Coastal Hwy #205, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, United States

  • 12. Leslie Connor, Ph.D., LLC

Licensed Psychologist Leslie Connor, Ph.D. specializes in anxiety, depression, relationships, identity development, parenting, procrastination, and the various challenges of conflict avoidance and people-pleasing.

Her work frequently involves dealing with the most fundamental, yet profound, issues of life: trust, self-acceptance, love, guilt and shame, loss, and resilience.

She has been in practice for over 25 years, serving adults of all ages as well as newly-minted adults and teens. She employs a number of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, interpersonal, and psychodynamic approaches, tailoring her work to your specific needs because therapy is never “one size fits all.”

Her  goal is to make you feel more at ease in their work and less alone, as well as to give you a better sense of your next steps. She provides focused listening and thoughtful direction, as well as a sense of humor.

Sometimes their work entails making peace with unresolvable situations, and other times it entails figuring out how to make long-term changes. In any case, insight and growth on the issues that are most important to you are always available.

Contact: +1 302-477-0708

Address: 3411 Silverside Road Weldin Bldg. Suite 100, Wilmington, DE 19810, United States

Conclusion on the Therapists in Delaware

Are you dealing with the effects of childhood wounds? Are you on the verge of ending a relationship but afraid of what comes next?

Kids causing you to feel overwhelmed with parenting decisions and unsure if you’re making the right ones?

You do an excellent job of caring for others, but you frequently put your own needs second, and it’s beginning to show. Consider a life in which you no longer have self-doubt, are confident in your decisions, and are not depressed, anxious, or stressed out. See a therapist today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find the answers to the most asked questions about the therapists in Delaware;

  1. Is 7 Cups Therapy completely free?

What is the price of 7 Cups? You don’t have to pay to get help from 7 Cups listeners or use the message boards. If you want to try therapy, you must pay a monthly fee of $150. A premium membership, which costs $12.95 per month, is also available.

  1. How long should therapy continue?

Therapy can range from a single session to several months or even years. Everything is dependent on what you want and require. Some people come to therapy with a very specific problem that they need to solve and may only require one or two sessions.

  1. Can I talk to a psychologist for free online?

Fortunately, telehealth is available to assist individuals with limited resources in receiving the care they require.

There are numerous websites and apps that provide free online therapy chat. Online therapy chat allows you to meet with a licensed professional in the privacy of your own home via chat room, text, or webcam.


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