Best Time Management Tips For Nurses

There are different Time Management Tips For Nurses to Make Life More Effective.

The nursing profession comes with a great responsibility for providing extended care to the critically ill.

A typical nurse devotes more than three-quarters of their working day to their patients and coworkers, as well as to administering medication. As a result, some days may be thrilling, while others may prove to be challenging.

Introduction to Time Management Tips For Nurses

It’s no secret that nurses are heavily involved in healthcare research and management. They work in stressful conditions frequently. It is vital to have good time management skills to work more efficiently and achieve better outcomes.

Time Management Tips For Nurses

Effective time management comes with many benefits, such as increased productivity, less stress, efficiency gains, and reaching professional and personal goals. Those who are new to the field may look for ways to enhance their abilities.

Best Time Management Tips For Nurses

Following are several skills and recommendations for helping nurses to deal with stress and embrace a good work-life balance

Set Doable Goals

Nurses must first set achievable short and long-term goals to boost productivity. Healthcare researchers say a common blunder is “to allow short-term temporal demands to take precedence over long-term objectives.” Nurses are urged to create professional goals for the next one to three years (for example, acquiring a higher degree).

Simultaneously, working for a long-term goal of five to ten years (taking leadership roles or clinical directorships). Further, nurses and nursing students can prioritize daily duties and write them down.

Getting Proper Education

Education is critical for nurses since it helps them develop leadership skills and public advocacy skills. BSN degrees assist nurses in developing their capacity to handle increasingly complicated nursing responsibilities, which can lead to more incredible job options.

It’s a prerequisite for enrolling in any post-graduation degree program, whether an online Doctor of Nursing Practice dnp degree or any other advanced degree.

Doing so can help students learn a lot based on time management, organization management, leadership skills, and in-depth nursing knowledge. It can even support those students who may want to join the faculty of a university or work in research institutions.

Stay Focused at Work

Distractions abound in the modern world, from social media feeds on cell phones to chatty employees in open-plan offices. Nursing time management requires the removal of typical distractions. Constant interruptions can lead to an increased risk of error, especially the wrong administration of medication.

Setting a timer and concentrating on a single activity at a time might help nursing students stay focused and avoid distractions.

As per a study, nurses can use “interruption handling tactics” to keep patients safe when administering medication. Setting a timer and concentrating on a single activity at a time might further help nursing students stay focused and avoid distractions.

Allocate Tasks

Nurses still ask for guidance and rely on a group of medical workers after mastering time management in nursing. The American Nurses Association (ANA) published a guide on principles for delegation to assist nurses with time management. The guide teaches nurses how to make informed judgments when it comes to delegating nursing responsibilities.

Set Priorities

Ask yourself questions:

  • What’s the first thing I’m going to do, and why?
  • What is the most important thing to do, and why?
  • Worst-case scenario: What could go wrong if I don’t take action right now?
  • What is the patient’s priority?

You’ll improve your ability to break down the demands of a situation quickly and efficiently if you learn how to prioritize through inquiry, interaction with other nurses, and reflection on your judgments. Remember that critical thinking and time management are inextricably linked.

Arrive Early to Work

Even if you’re only 10 minutes early for your shift, you’ll save yourself a lot of time during the day. Start by making preparations in advance.

Organize everything you might need during the day—alcohol swabs, scissors, saline flushes, medicine cups, pens, etc. It’ll save you a trip up the hall later to get something. Unlike other occupations, anything can come up in a 12-hour nursing shift. Making minor adjustments now can pay dividends in the long run.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

People with families and kids face a hard time working late hours every day. Sometimes the nursing job requires extended work shifts of twelve hours or even longer.

You can help yourself cope with the stress of shift work later with exercise, any hobby, or spending time with your friends. It’s a bonus if your family is accommodating of your odd working hours. They will help you out around the house and schedule family gatherings when you are available.

Establish a Support Network

Nurses have struggled with time management for decades. We recommend interacting with your peers, teachers, or colleagues to develop a robust support system and exchange time management skills. We cannot highlight the significance of nursing mentorship.

Scientists noted that a mentor-mentee relationship led to the following benefits in one case study:

  • Possibility of promotion
  • Minimized isolation
  • The ability to teach more effectively
  • Extending the time it takes to learn
  • Shortened transition time
  • Increased staff retention


Even though nursing can be a fulfilling career, it is not without challenges, stressors, and expectations. When you’re already swamped, finding time-saving alternatives can be challenging. Time management is similar to stress management in a couple of ways.

Finding time to relax and unwind in a fun way can help relieve stress and prevent burnout among nurses. It’s just a matter of trying to be positive and do the best you can.

Nurses who study and practice time management skills regularly can complete their shifts successfully and enjoy a more rewarding life.


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