What Does a School Psychologist Do: School Psychologist Salary

You are fortunate to get the perfect answer to this question of What Does a School Psychologist Do?

Psychology is a unique field with vast specialties attached to it. Psychology is applied in our everyday life. We apply simple psychology in virtually everything we do even when we are not subconsciously aware that what we applied was psychology.

It also comes in when relating to people, especially children. In our episode today, we shall outline and discuss the role of a school psychologist. You may ask yourself what a school psychologist do? or the role of a school psychologist in special education.

Our update today will detail all you need to know as well as school psychologist salaries for those asking to know if psychologists are well paid.

Who is a School Psychologist

A school psychologist is an academic expert in psychology concerned mainly with students’ ability to learn and the teachers’ ability to teach.

They engage their psychology expertise in mental and behavioral studies to help students get through their studies and perform optimally.

School psychologists collaborate with the teachers, parents, and authorities to create a more healthy pathway to bring out the best in children and students especially the ones with special needs. The school psychologist also offers to counsel both teachers and students.

What Does a School Psychologist Do?

The roles of the school psychologist cannot be over-emphasized. The primary duty is to focus their attention on the students but it goes beyond that.

They are also integrally involved in creating curriculum for study and also counseling for teachers and other stakeholders in the school setting.

The areas concerned with the duty of the school psychologist are very vast. That is why it is mandatory in most schools to have at least 2-3 full-time psychologists. Nonetheless, we shall be taking it bit by bit for easy understanding.

Tests and Evaluations:

With the educational, social, and medical background of the student, the psychologist can be able to draw down his/her evaluations and reach a summarized report that can be used in the student’s report card.

Provide Support for students IEP: 

In their effort to support and arrive at the IEP ( Individualized Educational Program) goal for each student, the psychologist engages with other disciplinary arms and shares their observations and tests which in turn is used in monitoring the progress of the student.

Teach Pro-social behaviors:

They equally teach pro-social behaviors and help students attain their best. School psychologists adopt the use of goal setting, positive reinforcement, modeling, and other proven methods to drive the best results in the students.

Counsel and Develop Intervention Plan for Teaching Staff:

The school psychologist is usually on the ground to teach and ensure the staff and teachers adopt the best teaching methods for students. They evaluate the disciplinary methods, communication methods, and profer best ways to interact with students.

Additionally, the psychologist also counsel and help the teachers going through one classroom stress or the other.

Workshops and Seminars: 

Through the facilitation and organizing of seminars and workshop series, the psychologist is able to build a good connection between the home and school. Here issues bordering on parenting, bullying, and other social ills affecting students’ performance and behavior are discussed and analyzed.

The aim is to teach and foster collaboration between all arms involved in the upbringing of the child. All these and many more answers to the big question of what does a school psychologist do?

How Do I Become a School Psychologist?

You can actually make quite a lot from being a school psychologist but it is best advocated you enter it for the passion of helping children in need of guidance. The first necessary step is to obtain an advanced degree because you won’t get licensed to practice without one.

You can commence with a bachelor’s degree and proceed to more advanced studies in the related sub-fields.

Nonetheless, in some states and provinces, a degree is enough to earn you a license to start practicing. A specialty in fields like school psychology, Applied behavior analysis, Autism, e.t.c is what is expected to be listed in your credentials to qualify and become a school psychologist.

However, just like we said earlier, requirements for school psychologists differ from state to state. Look up the requirements to know how to become a psychologist in such a place. We also wish to remind you that degree level, certifications, and length of experience have a lot to do with a school psychologist’s salary.

School Psychologists Skills

Without the needed skills, it would be hard to perform effectively as a school psychologist. While the emphasis is made on the general skills, there are special skills pertaining to a school psychologist you must have.

Based on data obtained from different job websites, we have been able to arrive at the top skills required of a school psychologist by employers.

In-demand baseline skills

  • Scheduling and administration
  • Patient education and support
  • Mental health disease and therapies
  • Disorder diagnosis/treatment/care
  • Teamwork/collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • Writing
  • Problem-solving

In-demand specialized skills

  • Special education
  • Autism diagnosis/treatment/care
  • Telehealth
  • Report writing
  • Staff development
  • Crisis intervention

What is the Typical School Psychologist’s Salary

You probably might not have become a school psychologist with the primary aim of making lots of money. But, I can assure you that you can have them both.

School psychology can help you fulfill your passion and also help you attain optimal financial security.

Statistics obtained from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics show that psychologists earn well above the average annual salary of other professions. Psychologists go home with $78,920 in annual salary.

It can rise considerably high with high more advanced certifications and longer lengths of experience.

Conclusion on What Does a School Psychologist Do

The psychologists remain an integral part of the stakeholders necessary for the upbringing of the child. They are required to maintain balance and manage behavioral crises in both children and adults. With what we have stated above, it is obvious that one needs to be passionate about the needs of children to advance in this field.

The effectiveness of your methods is what attracts you to high-paying jobs and recommendations. Nonetheless, with the necessary education and training, one is sure to excel at all levels as a school psychologist.


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