5 Winter Hair Care Tips

The winter can have an impact on our health in many ways, it can dry out our skin, and hair as we go about our days tackling the elements.


It’s essential that we look after our hair all year round but especially in the colder months, to keep it healthy, shiny, and strong – there are easy ways to do this, from covering your hair when you leave the house, to getting your ends trimmed regularly. To find out 5 winter hair care tips for 2022, read on.

If you are suffering from hair loss in any season, it can be a worrying time, and although the cold weather is not associated with the loss of your flowing locks, other factors can have an impact on growth. If you are becoming self-conscious and would like to restore your style, a hair transplant turkey could be the best option for you.


How cold weather affects your hair 

As the weather turns colder, we should be thinking of ways that we can keep our bodies healthy, including our skin and hair.

Although cold hair isn’t linked to hair loss, it can cause a few changes to your scalp. Cold air does not contain a lot of moisture, which means your hair can become drier and more brittle than normal.

During the winter months, you’ll have to look after your hair more carefully to keep it looking shiny and healthy – and not to mention, free of split ends! Luckily, there are a few tried and tested ways to ensure that your hair looks luscious all year round, which we will look at in more depth below.

  1. Get regular trims 

The dry air that comes with the cold months of winter can have an impact on the moisture content of your hair, which is why we may develop split ends.


Cold air can often result in breakage, whilst other elements like snow, wind and rain can all be detrimental to the way your hair looks and feels – which is why it is so important to schedule regular appointments with your hairdresser so that you can maintain healthy locks. Keeping on top of having your hair trimmed, usually, every 4 to 8 weeks will reduce the look of dry, split ends over the winter season.

  1. Avoid styling with heat 

This is something that we should try and avoid in excess anyway but styling your hair with extreme heat in the winter means you run the risk of drying and damaging your hair even more so. Your hair is more fragile during the winter from battling the elements and the dry air, so adding extreme heat to this is only going to make it worse and cause further breakage.

Embrace your natural hair in the winter to retain as much moisture as possible, and if you’re not in a hurry, try and give it a day off from blow drying a let it dry naturally indoors.

  1. Lower water temperature 

We all know how tempting it is to get into the shower or bath in the winter to warm us up, but it is essential that you do not wash your hair in high temperatures, even if you’re chilly! Hot water removes oils that your hair needs to remain healthy and can dry out your scalp, which will result in it becoming itchy and flaky.

To maintain a healthy head of hair, shower at a lukewarm temperature, and better still, blast the ends of your hair with cold water, as this helps to seal the cuticles which keeps colour in and promotes shine.

  1. Cover your hair 

There’s no better time to wear a hat or scarf in the winter, not just to keep you warm, but to protect your hair from the stresses that come with cold, dry weather. Although wrapping your hair up into a woolly hat or scarf can help, this can cause static – so if you can, choose a hat that is lined with a material that is good for your hair, like silk or satin to prevent this.

  1. Buy a humidifier 

It may be tempting to turn on your electric heater when you get chilly for a warm blast of air, but this may not be the best thing to do when it comes to looking after your locks.

Heaters dry out the air in the room, causing your hair to become brittle and broken. Humidifiers work differently, they balance moisture in the air which causes lips, skin, and hair to dry out, so you can benefit from levels that allow your hair to remain healthy and moisturized.

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